Nails of the Day – Cheeky Soots You

A new beauty brand has entered the market this month – Cheeky is an offshoot of the Cowshed Spa range – bringing an affordable range of quality products, as well as a Cheeky Parlour in Shoreditch which offers Manicures which include a nail polish for only £12 and blowdries from £15 – the perfect place to pop to after work!

There are 21 nail polishes in the new range of Chat Me Up nail paints – today I’m wearing Soots You – a blacker than black, glossy polish. The brush is really thick, so that dreamy ‘3 stroke manicure’ is very much achievable with this. I loved that my nails were black from the very first coat, and they look so damned glossy it’s untrue! I am very impressed, particularly as the polish is only £7!

Cheeky nail polish launches this month at – sign up to be informed when it all kicks off!

Lord & Berry

I was recently sent some Lord & Berry products to try out. It’s a brand I’ve never tried before, but I’ve always admired from a distance – their packaging looks nice and their products seem high in quality and reasonably priced, so I was excited to give them a go.

I was sent a Stardust loose eyeshadow – ‘Gold Black’, Seta pressed eyeshadow – ‘Premier’, and INKglam waterproof eyeliner in black.

The Stardust Loose Eyeshadow in Gold Black is my definite favourite of the three products. Firstly – as a loose pigment it is so versatile that I really feel you get a lot for your money. It’s only a small pot (1g for £9.50) but a little goes a really long way. The colour pay off is fab and the effect it leaves is gorgeous – it’s black in some lights with a hint of gold, and in other lights its gold with blended black at the edges. The particles of golden shimmer really make it special – this is divine.

The Seta Premier Eyeshadow is from the Black Wardrobe range, and costs the same as the rest of the eyeshadow ranges (£10). I was sent a palette refill, however it normally comes in a proper individual pot with sleek black packaging and a screw top lid. The colour ‘Premier’ looks lovely even in the pan – a frosted grey black – and one sweep of it over the back of my hand shows you just how pigmented it is. The only issue I have with this is that it’s very soft – some of the edge of my pan had crumbled off after doing one eye make up with it. Besides that, it’s a great product.

The INKglam eyeliner (£9.50) I have mixed feelings about. It’s meant to be shiny, long wearing and waterproof – this it definitely is. It looks glossy and lasts really well – it takes some getting off! The thing I don’t like is the applicator. I like a soft applicator to line my eyes, this is very stiff with barely any movement in it at all. The pointed end makes it great for fine detail work like the inner corners of the eyes – but when you are drawing a line, if you put any pressure on it, the pointed end rubs off a line of the product. The formula of the liner itself is great – the applicator just doesn’t work for me. I will definitely continue to use it by transferring the product from the applicator to an eyeliner brush.

I have added a couple of swatch photos so you can see the products at different angles.

I did a smokey eye using the pressed eyeshadow over my lid and, as it’s slightly darker, the loose shadow in the outer corners and under my eye. I used a kohl liner on the inner rims of my eyes, but didn’t use the INKglam for this look.

Have you tried any Lord & Berry products before? I am really impressed with the intensity of the colours and will definitely be checking out more of their range.

Lord & Berry is available from Beauty Expert.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil – Perversion

I was first introduced to the 24/7 liners by Urban Decay in the original NAKED palette. In with it came a double ended pencil – ‘Zero’ on one end, which was black, and ‘Whiskey’ on the other, which was brown.

I’d never really felt an eye pencil like it before. They had a slightly oily texture to them, which meant that they really did glide on, and were really easy to work with. I had found my Holy Grail eyeliner!

Unfortunately, as it was double ended, in theory, I only had half a pencil worth of Zero, which has now run out… however Urban Decay recently released some new shades to the 24/7 liner range, one of them being Perversion, which is apparently blacker than Zero, which is, well, black! It sounded good – I purchased, it didn’t take much persuasion (does it ever?!).

I no longer have my little stub of double ended Zero to compare Perversion with – but if you imagine Zero to be black, Perversion is the blackest blackness in blacksville. It’s BLACK. I’d go as far as to say it’s pretty comparable in finish to that of a gel liner, and quite unlike any other pencil.

I have swatched it on my hand along with some other black liners I own. From left to right (or from top to bottom, rather) we have:
The Body Shop 01 Eye Definer: Black, GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner: Black Ink, Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil: Perversion, MAC: Smoulder.

As you can see, Perversion is definitely one of the blackest liners there – very similar in colour to Smoulder by MAC, but completely different to apply, and in finish. I absolutely love Smoulder, but it is very (for want of a better word) dry, compared to Perversion. With Smoulder you have to press down to get any colour, whereas Perversion needs the lightest of touches for the bold blackness to appear.

It claims to be waterproof – so I ran my hand under water, and all swatches remained.

Out came the soap for a proper hand wash. These were the results….

Evidently not as wash-proof as MAC Smoulder! It does, however, last all day, and the water running over it didn’t seem to phase it.

Because it is soooo black, soooo sensitive, and soooo ‘glidey’ I think it’s harder to work with than Zero. There’s little room for error with this badboy. You have to be careful with lining the inner corner of your eye too – it will definitely transfer down to the lower inner corner, as I found out, and because of the ultra black blackness, it won’t look great. With a little practise, we will soon be working in harmony (I hope).

