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Marriott Spa

I have just returned back from the two of the most amazing hours of my life at my local Marriott Spa, and felt compelled to come back and write about it right away!

I had booked myself in for 55 minutes of Swedish Massage, followed by a 55 minute Decleor Aromaplastie facial…. a real, and much needed treat. The therapy room was dimly lit, with soft, soothing music playing, and my therapist Jane made me feel comfortable and relaxed in her presence.

Jane, checked what kind of pressure I liked for my massage, to which I responded fairly hard… I do like a nice soothing massage but today I needed someone to get right in there and undo all my knots, rather than wafting a flower over my back. It was pretty painful but in a good way – she kept checking if it was ok for me, and it was – although I couldn’t fall asleep to it, it felt like it was definitely doing some good.

After a good go at my back, Jane moved down to my legs and feet, and that’s where it got a lot more relaxing…. who knew a leg massage could be so good!? It was then onto my arms and hands, before getting me to turn over and starting on my chest and scalp…. I was left feeling blissed out, and like I’d just like to be left alone for an hour or two to nap… alas, it was onto the facial.

We discussed any issues I had with my skin… I told her that I was on Roaccutane last year and still suffering from oily (or dehydrated) skin and the occasional breakout. Jane decided to use the sensitive, Harmonie Calm, range from Decleor for me so as not to aggravate anything.

To be honest, I was nervous – I haven’t had a facial for over 15 years when my Nan bought me a voucher and they squeezed the living daylights out of my face. I always worry I’m going to have a weeks worth of spots after it, and it’s going to be an unpleasant experience. I have recently started investing more into my skincare, and I  have come to realise that a lot of people I know get facials and don’t turn out a spotty mess, so perhaps it would be good for me. I’m glad the massage was before the facial as I was so relaxed that my nerves disappeared.

After cleansing my face, Jane applied cream exfoliator then a deep exfoliator which felt like it was doing it’s job without being harsh. Then it was onto some serum and balm which was a bit of a shoulder massage, then a purifying and oxygenating mask, then a really thick multivitamin mask with Linseed, Sunflower and Wheatgerm. It stimulates and enhances the action of while moisturising and deep cleaning – it sat on my skin for about 10 minutes while Jane massaged my scalp. Normally included in the facial is a hand and arm massage but seeing as I’d just had that, she suggested I had a scalp massage instead. To be honest, the order of all these things is a bit of a blur – as the facial was so relaxing, and what a far cry from my last facial experience. I think I woke myself up by snoring at one point (and I don’t even snore!)… *that’s* how relaxing it was!

A Marriott Hotel certainly wasn’t the first place I’d think of when looking for a massage or facial – but I’m so glad to have discovered this little treasure on my doorstep.

You can find your local Marriott Spa at http://www.marriott.co.uk/hotel-search/united-kingdom.hotels.spa/


  1. June 26, 2014 / 8:31 am

    Sounds like a lovely experience! I've never been to a spa. I had a massage while on my honeymoon but it wasn't the most pleasant as I was slightly sunburnt so it was quite painful at first! – Didn't realise i had caught the sun so much! I definitely want to go and get pampered properly again so I can really enjoy it – minus the painful sunburn!

    ‚ÄčLeanne @ Leanne-Marie ‚Äč x

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