Chantecaille Cheek Creme – Playful

Chantecaille is a brand I have admired for a long time – when I worked in Space NK I would avidly play with all the products – when I was giving customers a makeover using their make up, it was a brand that I knew didn’t need much ‘selling’ for the products did all the work for themselves. Besides, Angelina Jolie is a fan. 

The first, very welcome, addition of theirs to my make up collection is the new Cheek Creme in Playful, a gorgeous pink-with-a-hint-of-coral cream blush packed with antioxidants and infused with Lily bulb and Peach extracts to protect the skin from environmental damage.
As Chantecaille now only sell their cheek and eye products as refillables in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, you have to purchase the palette too. The Pebble Palette (pictured) fits it perfectly and has a mirrored lid, perfect for topping up on the go. The two together cost £29 which is a little pricey compared to other cream blushes, on the market, but you have to remember that Chantecaille is very much a luxury brand, and for the price, you get a luxury product. 
Firstly, the texture of the blush is delicious – as you put it on your skin, it’s like velvet, and seems to blend perfectly where you need it. It transforms from cream to powder, leaving a hint of luminosity to the cheeks. The colour is buildable, but I find you don’t need much, one gentle application is all I used in the photograph above, so it’s going to be knocking around for a while. Lastly, staying powder. It just stays… all day. 
Chantecaille Cheek Creme is available at Chantecaille counters now priced at £29.

Lancome Blush Subtil – Rose Sable – Limited Edition BAFTA Edition

Lancome, being the official beauty and make up partner for the BAFTAs, has launched a limited edition blush palette to mark the occasion of the 2013 BAFTAs.

The shade of blush is Rose Sable – a member of Lancome’s permanent line and one of their best selling Blush Subtil’s. For the BAFTA edition of this blush, they have produced it in packaging depicting a winners envelope with the wording “…and the winner is…” mega-cute!

As with the standard Blush Subtil’s, it comes in a mirrored compact with a small blusher brush applicator, and 6 grams of beautiful product embossed with the Lancome rose. 
Rose Sable is a gorgeous peachy rose colour which has a tiny amount of shimmer in it. It works really nicely on my skin, and I think it would be great for those with really pale skin too – it can be used lightly to give a natural looking flush of colour, or built up to be much more noticeable. 
It feels lightweight on the skin – it doesn’t look powdery or chalky at all, and blends nicely. I love the smell of Lancome products too – it reminds me of trying on my glam Nans’ make up as a child and this does not disappoint!
The limited edition blush goes on sale on 1st February exclusively at Selfridges priced at £27.

The Film Awards take place on Sunday 10th February. Keep up to date with BAFTA by following @BAFTA on Twitter and #BAFTAstyle for all the latest BAFTA style updates.

Liz Earle ‘Nectar’ Blusher & ‘Natural Glow’ Bronzer

Following on from my post introducing Liz Earle’s ‘Colour’ make up range last week, I now bring you some of their face / cheek products which I have fallen in love with. One of their powder blushers, ‘Nectar’ (06) and the Natural Glow Bronzer.

As with the rest of the make up range, the packaging has been kept minimal and fuss free, with the Liz Earle logo stamped into their powder products, each housed in a mirrored compact. I think it looks rather chic.
There are only seven shades in the blusher collection – and each shade has both a powder and cream variation which I think is a great idea. Some people are cream blusher people, some are powder. Some may like to increase staying power by layering powder over cream blush – whatever the preference, this covers all bases without there being too many products to choose from – kind of like in a posh restaurant that has a very small and select menu.
I’ve swatched the Nectar powder blusher below, alongside the bronzer, which is the only bronzer in the range.

Below, I’ve swatched the bronzer alongside some other popular bronzers that I had to hand. MAC Golden, and NARS Laguna contain a lot more shimmery glitter particles – the Liz Earle bronzer does have a slight sheen, but the particles are no where near as visible as those two. Benefit’s Hoola is much more matt, and more yellow based than the Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer.
The blusher looks quite pink in the pan, but is actually very soft and pretty on the skin. It can be built up to be much pinker for darker skin tones or for a pop of colour.

I’m wearing both the bronzer and blush in the photos above and I am really impressed with both products. They glide onto the skin perfectly and stay put all day. The bronzer is definitely going to be a new staple in my make up bag, it’s just the right tone and finish!

Have you tried any of the Liz Earle make up? I have my eye on the coral blush next!

The Colour range is available at Liz Earle counters and the Liz Earle website.

The powder blush costs £16.50 for 6g and bronzer is £19.50 for 10g.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Haul & Swatches

MAC have just released their latest limited edition collection – the Marilyn Monroe collection. It came out online in the UK on Monday, where many pieces are already sold out, and comes into MAC stores tomorrow. It was released last week in USA.

The collection is supposed to embody everything about Marilyn Monroe – being sexy and glamourous. It’s a fairly big collection, with lashes, brow products, liners… but the main players for me are the lipsticks – one nude, and four red shades. It was hard to not buy all of them, but in the end I went for Deeply Adored and Love Goddess.

I also liked the look of the blushes, The Perfect Cheek being more pinky, and Legendary more coral – I went for the latter.

The packaging is black and sleek and has images of Marilyn Monroe on it. I heard that these images are ones that have never been seen before and MAC has bought the exclusive rights to be able to use them for this collection.

Once you slip off the outer housing of the lipstick packaging, it looks like a normal box, except there’s a little red lip print in the inside of the lid – cute!

The plastic is glossy rather than the standard black, and the lipstick casing is black all over, rather than silver at the top.

