Video: Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Tutorial

I finally have a new computer, which means some blogging may be happening!

To kick it off, I’ve dipped my toe into the water with a video tutorial.

I work for Charlotte Tilbury – and have the pleasure of working with Sergio, one of the Lead Makeup Artists at Selfridges London. For this video, he created the Golden Goddess look on me – and we get to hear some of his tips and tricks on the way too…

WIN PürMinerals Jupiter Ascending Collection

I’m sure you’ll have noticed the trailers for Jupiter Ascending… with Channing Tatum!? ….thought so! Makeup brand PurMinerals have made a collection inspired by the film, and have set a handful of bloggers a challenge. You may have seen Zoe Newlove or Laura Louise Beauty’s challenge posts… but this is the last of the challenges, and your last chance to win the collection, which is exclusive to Feel Unique, (plus pair of tickets to see the film)… with me!

I was sent a parcel from PurMinerals, with some products to use for the challenge, as well as a photo taken from the film which is the makeup they wanted me to recreate. 
Those that know me know I am a Double Wear wearer, but the PurMinerals Disappearing Act Concealer with the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup (in Shade Golden Medium) over the top worked a dream. The foundation buffed into the skin easily, great coverage, and fab staying power. I am definitely going to be adding this one to my regular makeup bag.
I also used the Mineral Glow Bronzing Powder, and warmed my face up slightly, to make the look a little more wearble than that of Jupiter Jones in the film. I finished off with Kinky blush, a gorgeous coraley-pink, then it was onto the eyes.

The Jupiter Ascending palette comes in a great set along with a black liquid liner, and pale pink light-up gloss. The products all compliment each other beautifully.
There is a good range of colours in the palette – nice warm, rich, earthy tones with a good mix of matt and shimmer. Be sure to check out Zoe and Laura’s posts (mentioned above) to see some alternative ways of using this palette.
The look I was challenged to recreate was pretty full-on, eye-wise. To ensure I got a strong, punchy colour, I used a wet brush to pick up Jupiter, then packed the colour on all over my lid, before blending it out at the edges using Majesty on a fluffy brush.  I added some Jupiter under my eyes with a dry smudger brush, before finishing with a slick of Big Look Mascara on curled lashes.
I finished off the look using the Lip Gloss Stick in Game Day – a rich, glossy tomato-red… and this is what I ended up with…. what do you think?!
The best news is, that you can win the collection for yourself! Included in the prize is the 4-in1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in your choice of shade, Mineral Bronzer, Big Look Mascara, Chateau de Vine Mineral Lipstick, the Jupiter Ascending Palette, Gloss and Liner, and of course, a pair of cinema tickets to see the film for yourself. Basically everything in the photo below, plus a night out at the movies!
To be in with a chance of winning, please enter your details into the Rafflecopter widget below. Please note that this giveaway is open to residents of the UK only, and will end on Sunday 8th February. The winner will be selected at random and notified by email. Good luck!



I first heard of Babyfoot in a magazine, I think Allure – telling me that it was a product which makes your feet peel, and you are left with feet like a baby’s. I was so intrigued that I had to check it out for myself. Amazon sells it over here, but always one for a bargain, I bought mine from China via eBay for £3 or something silly. When it arrived the packaging wasn’t the same, so I’m guessing that this one is an imitation, but because I don’t speak Chinese (if that’s the language that’s written on the box!) I can’t tell for sure!
Due to my language downfalls, I had to google the instructions for actual Babyfoot, which I followed for this. Inside the box is two plastic sock-type things which have a liquid in the bottom which I’m guessing is some kind of acid. You put one foot in each, seal them with the sticky tabs provided, slip some socks on and leave them on for 3 hours. It was hard to stay stationary for such a long time – walking proved… squelchy… although not impossible! After the 3 hours I removed the socks, gave my feet a rinse, and waited for the magic to happen.

The next morning, the soles of my feet felt really tight – as if the top layer of skin had lifted off and was going hard and pulling… but as the week went on and nothing happened, I assumed nothing was going to happen and I’d bought a dud. Then this happened….

This was just the start. This continued for about 10 days – great timing huh!? My feet looked absolutely gross in sandals, and I had to buy little tights-like socks to wear with pumps which wasn’t ideal considering it started just as the London heatwave did! Maybe it was naive of me, but I hadn’t anticipated just how much peeling there would be! I could grab at a peeling bit and the skin would come off in a big sheet! 10 days after the initial peeling started, I started to get desperate for it to all be over and I pulled off everything that I could, then washed and scrubbed my feet with a pumice stone – I needed to be wearing sandals again!

