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Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Chester

Nails Inc have really been one of the top dogs with this years textured nail polish trends. Their Feathers range has been out for a while and I still haven’t seen a high street copy (although I seem to think Model’s Own have their own version – I could have dreamt it though as I can’t find any evidence of this online!). Although I love buying cheap, high street alternatives – I also love it when it doesn’t happen as it makes the product a little more special, more ‘different’ and means it’s not going to get over-done by every tom dick and harry.

Nails Inc have four shades to their Feathers range – which is a clear polish with lines inside, like sugar strands. I have Chester, which is a mixture of turquoise, orange and yellow strands. They apply fairly sparsely so I find it best to use a coloured polish on your nails before using the Feather polish (I went with Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens) – I used three coats of Chester to get the finish you can see in my photo, but it’s also pretty with one coat.

I really like the effect it leaves – it is very unique and not like anything I’ve seen before. The only issue I have with it is the removal… it takes forever and a day! If you’ve ever removed a full on glitter polish you will know what I mean because this is just as bad! That said, it wears really well and it’s easy to fill in any tip wear without it looking dodgy because of the randomness of the strands.

Nails Inc Feather polish is currently on offer for £9.90 (usually £11) at lookfantastic.com


  1. April 11, 2013 / 11:55 am

    Love these. Definitely going to have to find that Feathers range – as soon as I saw them I thought they looked like sugar strands!

    Katie xx

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