New Hair at BLEACH London

It was safe to say, once I’d dabbled with Fudge’s Paintbox colours, I got the colour bug. In that post I spoke about how much I wanted hair like My Little Pony, and I’d toyed with the idea of bleaching my whole hair in order to get a whole head of pink.

I loved the pink hair so much that I decided I was going to go for the kill and do my whole head. I knew I needed to go somewhere amazing who knew what they were doing – BLEACH London were the first people I thought of. All the session stylists I work with rave about it, and it’s well known that if you want a crazy colour in London, BLEACH is the place to go.

BLEACH has recently opened a concession in Topshop Oxford Circus, but I visited their original Dalston salon to get my pink-on. It’s based in the heart of East London, slotting in nicely with the local vibe.

The salon is lined with glass bottles, once holding soft drinks, now where the magic dye is kept. The colourists mix up their own potions and tones at the back from the nameless containers. Very mysterious and so very cool.

I spoke to Sapphire, the manager, and also the lovely lady that would be doing my hair, about what I wanted.  I have so much hair, that is very thick, and I use straigheners almost every time I wash my hair – all these factors were working against me in my quest for a full head of pink locks. She advised me that my hair would snap off, and would be very coarse… it was all of a sudden sounding less appealing! I was disappointed that I couldn’t have the hair I had envisioned, but at the same time I was grateful that Sapphire was professional enough to notice the warning signs to stop me from ending up with a rubbish head of hair!

She said she could take my blonde up a little further, giving me more area for the pink to work with – but when I thought about how that might look once I’d decided I had enough of the pink, I decided against it. Although now, I’m kind of wishing I did it!

In the end I went for, what they call, a ‘Super Cool Colour’, and boy, is it super cool! I had seen an image of a girl with pastel pink hair, with turquoise and purple running through the ends that I was using as hairspiration. I showed it to Sapphire who said that my hair probably wouldn’t go those tones as it wasn’t quite blonde enough, but she could make it quite strong, which would eventually fade down to a more pastel version of itself. I was sold. 
She took her time thoroughly coating all of my hair, and blending the purple and blue into the ends. It was a much better than what I’d managed when I did my own dye job a few weeks previously! It was left for 20 minutes before being rinsed and I actually said “wow” as I saw it being dried. I was in love.

The only problem is, now I really really want a whole head of it!

To find out more and to book an appointment, visit

Nails of the Day – LCN Dreamcatcher

I had never heard of LCN before receiving a bottle of their polish from the new Free Your Mind Collection in my March Joliebox. When I first saw the colour of Dreamcatcher, I thought ‘ick’ – it’s a colour I would totally pass-by on the shelf, nothing like the kind of thing I would usually go for. In the bottle it is very pale pink, iridescent, glittery, shimmery and it looks almost transparent. I imagined that it would be the kind of polish you’d have to layer over something else, a ‘top coat’ of sorts.

I decided to give it a try, and I am so very glad I did. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or in this case – don’t judge a polish until you’ve swatched it. It did need a good 3-4 coats to get it opaque, and then the colour was divine. A cool-toned pale pink which reminds me of OPI Got a Date To-Knight. The glitter isn’t too glittery (I’m only really a glitter fan if it’s in a statementy kind of way, but this was fine for me), the iridescence wasn’t too iridescent, and the bonus is, it lasted an amazing 5 days without chipping, which is a massive achievement for me! 

Although I am fairly pale, it worked well with my skin tone and I think it will be absolutely amazing on tanned skin, I will definitely be using this again over the summer – I am impressed with the results LCN have delivered!

Have you heard of LCN before? What do you think of this colour?

Nails of the Day – YSL Duo Vernis No 08

I am in love with this colour – a gorgeous soft cool toned baby pink which has received sooooo many compliments, literally wherever I go – from the pharmacy to the park.

It is part of a mini (6ml) duo of polishes – YSL Duo Vernis Couleur No08. The other colour is a pastel orange which I will swatch soon. Both of them will get a lot of wear in the warmer months, I can tell.

The brush has a slight angle to it, to enable you to paint the tips to make it last longer – and it really does last a long time and wears well. The formula is nice and thick – one coat and it’s totally opaque, although, as always, I’ve done two.

What do you think? This is definitely going on my favourites list!

Nails of the Day: Nicki Minaj for OPI – Pink Friday

When I heard Nicki Minaj was doing a nail polish collection for OPI I couldn’t wait to see the colours. They are inspired by her love of bright colours – and if her collaboration with MAC was anything to go by, this collection would be good too.

In the end I decided to buy just two of the six polishes – Pink Friday, and Fly – which I will swatch soon so stay tuned for that one.

My first thoughts as I was applying the polish was how wide the brush was – it seems a lot wider than the usual Pro-Wide OPI brush. The formula was very thick, and very opaque – one coat was more than enough to completely cover the nail (although in this photo I went with two – I can’t not!)