Sorry, I realise this is absolutely vile!

Even now, 3 weeks after I first used Babyfoot, there is still some skin to come off that clearly isn’t ready yet… I can tell because of how tanned my feet were before! Every area of skin has been affected – from in between and the tops of my toes to the sides of my nails, the heel, top of the foot – alllll of it! And my skin is very soft and lovely. Although it’s a strange experience, that everyone else around me had to suffer with by looking at my peeling feet, I would definitely do it again – although next time not in the middle of summer!

Too Faced Better Than Sex & Chocolate Event

Last week I was invited to Mixology in Shoreditch, by Too Faced Cosmetics for a spot of cocktail making in honour of their Better Than Sex and Chocolate event.

I had never attempted making a single cocktail before, so I was very excited to be turning my hand to the other side of the bar! Mixology is a hidden gem… it looks like a standard office door from the outside, but the other side of the door reveals a bar for the ‘teacher’, and three other bars set up for the ‘students’, filled with everything you could possibly want for a cocktail – bottles upon bottles of alcohol, mixers and garnish…. and for this event, lots and lots of chocolate!
Too Faced uses cocoa powder in some of its products (HELLO CHOCOLATE BAR PALETTE!) – which give off a gorgeous aroma, hence the theme of the event (plus the sex part is thanks to their new mascara – Better Than Sex!), so we were making chocolate cocktails all evening. There was a small group of bloggers who split into teams of three – I was with the lovely Laura of LauraLouMakeup and Zoe Newlove and together we were an awesome trio!
In total, our mixologist taught us how to make four different chocolate based cocktails -from a chocolate, tequilla and chilli tipple, to, my favourite of the evening – the white russian. At the end of the event each team was challenged to create their own chocolate based creation – we came up with It’s Not Terry’s – It’s Mine, a chocolate orange cocktail which was gorgeous even if I do say so myself… and we went on to win!
We left a little wobbly after so many different concoctions, and loaded with Too Faced Goodies – reviews will be coming soon – if anyone would desperately like a review and swatches of anything in particular first, please let me know!

Annie of Epiphanniea contemplating which of the Melted Liquified Lips to try first
Zoe Newlove giving her cocktail a good old shake!

With our winning creation!
Can’t wait to get started on all these!

Louboutin Beaute

On Friday morning I went to to the launch event for the hotly anticipated Louboutin Beaute at the stunning Ham Yard Hotel. Initially, the range will consist of nail polish – and we had hints that there may be other products to come later down the line, although it was all very hush hush!

Christian Louboutin is most famously known for the trademark red sole of the shoes he creates. The idea of the red sole actually came about because of red nail polish – his assistant was painting her nails red at her desk, and, thinking something had been missing from the prototype of the shoe he’d designed, he grabbed it from her and began painting the sole of his shoe, and love the results. He says “The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago.”

The nail polishes, are rather pricey at £36 a bottle, but being Louboutin, you would expect that. You’d also expect that it would be a gorgeous creation – which is definitely is, both aesthetically and performance-wise. When I first saw the displays of polish at the event, I must admit, my initial thought was ‘how the hell do you store that!?’, but actually, the bottles have been designed to be a piece of art – to have proudly on display. The glass looks like a precious stone floating in a block of fine crystal, and the handle on the lid is long…. very long, replicating the heel of one of his shoes.

The first polish to be released went on sale on Thursday, and by Friday had sold out worldwide. It is Rouge Louboutin – the signature red colour of the sole of the shoe, with a longer handle than the other shades set to come later in the year. This handle is the exact same height as the Ballerina Ultima shoe designed by Christian. The other difference with this bottle is that it has an ombre black bottom to the bottle, the idea being that people instantly think of the shoe.

Rouge Louboutin polishes alongside the Ballerina Ultima shoe, on a ‘Loubiville’ display
The Ballerina Ultima shoe…. look at that heel!
There were manicurists on hand to show us exactly what it looks like on the nails. I asked the lovely lady doing mine how it was to hold with a handle that size – she said it felt like she was writing, and was really easy to paint with. The colour was so rich and opaque after just one coat, and extremely glossy too. Traditional laquer (used on the shoes) is 20 layers of paint – Christian Louboutin wanted to create the same effect in just two coats, and I think he’s managed it.

The rest of the nail polish range will launch in September and is an array of colours that were inspired by fashion. Christian and his team worked with leather samples to create the perfect colour palette then reworked them to compliment different skin tones. They all have the names of one of his shoes.
These are The Noirs –  made up of blacks, and rich, dark, intense shades topped with a gunmetal cap.

