Easter at Lush

I love the seasonal pieces that Lush release, and Easter is no eggsception (geddit?!). Not only are they loved by adults, they make fab presents for kids too.

The Heñata bath ballistic (£4.50) is a bath bomb shaped like a spring chicken (or hen), with the insides of a piñata – hence ‘Heñata’. The fun part is smashing it against the side of the bath before you pop it into the water – to reveal a whole host of surprises! I spotted glitter, paper flower petals, and another mini bath ballistic in the shape of an egg, which leaves a party in the bath which is gorgeously citrus scented. 

The Fluffy Egg bath ballistic (£2.95)  comes in two designs – stripey and zigzag, with a small flower pressed into the top, and was immediately swiped by my daughter. The smell reminded me a little of their christmas shower gel, Snow Fairy. It’s full on candy scented but without being sickly; just the right amount. Plus it’s pink and leaves you with pink water and a yummy sweet smell when you get out of the bath. Be warned, make sure you rinse it off if you get it in your hair, as we discovered it will leave a pink residue on blondies (although we rather like the look and I’m trying to hold off for the next hair-wash for as long as possible!)

The last Lush Easter treat I have is Hoppy Easter (£11.95) which is absolutely adorable and I for one, know my kids would love to find this in an Easter egg hunt (as long as there was chocolate involved too – come on, let’s be serious!). The packaging is cleverly designed from a handkerchief that is knotted up to resemble a rabbit with two floppy ears. It’s reusable so it’s the gift that can keep on giving! 

Inside is a Fluffy Egg bath ballistic and a Carrot re-usable bubble bar, which is also available to buy separately (£4.95). I thought it would be a little strange bathing in a carrot scented bath, but it doesn’t smell like carrots at all – it’s another citrusey one (although it does have carrot oil in it for its soothing properties). You hold the green ‘stalk’ while swirling the carrot through your bath while it’s running, and a stream of colour and bubbles is left in it’s trail. You only need a little bit to create a soft bubbly mass, it can then be kept to use again next time. 

All these items are limited edition – as well as three other Easter items I haven’t featured (The Immaculate Eggception, The Brightside Bubble Bar, and Easter Egg Hunt soap) and make fab alternative (or extras) to chocolate – they are available at Lush.co.uk or in Lush stores nationwide.

Lush – Fun

I bow down to the Fun bar – for it is the first thing that has actually made my kids want to have a bath!

One of Lush’s latest offerings is the Fun bar – which is a bar, of fun! It is a multipurpose product which you can use as a bubble bath, soap, shampoo, or to hand wash your clothes. It comes in five different colours and scents – the pink one we had is very fruity and sweet with ice creamy smells. It says on the package that it smells of childhood, which is soooo right – it does, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is!

What’s so fun about that? It’s mouldable! I was quite excited to have a play and see what I could make out of this moon-dough-esque bath time treat, but the minute I opened it my kids rushed over and took matters into their own hands.

My son made a face, while my daughter opted for a muddy puddle.

That’s when the begging for a bath started!

I took a piece of the bar, about the size of a mushroom, and put it under running water to make a bubble bath. It foamed up really nicely and the smell was amazing.

They then took their creations to the bath to use as their soaps. They loved that it felt a bit slimey once it was mixed with the water and they had great fun.

In the packaging, the smell of the bar is quite strong – even through the cellophane I can smell it in the bathroom – to the point that I thought my kids would end up smelling really strongly too, but they didn’t – it was a nice, delicate remainder of the fragrance.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Fun bar too – although I think my kids have got the most pleasure from it – what a fab idea! So many kids bath products are laden with nasties which dry their skin out, so this is a welcome break for them to use!

The Fun bars are available in Lush or on their website  for £5 for a 200g bar. 10p from every sale goes to The FunD – which goes to help children affected by the Fukushima disaster.

Christmas Gifts from L’Occitane

L’Occitane have brought out a range of limited edition gifts, which would be perfect for those last minute Christmas presents. I was sent a selection from the Délice des Fruits and Délice des Fleurs collections, of which I’m going to tell you about today!

Whenever I get new bath and body stuff, the first thing I do is have a little sniff…. OMG, this time I was in Heaven! The Citron & Clémentine range from the Délice des Fruits collection is absolutely divine. As the name would suggest, it is lemon and clementine, but not any old lemon and clementine. This is candied lemon and clementine, which evidently makes all the difference.

Although it’s not a Christmas smell, the candle reminds me of walking through a Christmas market and past a sweet stall. It’s the most amazing smell ever – I would happily burn this candle every day for the rest of my life, the smell is that good!

The rest of the products from the Délice des Fruits collection still have that amazing smell, but are slightly more citrusey than boiled sweets. I’m a big fan of citrus smells so these have been great for me too. The little tin of lip balm is dangerous – I want to eat it every time it goes near my lips! It contains almond oil so it’s good at moisturising, and it leaves the lips with a sexy sheen.

I usually use liquid hand soap, so there has been something quite decadent about using a bar of soap! It is perfumed but not overpowering, and doesn’t leave my hands feeling dry.

The Body Cream is gorgeous – it is nice and light, and while it has that nice smell, I like that fact that the smell isn’t lingering for the entire day – I like people to be able to smell my perfume! It has a slight balmy consistency and sinks in to the skin fairly quickly.

The Délice des Fleurs collection is a different smell all together. Still sweet, but in a different way. Nothing how I’d expect ‘Rose & Violette’ to smell – none of that classic ‘rose’ scent… but more like the very sweet aroma of berries. Apparently it is candied rose and violet petals. The fragrance is a little too sweet for me, but I can imagine my teenage sister being a fan.

The perfume comes in a 75ml glass bottle which is so pretty and elegant. The soft purple colour of the fragrance adds to the gorgeousness of it, it would look fab on display in a bathroom. There is also a little tin of solid perfume which is an ideal size to carry in your handbag to freshen up with during the day or a night out.

I used the shower jelly on a bath pouf, and while it wasn’t extremely bubbly there was enough lather there to wash my body with, and again, it looks great on display.

If you like sweet smells – like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, I think you’d really like the Rose & Violette range.

The lip glosses from this collection, I will definitely use. I’d say they were more lip tints or balms than glosses as my lips weren’t left overly shiny after using them. They come in a little tin perfect for the handbag – Rose is pinky, like a just-bitten lip, and Violette is dark purple, which reminds me of a softer version of MAC’s Rebel lipstick. They both leave the lips feeling very soft, like they’re doing some good while looking good! I think it would be advisable to use a brush to apply them for more of an even look. I used my fingers for the photos below – so it’s not like you have to use one, but it would look more polished.

The products are available from the L’Occitane website, while you’re there have a go at decorating a Christmas tree and you’ll get a complimentary 75ml Fleur Cherie body lotion.

L’Occitane is also available in stores – have a look here to see where your local one is, or in selected department stores.