I love the colour – it is almost a bright baby pink while staying milky, and reminds me of Hubba Bubba drink (who remembers that!?). It’s similar to a few other pinks I have, but not identical – perhaps due to the blue tone in it.

I know I am going to give this a good run for it’s money over the summer, but it’s also the kind of shade you could wear in any season and get away with.

Do you like it? What are your thoughts on the rest of the collection?

MAC Quite Cute Collection

I learnt a valuable lesson from this collection – don’t buy until you’ve tried.

I had seen pictures online and various swatches and had decided there was a whole load of stuff I was going to get. I had the items in my shopping basket, and would have purchased, but the MAC site was temporarily not accepting orders while it updated it’s warehouse – a blessing in disguise!

Last Thursday, the collection launched in the UK. I went along to my local counter as the website was still not working. I tried out the products I had planned, which had included Playing Koi lipstick and Miss Behave Mineralize Blush.

The Playing Koi, from swatches, looked just like the perfect peachy shade, which would look lovely for the warmer months…. in person it blended in completely with the skin tone of my face and looked like I had applied concealer to my lips.

Miss Behave was another I had believed to be a gorgeous peach – but on the skin it comes across as more of a highlighter and very ashy. Well that saved me a little bit of money!

In the end I came away with Candy Yum-Yum lipstick and that was all! I already own Saint Germain which they were running as a repromote within the Quite Cute collection.

I swatched the shades on my hand along with some other similar shades. Saint Germain looks quite similar to Pink Friday, but Candy Yum Yum is like nothing else I own! I have seen that Sleek are bringing out a Matte hot pink shade (True Colours – Amped) which might be a cheaper alternative.

Saint Germain is a bright pale pink, it’s very noticeable, cool toned and creamy. It’s Amplified in finish and does stand out from the crowd.

The other make up I am wearing in this photo is:

Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer (on blemishes)
Sheer Cover mineral foundation
Sephora Colour Correcting Concealer Palette (pink shade under eyes)
Urban Decay Virgin & Sin  shadows mixed up all over eyelid
Urban Decay Gunmetal shadow in crease
MAC Playful (Barbie collection) in outer 3rd of eye
MAC Smoky Heir Superslick liquid eyeliner
No7 Exquisite Curl mascara
MAC Well Dressed blusher
Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Candy Yum-Yum is amazingly neon, bright, fantastic – I just love it! It’s a great alternative to wearing bold red lips and whenever I’ve worn it I’ve had girls in loos asking me what my lipstick is, even my Mum has taken to pinching a bit if I have it on me! You only need to apply it once – the photo below was taken about 4 hours after application and it still stays on. Even the next day there were remains!

Do you have anything from the collection? What do you think of it as a whole? I think the idea is nice – loving the hearts on the blushes and lipsticks with POW but on the whole I’m very glad I didn’t have my online splurge.

MAC Enchantée Kissable Lip Colour

I do love a pink or a nude lip… and when I saw Enchantée in my local MAC my eyes were immediately drawn to it like a magpie to diamonds. The casing of the ‘Kissable Lip Colour’s is like that of a Lipglass, but stretched out – longer and thinner. Colour-wise,  I thought that it looked rather similar to the Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass, but when I put them side by side the Enchantée looks a little warmer.

When swatched, the Enchantée looks quite melon-y, but I think that once it’s on the lips it looks more of a bubblegum pink colour.

I’m not too sure what MAC are trying to imply by calling it ‘Kissable’. If they mean kissable – so good it makes you want to give it a quick snog, fair enough. If they mean kissable – you can have a quick snog and it will still look in tact, they are wrong wrong wrong! It’s really highly pigmented and you get a great wash of colour, but it’s certainly not long lasting. Within an hour of me working at my computer, sipping a drink every so often, it had more or less vanished.

The texture of it is strange, kind of waxy. It’s midway between a lipgloss and a lipstick… in fact, the thing I could liken it most to is MACs Tinted Lip Conditioners, but a thicker, more pigmented version. The colour is very like a Hello Kitty one I have, which typically, I can’t find right now to compare! When you put it on, you feel it’s going to be glossy – it comes with a doe-foot applicator and to me that signals GLOSS to my brain! Once it’s on the lips it’s just not…. it’s dull, but wet looking. Like a slippery lipstick!

Because of my net problems, I fear I am rather late with this – the Kissable Lip Colours were part of the Peacocky Collection, and are now all sold out online… but if you want it bad enough there are always ways and means, eBay being a good starting point!

Other make up I have worn in the pics above

Estee Lauder Doublewear concealer (on blemishes)
Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation
Guerlain Precious Light concealer (under eyes)
Natural Collection Sun Tint bronzer
MAC Well Dressed blusher
2 eyeshadows from the 88 Shimmer Palette (peachy gold and dark muddy brown)
MAC Smoulder eyeliner
No17 Exquisite Curl mascara

Do you own a Kissable Lip Colour? Does it make you want to snog yourself?! I’m not convinced.