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My New Ombré Hair at Eleven Hair

I had been umming and ahhing over having my hair ombréd for ages – yesterday I finally decided to take the plunge, and I am so pleased with how it turned out! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the picture I added at the time, but if you’d like more details and pics then read on!
In one of the beautiful little streets around Bond Street, lies Blenheim Street, home of Eleven Hair. It was my first visit to this particular salon and was greeted with a round of friendly faces and smiles. 
The staff that worked there were so welcoming and chatty; while I was having my hair done I honestly felt like I was one of their friends – to the point I would be happy going out for a drink with them – that’s how comfortable they made me feel. A little glance round the salon would lead me to believe this is how they make all their clients feel – everyone was having a giggle with each other, kisses on the cheeks when they left – it just all had a lovely feel to it.
One of the owners, Jason Welch, is one of the InStyle Beauty Award judges and was also named in ES magazine’s little black book as the man to go to to get your hair blonde in London. Since then, a lot of his work does involve giving people shimmering golden highlights, but with the current dip-dye trend, a lot more people are asking for ombré.
The gorgeous lady who took care of my locks was Jacqueline Tarlier, a certified Redken colourist hailing from Canada who very clearly loves her job. As we were chatting I discovered she is really into high fashion and she loves doing ombré dyes – perfect! 

After spending the past few years trying to make my hair light after it being black, I was worried about darkening the tops of my hair and it looking too dark overall. Both Jason and Jacqueline agreed that it would be a good idea to give me a few soft highlights around my face to stop it from looking too harsh – so that was done and then Jacqueline set to work on the ombré. 
She bleached the ends of my hair, darkened the tops and then blended the two together to give the gradual colour fade rather than strong contrast line which was something I definitely wanted to avoid.
Once it was done and washed off I had a toner applied to get the correct shade of blonde, then a treatment to reseal my cuticles. My hair honestly feels so amazing now, even after all that bleach – and here is the finished result!
I am absolutely in love with it! The blonde is the perfect, creamy tone, and I love the transition colour between the blonde and brown parts of my hair. It’s going to be so low maintenance too – win! If I had a little black book, I would say that Eleven Hair is the place to go if you want your hair ombréd! 
Eleven Hair is situated at 11 Blenheim Street, Mayfair. For further info, check out their website www.eleven-hair.com 


  1. November 29, 2012 / 12:51 pm

    I love it! I love the ombre hair but I'm too scared to dye it myself ha! I got these instead – dip dye hair extensions They’re available at Hairtrade.com and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the dark to blonde one and they look fab! Kate x

  2. December 18, 2012 / 12:08 pm

    It looks incredible!
    Great colour job. I really need mine sorting, so think I'll be heading to Eleven Hair.

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