The Nudes, are, as the name would suggest, varying nude and pale shades topped with a rose-gold cap.

 And last but not least, The Pops – gorgeous, bright colourful shades topped with a silver cap.

I can honestly say there’s not a shade in the entire collection that I wouldn’t wear. If only my bank balance would allow!

There will also being a range of shoes, inspired by the Beaute collection which will be coming out – you can see in the bottom corner of the photo above this one the shoes with a nail-like design on them, and in the photo above, a hand print with the signature red polish. Another one I wish my bank balance would allow for!
The polishes are on sale at Christian Louboutin stores and select fashion partners, however they will be found in the shoe section, rather than beauty. You can grab Rouge Louboutin in the UK from their website (once it’s back in stock!)

My Work: Bars and Melody – Hopeful

If you watched this year’s Britains Got Talent, you will definitely remember Bars and Melody – Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer boys. They may not have won the show, but they definitely came away as stars, and signed a deal with Syco. I have worked with the boys since they first got together, and have enjoyed every step of their journey.

Today, their first single, Hopeful, is released – Leondre wrote the lyrics himself after being bullied, and the song has touched so many hearts of children being bullied, to parents – and is really making a difference to peoples lives – I receive so many emails telling me how the song has helped someone stand up to their bully, and it has stopped, or they’ve told their parents…. I am so proud of what they have both achieved.

I am so excited to share their music video which I was make up artist on, and a behind the scenes video too where you can see the fun and games we had on the day.


As I write this, they are sitting at number 4 in the iTunes singles chart, and the EP at number 2! On release day! If you would like to download the single, it costs just 99p and is available by clicking here.

New In: Topshop Beauty

Yesterday I popped along to the beautiful Somerset House to check out what’s new in the world of Topshop Beauty.

For Autumn Winter, Topshop Beauty are going for a jelly formula throughout the collection. The idea came about when Cassie Mystkowski and Hannah Murray got together to start throwing possibilities around. As they sat eating jam on toast – it struck them! The range features a jelly formula Lip Polish (£9), gel formula Nail Polish (£5) and Cheek Gel (£7) in matching shades.

The cheek gel above is Reign – they’re designed to be worn under the cheekbone where you naturally flush, to give a really soft and realistic flush of colour to the face.

Also new from Topshop is the introduction of complexion products in September 2014, which they’re calling ‘The Face’. The range consists of The Foundation (£16) – a lightweight, medium coverage formula which works with your natural skin tone, so their 5 shades should suit most skin tones. The Airbrush Primer (£12) a silicone based primer to smooth imperfections. The Colour Correcting Primer (£12) a green tinted primer to get rid of redness, but blends down well without leaving a green tinge to the face! It also has anti inflammatory properties to help get rid of redness in the long run. The Concealer Palette (£12) 3 creamy concealers – one acting as a colour correcting concealer, one an under eye concealer and one a blemish concealer – which can all be mixed together to get your desired colour, and a setting powder which is ultra-fine. The Concealer (£10) this looks fabulous – totally buildable without noticing any form of cakeyness, I can’t wait until it comes out! Only available in two shades at the moment but these look extremely promising for a natural, lasting coverage.

The Molton Metallics Collection launches in August – taking a nod from the catwalks, but transforming the metallicness into a wearable range of make up – from soft cream blush with a hint of metallic pearl (£7), Metallic Lips (£8), and Metallic Nails (£6). If you’re rather scared of metallics, start with the blush… it’s the gentlest way to ease yourself in!

Other new releases for August are Chubby Liner (£7) – a liquid marker-like eyeliner, Kajal Liner (£7) Mono Eye Shadows in 4 new pearly smokey colours (£5), Lip Primer (£8), Iridescent Lip Bullet (£8) – in 2 shades, lip colours with frost to leave lips glossy and full looking, Matte Lip Bullet (£8) – gorgeous lip sticks in chubby pencil form – matte but with a slight sheen, Lip Perfecting Base (£8), Glow Dust (£10) in Radiate – a golden highlighter.

My favourite picks are the purple and orange matte lip sticks (Could This Be Love, and Queen Bee) and Falling Fast lipstick (which I’m wearing in the photo) – I just love them all so much, they are totally my colours and cannot WAIT for them to launch so I can get my hands on them!

The eyeshadows are gorgeous too – the shades are Lunar, Intersellar, Galaxy and Explorer – again, looking forward to purchasing these.

Something else I spotted was the Freckle Pencil (£5) – a long-wearing waxy formula which has two shades of brown swirled together to give you natural looking freckles.

