Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Stonehenge – Concrete Polish

Stonehenge is the second of the Nails Inc Concrete polishes I’ve tried. I love the blueness of it; similar to that of Baker Street, a favourite Nails Inc polish of mine. Stonehenge is vibrant without being neon – a really eye-catching colour.

The Concrete formula gives a rough texture to the nails which means you have to leave them without a topcoat. You can of course wear a topcoat but you then lose the texture. It’s a different kind of effect – leaving the nails almost bobbly and semi-matt, of which I think I like it in this shade the most.

The Concrete polish removes as easily as any other polish, however I found it chipped after one day of wear which would stop me from reaching for it as often as I would perhaps like to.

What do you think of the Concrete polishes? Will you be wearing them?

9 thoughts on “Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Stonehenge – Concrete Polish”

  1. Wow I love the effect! They looks really unusual, but it's a shame they chip so easily.
    – I think that would potentially put me off buying it, because otherwise it would seem like a one night wonder and I never have any event to wonder at!

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

  2. I love this colour it's beautiful 🙂 still not sure on the texture though, it really bugs me when my glitter polishes are all jagged so I don't know how I'd get on with these. They look so cool though!

  3. Love the name and the colour… and thats where it ends for me I'm afraid. Why are all the nail polish companies intent on churning out these horrible textured polishes, if I wanted my nails to feel like sandpaper I wouldn't look after them. The matt trend has sailed, bring bright, glossy, fabulous nails back!!

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