Nails of the Day – OPI Light My Sapphire

This is one of the first OPI polishes I ever bought. I haven’t worn it for years so I thought I’d dig it out and give it a little outing. Well, I don’t know why I ever stopped wearing it, it’s gorgeous!

It’s an extremely dark blue polish that is very nearly black. In fact, in some lights it is black, but really it’s blue (confused?!). There is the tiniest amount of shimmer in the polish that makes it almost metallic looking – it definitely doesn’t look like a shimmery finish, but superbly glossy.

It is one of those OPI polishes that definitely needs a second coat – one layer is very patchy and sheer. I used two coats and a coating of Seche Vite and it has lasted for two days on me before getting a bit of wear to the tips of my nails.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Nails of the Day – Eek Nails

Before popping off on holiday I gave myself an ‘eek’ polish…

I’ve loved them ever since Sophy Robson did them all those months ago. I didn’t have a white polish which is why I hadn’t tried it sooner, but I picked up a cheapy Collection 2000 white for french manicures at the weekend, so there was no stopping me – this is my second set 🙂

They were very easy to do – just painted my nails as usual (this is Topshop AWOL), and added a layer of Seche Vite. Once that was dry I carefully dabbed on two dots of white near to my nail bed for the eyes, then using my black striper and dotter, dotted on a black pupil. I had to wait for a couple of minutes before adding another layer of Seche Vite – otherwise the black will run as I discovered with my Sunday ‘eek’s!

I think these are great fun, and my kids love them too! What do you think?

Please note – this is a scheduled post, I will reply to any comments when I’m back from holiday x

Nails of the Day – Topshop AWOL

I first saw this on Stina’s Chic Beauty Blog and loved it, it was like no other blue I had seen before. When I saw her in the flesh wearing it, I loved it even more – it was so bright, powerful and glossy! Every time I went into a Topshop I’d have a look, hoping… but alas never finding. They do do another blue (Pie In The Sky I believe), but that is not to be mistaken for AWOL.

I finally found it in the Enfield branch and am so very pleased with my purchase. I’m loving the neon nail trend at the moment, and this is as neon as a royal blue can get!

It has chipped a little after one day but I have been doing lots of lifting, washing and diying so it’s only to be expected. Highly recommend it!

Revlon Scents of Summer Nail Polishes

I heard about Revlon’s scented nail polishes via Twitter and immediately decided I neeeeeeeeeeeeded the Bubblegum one – I love the smell of bubblegum, and I, personally, can’t have enough pink polishes in my collection. I kept going to Boots in the hopes of finding it but all I kept seeing were the purple (Passion Fruit) and frosty green (Beach).  I was told to try in larger stores, which I was all set to do, until the lovely Revlon sent me a package with 5 of the 8 scented polishes in it.

I love the idea of scented polish – it’s something I’ve never seen before and it leaves me wondering what will be next in the nail polish world. You would think that the fact the polishes are fragranced highly enough for you to smell them, they would be laden with chemicals which can’t be any good to sniff. Revlon have actually been free of DBP, Toulene and Formaldehyde since 1992. Sniff away.

I have tested these out over the past couple of weeks and really enjoyed them. The scents are meant to be reminiscent of summer, and while they are summery smells, I can’t help think that some of them have been named wrongly! Bubblegum smells of watermelon, Passion Fruit smells of raspberries, and Peach Smoothie of refreshers! Whatever their names, they are all yummy smells.

I noticed that Mad About Mango, and Ocean Breeze seemed to be the strongest smelling – I could smell them every time my hands went near my face – including while eating which was a little weird. Peach Smoothie’s smell seemed to fade the fastest.

I used two coats of each polish, without a base coat. I was advised that the smell would be more present without it. The nail polish has lasted well, with tipwear after a couple of days but no major chips. I love the formula of Revlon polishes and Passion Fruit is a prime example of how a formula should be – it glides on so effortlessly which really helps to get that perfect manicured look.

I’m really pleased I got to try these out – thank you very much Revlon!

These polishes are limited edition, after August 2011 you won’t find them on your shelves. They are priced at £6.49 but are on special offer of 2 for £8 at Boots at the moment. I highly recommend them!

Nails of the Day – China Glaze Sea Spray

Today I have painted my nails in Sea Spray by China Gaze, part of their Anchors Away collection. It is a muted turquoise, a bit like a dusty Tiffany blue. It’s finish is highly glossy – so much so that it makes me think there are tiny specks of shimmer in it… although I’ve looked as closely as I can but can’t see any! I’m not 100% sold on the shade yet, think it will look a lot better on tanned skin. What do you think?

Nails of the Day – OPI Ogre The Top Blue

This polish is from the Shrek Collection which OPI launched last year. It is a deep turquoise shade which never fails to get a mention. I’ve had it on for a few days now (fab staying power) and seriously so many people have commented on it saying how much they like it…. well apart from my Nan who asked if I’d got my fingers stuck in the door!

Nails of the Day – Frosty Nails

Brrrrrrr, it’s freeeeezing so to fit with the weather I thought I’d experiment with my nail polishes to create a frosty look.

First I painted my nails with Ciate Refresher, which was very kindly sent to me by It is just like its name – a Refresher, a whitish pastel blue colour which is really pretty and I look forward to using in the summer. Then I painted the tips and dragged the brush down using Illamasqua Harsh polish which is a silver glitter. It’s really pretty as the glitter particles are little dashes rather than specks. I think it makes a great effect although it’s a bugger to get off!

Nails of the Day – Butter London Muggins

This is another polish sent from Powder Rooms and o.m.g. I love it! Its a flat colour but can be described as so many different colours – grey, heather, lilac, blue…. it looks different in different lights, but this will definitely be one I will wear again and again.

Nails of the Day – OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Ski Teal We Drop is one of the shades from the new OPI Autumn range – the Swiss Collection. I got this from an American seller on eBay (so much cheaper than buying OPI over here!) along with William Tell Me About OPI which I will swatch soon, it’s too ‘autumney’ to wear at the moment. In fact, this is too really. It looks black in some lights, with a blue tinge. More like the bottle colour in sunlight, but it is a dark shade. Really gorgeous, but not right for the lovely weather we’re having at the moment. It goes on very well, coating the nails with just one coat, but the photo is with two coats and Poshe topcoat.