There was also a quick peek at some of their Christmas sets, but more of that nearer the time!

These items will be available st selected Topshop and John Lewis stores nationwide, and Selfridges Oxford Street.

Space NK Christmas

Today kicked off a run of Christmas in July events for me – that odd time when it’s the warmest week of the year, yet in you step to winter wonderlands. Space NK was a great place to start it off – where the Christmas gifts they have this year are gorgeous. There is something for everyone, from candles, skincare, make up and body ranges – all packed into beautiful collections.

I realise this will be rather a picture heavy post – but I feel, in this case – the photos need to do the talking!

Aromatherapy Associates have a great range of gifts – including the star to hang from your Christmas tree which contains a 7.5ml bottle of Inner Strength bath and shower oil (£10) The Inner Strength oil is also available in a rollerball tube – 10ml to apply instantly to your skin (£15) Also photographed is the Rodial Glam Balm Lip which is also in a tree-hanging box (£12)

The By Terry Baum de Rose set – 5 gorgeous mini lip glosses (£52)

By Terry eye makeup set – containing Hyaluronic Eye Primer, Masacara Terrybly in Black, Crayon Kohl Terrybly in Black Print, Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon, Eyebrow Liner in Brown and Sharperner in a clutch bag (£96)

A selection of candles available at Space NK this Christmas including the new Diptyque Christmas scented candles in Hiver, Épice and Résine (70g £26 / 190g £45) 

Diptyque mini collection

70g versions of the Diptyque Christmas candles (£26)

This large Diptyque candle will come in a set including the glass dome (£100) Also pictured is the Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle (75g – £15 / 175g £30) which smells deliciously like Christmas, and the little holes in the wrapper leave a gorgeous glow to your room.

Emma Hardie Age Renewal Collection – Age Support Treatment Cream, Moringa Facial Exfoliator, Rejuvinating Night Cream, Age Support Eye Cream (£79)

How gorgeous does the Eve Lom display look!? This is the Ultimate Collection 2014 which contains a 200ml Cleanser, 50ml TLC Radiance Cream, 7ml Kiss Mix, 20ml Eye Cream, 100ml Rescue Mask and a muslin cloth (£175)

Eve Lom’s complexon range will also be available in Christmas sets. You can see at the front left the hanging star which contains a 7ml Kiss Mix lip balm (£16)
A selection of Oribe products available at Space NK

This palette forms part of the Into The Wild Look Book Collection from Laura Mercier – 3 palettes called Safari Chic, Jungle Chic and Tribal Chic (£78)

Laura Merciers Luxe Quartet (pictured top and right) are available in Ambré Vanilla, Tarte Au Citron and Almond Coconut Milk – they contain a wooden dipper, 11ml Honey Bath, 110ml Scrub, 110ml Soufflé Body Créme, and 100ml Shimmer Body Mist (£55)

Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette For Eyes & Cheeks – contains eye colours in Vanilla Nuts, Stone Taupe, Deep Night, Morning Dew, Cashmere – and a face highlighter in Rosegold Shimmer (£45)

Another gorgeous set from Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection – 1g minis of the Caviar Sticks in Rosegold, Amethyst, Moonlight, Copper, Khaki and Cocoa (£38)
Pictured at the top of the photo is the Caudalíe Anti-Oxidant Defense Set – containing 30ml Polyphenol C15 Serum, 15ml Polyphenol C15 Fluid, 5ml Polyphenol C15 Eye and Lip Créme (£35), next down is the Elemental Herbology Pure Essentials Hand Cream and Lip Balm Duo (£25), and bottom of the pic is the Caudalîe Hand Cream Trio (£12)
Nudestix is a new brand from America owned by two teenage girls who believe young girls should keep their make up nude and as natural as possible. I tried the lip gloss pencil in Whisper and LOVE it!
Lion Heart is another new brand to Space NK, I chatted to the owner who told me that this is the purest form of Omega 3 you can get in England. I tried some of the oil, and although there is a distinctly fishy taste, it’s bearable as it’s mixed with lemon, and as soon as you swallow the taste is gone. Far better than the Omega 3 capsules that I’ve been taking that repeat on me all day!
This funky looking box is the Révive Art Box – containing Moisturizing Renewal Cream Supreme 50ml, Fermitif Neck Renewal Cream SPF 15 30ml, Eye Renewal Serum 30ml, Moisturising Renewal Eye Cream 50ml (£465). The top right of the photo shows the Darphin Anti-Ageing & Radiance Set – containing Ideal Resource Cream 50ml, Ideal Resource Eye Serum 5ml, Ideal Resource Overnight Cream 15ml (£52)
The mountain of Space NK gifts, ranging from REN to Ciate
The lovely refreshments on offer

Some goodies from Lipstick Queen – the red box is the Red Carpet set, containing Said Red, Red Sinner and Red Metal – 3 different red lipsticks (£45), the palette behind it is Kevin Aucoin but I’m afraid I don’t have any further details on that

Candle heaven!

