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Neom Perfect Night Sleep Kit

Since moving house a couple of months ago, I have really struggled with getting to sleep at a sensible time. I’ve tried everything ‘they’ tell you to do – go to bed at a set time every night, don’t use your bedroom for anything other than bed…. blahdeblahdeblah, but lights off seems to be the time I come alive, my mind stars whirring – and I end up having to count backwards from 400…. multiple times, until I eventually nod off.

It got to a point where I realised I was going to have to do something about it, and helping my problem in a natural way was something I definitely wanted to investigate first. Good old Neom with their Tranquility Range was the first stop on my ‘SLEEP ALICE SLEEP!’ journey, and thankfully, also the final.

The Tranquility Range is a gorgeous, relaxing lavender (and also basil and jasmine although I can’t smell them really) scented collection of organic products from Neom. At the moment they are selling a ‘Perfect Night Sleep Kit’, which is the full-sized versions of the travel-sized trios I was testing out, with a huge saving.

The kit contains a large 3-wicked candle housed in a glass jar, which you light for a few hours before you go to bed. The first night I tried these products out, I ended up watching tv in bed as my other half had claimed the living room for watching of football (zzzz). I was so chilled out and relaxed with the smells coming from the candle, it gave me hope for the night ahead! The idea is that you blow out the candle just before bed and the room is filled with the relaxing Tranquility Scent.

There is also a bottle of Tranquility Bath Foam – designed for you to bathe in before bed – breathing in the aromas created by the essential oils and leaving you blissed out.

Lastly, the Organic Pillow Mist – ALL HAIL THE PILLOW MIST! This is a gem of a product – spray it onto your pillow half an hour before you go to bed so you get the full impact of Tranquility. As it’s so pure,  I’ve been spraying it on my kids pillows too, and it is worth it’s weight in gold in calming them down and eventually to sleep in the evening.

I have to admit that night 1 wasn’t the best night’s sleep I’d ever had. I think the candle had excited me so much that I was thinking I was going to sleep amazingly – and I laid there waiting for it, thinking it was going to hit me like a tonne of bricks… and then it didn’t. What it does do, I have now come to realise, is slowly and gently, relaxes you so much, that one day soon after, you just stop thinking about it, ride the wave of relaxation, and sleep…. all night long!

The Perfect Night Sleep Kit is on offer for £55 (instead of the usual £75.50) for the rest of the month – you can find out more by clicking here.

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  1. September 26, 2013 / 8:03 pm

    I love NEOM products… I'm really glad your wrote this post coz right now I've not been sleeping to great and I need a good pillow mist… I will have to see if I can get me this kit from some place here in Dubai. 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx Clare Elise xx

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