Nails of the Day – Avon Arctic Waters

Today I have on one of the new polishes from Avon’s Arctic Goddess Collection, Arctic Waters. In fact, I’ve been wearing it for the entire week!

I am a bit of a blue nail polish lover, and this one has slotted in nicely to the collection. In the bottle it looks to have a small amount of blue iridescence to it, but once it’s on the nail it is hardly noticeable at all. It stops it from looking like a completely flat colour, without it looking like you’ve just got lost in a shimmer factory. I’m not a big fan of shimmery nails so this is just right for me.

It’s a great aqua blue with really good staying power. I had a few days wear before any chipping which is a big achievement on my nails!

Do you like blue nail polish? What do you think of this?

Nails of the Day – China Glaze For Audrey

This is one of those polishes that I’ve had for ages, worn once then put away only to rediscover eons later and absolutely fallen head over heels for it second time round!

It is inspired by the Tiffany blue colour, hence the name, and I’d say it’s pretty spot on in terms of likeness. It’s a colour that can be worn in any season, but I prefer to wear in the warmer months, so I’m getting very good use out of it at the moment.

Every time I wear this, someone compliments me on my nails and asks what it is I’m wearing – that’s got to be a positive for it! It’s also the perfect formuation, I love how it goes on, and stays on. This is going on my Top 5, for sure!

What do you think of it?

Revlon Scents of Summer Nail Polishes

I heard about Revlon’s scented nail polishes via Twitter and immediately decided I neeeeeeeeeeeeded the Bubblegum one – I love the smell of bubblegum, and I, personally, can’t have enough pink polishes in my collection. I kept going to Boots in the hopes of finding it but all I kept seeing were the purple (Passion Fruit) and frosty green (Beach).  I was told to try in larger stores, which I was all set to do, until the lovely Revlon sent me a package with 5 of the 8 scented polishes in it.

I love the idea of scented polish – it’s something I’ve never seen before and it leaves me wondering what will be next in the nail polish world. You would think that the fact the polishes are fragranced highly enough for you to smell them, they would be laden with chemicals which can’t be any good to sniff. Revlon have actually been free of DBP, Toulene and Formaldehyde since 1992. Sniff away.

I have tested these out over the past couple of weeks and really enjoyed them. The scents are meant to be reminiscent of summer, and while they are summery smells, I can’t help think that some of them have been named wrongly! Bubblegum smells of watermelon, Passion Fruit smells of raspberries, and Peach Smoothie of refreshers! Whatever their names, they are all yummy smells.

I noticed that Mad About Mango, and Ocean Breeze seemed to be the strongest smelling – I could smell them every time my hands went near my face – including while eating which was a little weird. Peach Smoothie’s smell seemed to fade the fastest.

I used two coats of each polish, without a base coat. I was advised that the smell would be more present without it. The nail polish has lasted well, with tipwear after a couple of days but no major chips. I love the formula of Revlon polishes and Passion Fruit is a prime example of how a formula should be – it glides on so effortlessly which really helps to get that perfect manicured look.

I’m really pleased I got to try these out – thank you very much Revlon!

These polishes are limited edition, after August 2011 you won’t find them on your shelves. They are priced at £6.49 but are on special offer of 2 for £8 at Boots at the moment. I highly recommend them!