Gifts galore!

Pictured left is the Laura Mercier Body & Bath Golden Honey Musk Duet – containing a 170ml Honey Bath, and 170ml Sofflé Body Créme  and a wooden dipper (£35) Pictured left is the Laura Mercier Body & Bath La Petite Påtisserie Soufflé Body Créme Collection – containing 60ml pots of body souffles in Almond Coconut Milk, Ambre Vanillé, Créme De Pastiche, Fresh Fig, Créme Brulée and Tarte Au Citron (£45)

One of the This Works Deep Sleep sets

So… there’s your sneek peak at Christmas from Space NK!

What’s It All About?

This weekend I saw the latest video from Colbie Caillat for her single Try… and I welled up. Maybe it was the words, maybe the video, or the sentiment… or maybe I’m just an over-sensitive ball of mush.

The song is her telling someone that they don’t need to try to be anyone other than themselves – don’t worry about make up, having your hair done or what you’re wearing in order to impress someone. Just be you. The video starts with her and the other women featuring in the video with full hair and make up, and by the end of the video she’s shown you her transformation from photo-shopped to barefaced natural beauty. It really touched me to the point I wanted to share it with you guys.

My life practically revolves around make up – not only is it my career, but my hobby and I love the transformation it can bring to someone; make someone who’s feeling rubbish feel beautiful. I personally choose to wear make up for no one but myself. I probably need to learn to be more comfortable in my bare-faced-ness, but make up, to me, gives me confidence and happiness. I certainly don’t feel I *have* to put make up on every day, but I choose to, because I want to be a better version of me, and make up does that for me. I love what this video stands for… What are your thoughts on the subject?

Tarte Cosmetics Newness

Tarte is a brand that is fast becoming a favourite of mine – the packaging is to die for, and the products are such great quality with amazing results. The latest batch of loveliness has just hit QVC UK – here are a few things that are on offer.

First up is the Amazonian Butter Lipstick Trio in the shades Guava, Lychee and Mulberry. Can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging please? Gorgeous cardboard casing with floral patterns all over them… swoon. Right, the lipsticks! As you may imagine, I don’t always bother reading boxes, I just want to get to the product, and that was the case here. My first thought as I tried these on my lips, was just how buttery they were, then I realised they were called Amazonian Butter lipsticks and that yes, they are infused with Amazonia cupaucu and murmuru butters. They are intensely moisturising and hydrating, and feel so comfortable to wear.

The three are sheer lipsticks, but with enough colour for it to be there, like an insanely pigmented balm. Guava is a reddy-coral with tinfy flecks of golden micro-glitter. You can’t see it on the lips, but it adds to the 3d-effect once it’s on. Lychee is my absolute favourite – a really easy to wear purpley nude, I just love it, and it will take pride of place in my handbag so I can wear it as much as possible! Mulberry is a deeper, rosy nude that will be great for autumn.

Next I tried the BB Tinted Treatment 12-hour Primer. This is designed to be used either as a primer to other make up, or as a BB Cream on it’s own. It’s oil free which is a bonus for me, but doesn’t give me enough coverage to wear on it’s own – nor is it the kind of finish I like. It claims to be buildable – the top photo is my hand which one layer on, and some more squeezed on. The bottom photo shows my hand with 2 layer on. Although it doesn’t work for me as a BB Cream, I am really enjoying using it as a primer – it minimises the appearance of pores, and my foundation glides on top of it. It came with a stippling brush which I am absolutely in love with. The hairs are so short and firm that you can really work your foundation into your face. The bamboo handle and golden metal is a lovely touch too.

The other brush I have been trying is the Buffy Bamboo Face Powder Brush – another great quality brush, it feels so floppy and soft when you use it to apply powder to the face. It gives a nice even distribution of product so as not to look cakey. I have been using it with the Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder which is also amazing. It’s a white loose powder which is so finely milled that it creates a little dust cloud when you close the lid. It leaves your skin with an airbrushed finish, and controls shine without looking powdery. I have extremely oily skin, and my make up lasts a lot longer than usual since I’ve started using this.

So there’s my little round-up of Tarte newness. I urge you to go and try some of their stuff out, as you may have already guessed – I am loving it!