I really love it, but don’t think it can replace Zero. Although I thought I wanted a blackest-fantasticest liner, in reality it’s a bit WOAH for neutral daytime looks, so I think I’ll have to repurchase Zero too.

What do you think of Perversion? Have you tried it? Do you like it?!

John Lewis Bloggers Nail Art Challenge

I was contacted by someone from the John Lewis makeup team to ask if I’d like to take part in a nail art competition alongside some other bloggers. I am no nail artiste – and am in total awe of those that can do things like paint the whole cast of Sesame Street on their talons… I seem to be a bit shakey when it comes to the finer details on nails, and can just about manage a messy reverse manicure, as you may see later. I’m more a fan of ‘random’ nail art, as you may also see later!

All of the bloggers looks would be judged by someone from John Lewis, and the winner would win £150 John Lewis voucher – so of course, I said yes!

The polishes I was sent were Nails Inc – Trafalgar Square, a magnetic polish

YSL La Laque Polishes in 12 (Pure Pearl) and 19 (Fuchsia Pink)

and NARS Space Odyssey

We were told “Which polishes you use, how you use them and the number of looks you create is entirely up to you – you could even mix and match these with shades from your existing collection.” So I decided to run with that, and try every kind of nail arty kind of thing I knew. I can tell you now, I have never painted my own nails so often in one day – but it was so much fun!

Excuse the iPhone pics coming up – but these are the different looks I did using these polishes.

I used the YSL No12 with microbeads to create this look:

I used YSL No19 with NARS Space Odyssey layered over the top and pulled off with lace for this look:

I used both the YSL polishes with my black striper and dotter to make leopard print nails for this look:

And again I used both the YSL polishes to make marbled nails for this look:

I used the Nails Inc Trafalgar Square for this, then used Nails Inc Whitehall for the ring finger accent for this look:

I used NARS Space Odyssey with the black striper and dotter and black diamantes to create this look:

And lastly, I used YSL No12 and newspaper to create these newpaper print nails:

And there you have it – that was pretty much my day in photos! I hope you like them… I think all the looks are pretty self explanitary, but if anyone would like a tutorial for any of them then just shout!

Let me know what you think of the looks I have done – and check out the other entries too – Lipglossiping has done a gorgeous valentines nail look, and I’m looking forward to seeing what The London Beauty Review and A Beauty Junkie in London do with their polishes. The deadline is today so their looks should be up by tonight at some point.

Thank you John Lewis, for this fab opportunity!

01/02/12 – edited to add – the deadline is now mid February due to the original deadline being unrealistic for some of the participants. I think I will leave my entries as is, but if anyone has any wonderful ideas for me to add to it please let me know 🙂

Nails of the Day – OPI Light My Sapphire

This is one of the first OPI polishes I ever bought. I haven’t worn it for years so I thought I’d dig it out and give it a little outing. Well, I don’t know why I ever stopped wearing it, it’s gorgeous!

It’s an extremely dark blue polish that is very nearly black. In fact, in some lights it is black, but really it’s blue (confused?!). There is the tiniest amount of shimmer in the polish that makes it almost metallic looking – it definitely doesn’t look like a shimmery finish, but superbly glossy.

It is one of those OPI polishes that definitely needs a second coat – one layer is very patchy and sheer. I used two coats and a coating of Seche Vite and it has lasted for two days on me before getting a bit of wear to the tips of my nails.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Revlon CustomEyes Mascara

Revlon ran a competition on their Facebook page to win one of 1000 of their new CustomEyes Mascaras – and I was one of the lucky ones that won, and I really do feel lucky because I love it!

The idea is that you can create two different looks, using the one mascara. The lid has a twist-cap, you put it in position 1 to add length and drama, and position 2 for length and definition. The difference that I see in the brush is that in position 1, the tip of the wand is more flexible, and in position 2 is more firm. I have heard on the grapevine that the bristles change, but as they are now mascara-coated I can’t tell whether there’s any truth in that.

The brush is made of plastic, which I’m not normally a great lover of, but in this instance I find it fab – it separates lashes and gives definition as well as thickness and drama.

Here are some pics of before and after applying CustomEyes Mascara. The shade I have is Blackest Black. I used it in position 1 and position 2 straight after, because I love thick, fake looking lashes!



It coats amazingly well; from the very first coat you can see a difference in your lashes. The black definitely is the blackest form of black, and it stays put all day – no panda eyes, hurrah! There is also a waterproof version available if you prefer that kind of thing!

This mascara is priced at £9.99, and is currently part of the 3 for 2 across various make-up brands at Boots. I for one, will definitely be repurchasing, it has all the star quality of a high-end mascara, at a high street price. Win!

Nails of the Day – Butter London Chimney Sweep

I love this colour! Chimney Sweep by Butter London is a gorgeous gunmetal black colour – in the bottle I thought it would be black with silver shimmer, but it’s so much more than that! A metallic dark dark grey, which when you look close enough is made up of tiny particles of silver. Gorgeousness.
This polish was sent to me by