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Nails of the Day – OPI Care to Danse?

One of my lovely friends bought me the New York City Ballet mini OPI collection for my birthday – which consists of three sheer polishes, and a delicate glitter – think tutus, pale pink satin ballet slippers and feminine, elegance – and that there is the collection!

The first I tried out was Care to Danse? – OPI say “this lilac is up-to-the-minuet in fashion” – but I’d say it’s more pink than lilac. A very white, cool-toned pink in a jelly formula.
First, let me talk about the sheerness of this – it is verrrrry sheer. I ended up doing five coats to get it this opaque, sheer! If someone had very well manicured nails, I can imagine this would look very pretty – but the nails underneath would have to be gorgeous, because it’s totally transparent. It’s also a great colour for bridal looks, but personally, for me, it has to be worn built up in this way.
What do you think of it? Do you wear your sheers sheer, or build them up like me?

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