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What’s in My Love Me Beauty Box?

Beauteco has rebranded, and have now become Love Me Beauty – it’s still the same principle, but with a new name and logo.

Its a monthly beauty box subscription service filled with natural products ranging from skincare, to hair products and make up. The difference is, that each month subscribers get to choose from three ‘menus’ which box they’d like to receive. Two or three products are generally the same between the boxes, with the rest of the products being whatever suits you the best.

This month, I picked Menu One for my box, which consisted of:
Matriskin – Collagen Serum – 7.5ml ($157 per 30ml)
This serum is from a brand I have yet to experience. It’s a serum to prevent and cure signs of aging and stated that it fills and reduces wrinkles from the first application and removes expression lines in 30 days! With claims like that I am definitely going to give it a go. 
*This is one of the products that is in all the boxes this month.
Murad – Osmolyte Tonic – 15ml (£10 per 15ml) – FULL SIZE!
This is a toning mist to moisturise and replensih the skin – it’s suitable for all skin types and adds a boost of hydration to your face after cleansing. 
*This is one of the products that is in all the boxes this month.
Nip + Fab – Dry Leg Fix – 100ml (£10.25 per 100ml) – FULL SIZE!
Dry Leg Fix is the main reason I chose this menu this month – it’s an intensive balm to smooth dry and flaky skin and leaves legs glossy and moisturised. At the time I ordered, my legs were out a lot more and in need of added smoothness. Hopefully this will do the trick!

Anatomicals – No Bags Allowed – 15ml (£3.25 per 15ml) – FULL SIZE!
Although my box arrived this morning, I’ve already given this a whirl. It’s really cooling and great for reducing puffiness under the eyes. It contains arnica and orange flower water which both have fantastic soothing properties. 
Essential Care – Lip Silk – 4.5g (£5.50 for 4.5g) – FULL SIZE!
I do love a good lip balm, and this was another product that made me choose this menu. It’s an 100% organic, natural lip balm packed with shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and orange essential oil. It has a slight zesty flavour to it and feels really moisturising on the lips. 
The box costs £10 + P&P per month (or cheaper if you join for a number of months) – and with that you do get a lot more back in terms of products. I like that you can choose the products that are coming to you – it does take away the surprise element of beauty boxes, but it means its more tailored to your personal needs and you’re more likely to use the products. 
Visit Love Me Beauty to find out more, and to subscribe.

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