The blush, Legendary, is really pretty. It’s a very pale peachy coral which works well on pale skin. I am NC15 in MAC, and I think it could look very ashy on people with darker skin tones. That said, for paler people it’s gorgeous. As it looks quite light in the pan I thought I’d have to be heavy handed with application, but it’s very pigmented on my skin and the colour pay off is great.

The lipsticks I chose were Love Goddess (on the left) and Deeply Adored (on the right).

I have swatched them next to some other red toned MAC lipsticks for comparison.

Next to the other reds, Love Goddess looks very pink – on the lips it definitely looks more red but I like that it has a hint of pink to it – combining my two most favourite lipstick shades! It is satin in finish and I’ve seen elsewhere that it lasts a really long time (I’m unable to comment yet as these literally just arrived through my door!)

Deeply Adored is a much deeper, darker colour, bang on trend for the berry lip craze at the moment. One of my favourite red lipsticks is Ruby Woo, particularly because it’s matt in texture, and I think this one will follow suit.

And that is my little haul!

Have you got your eye on anything in the collection, or have you ordered anything? Let me know what you got! I was very tempted by one of the eyeshadows – I don’t know if I should go in store and get it, so let me know what you got and your thoughts!

MAC Naturally Collection: Mineralize Skinfinish in Blonde

When I saw that MAC were releasing the Naturally Collection I got rather excited – I love wearing natural hues of makeup, and thought I would buy near enough the whole shebang. Having learned from previous online collection haul mistakes, I decided I’d wait to see it in the flesh before committing to a purchase.

I thought that the Sweet Sunrise would be a definite buy – but in reality it was just too close to my natural skin tone for it to ever look good!  One of the first things that caught my eye on the display was the Mineralize Skinfinish. I am a massive everyday-wearer of Stereo Rose MSF, and Blonde reminded me slightly of it, of her – my favourite ever blush product… they could be cousins. As part of the Naturally Collection, MAC re-released Blonde and Redhead Mineralize Skinfinishes, which originally came out as part of the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead Collection.

When I first laid eyes on Blonde, it looked pinkish – far more pink than once it’s swatched. The domed product has four stripes of colour, varying from a soft pink rose colour to a more coral, apricot tone. When swatched, it definitely takes on more of the apricot colour.

It is meant to be a highlighter, but I love wearing this, and Stereo Rose, as blushes. For reference, I am an NC20 in MAC – if you are a lot darker this probably wouldn’t work as anything but a highlighter.

It has a frosted finish to it, so if you are using it as a blush you have to be careful not to be too heavy handed or all your pores will end up extra visible! I use a MAC 187 brush as it is very fluffy so distributes the product nice and softly.

I tried to take a photo of me wearing it but it’s not really the best angle – anyway, here it is…

You can see it better, or from a different angle, in this photo taken of me today at London Fashion Week which I’ve borrowed from the AOFM website. Please note, I also have some Shu Uemera bronzer on under my cheekbone for contour.

So, that is Blonde – the gorgeous, pretty, soft blush / highlighter. Stereo Rose is going to have to watch out now her cousin’s on the scene. There is going to be some serious competition in the mornings! Luckily Redhead was out of stock, otherwise I’d be wasting even more time deciding which I’d wear that day!

Have you checked out the Naturally Collection yet? What did you get? Should I keep trying for Redhead?!

Illamasqua Hussy Blusher

As promised – here are the details of the Illamasqua blusher I bought while I was in Belfast – Hussy is it’s name, beauty is it’s game. I l.o.v.e. -love it!

On the website it’s described as a bright candy pink, but I think it’s a bit warmer than that, and would go as far as to put it in the coral family – a mixture between hot pink and gorgeous coral. What do you think?

I first tried it when I was trying the Skin Base foundation – the sales assistant put it on and it was the beginning of an instant love affair. I was in Belfast with Stina of Chic Beauty Blog – she kept commenting on how nice it looked… so the next day I tried it on again, and that was that!

It’s very highly pigmented – so much so that a light sweeping of it leaves a lot of an impact on the cheeks which I have to lessen using another brush. You can wear this much stronger than I have done below, but I feel any more is a bit too much for a day at the farm with the kids!

I am really impressed with all the Illamasqua products I got – the lipgloss review will be coming soon. I have to say that the sales assistant that I dealt with was single-handedly the best I have ever visited – so helpful, friendly and *on the level* – I wished I could have taken her home with me!

Hussy is available from the Illamasqua website priced at £16.50 for 4.5g

Do you like it? What of theirs do you own? I really want to explore more now I’ve had good experiences with them!

Benefit Thrrrob vs Me Me Me Blush Me! Pink

As I was browsing the aisles of Superdrug I saw a brand I’ve never seen before – ‘Me Me Me Cosmetics‘. I know they have existed for a while as my friend had one of their lip glosses which lights up when you undo it (how cool!), but I’ve never seen it sold before. All of their products look suspiciously like bigger brands products – particularly the cheek products which look like copies of Benefit and Bobbi Brown products. ‘Blush Me!’s look remarkably like the Benefit boxes of Hoola,  Thrrrob, Sugar Bomb etc. There is a range of four shades – bronze, pink, coral and rouge. The pink was the most appealing to me so I bought it along with something which looks like a Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick, and thought I’d compare the Benefit alternative.

My thrrrob is looking a little worse for wear, please excuse it! As you can see the design is almost identical, with the box of blush and squared off flat brush inside.

Inside you can see that the Me Me Me is more of a bright pink, while the Benefit is more of a blueish pink.

There is a cute little angel printed on the packaging.

And the bonus feature of the Me Me Me is that there is a mirror in the lid, something Benefit really should consider as it’s a great addition.

I swatched the two colours side by side on my hand in daylight.

The Me Me Me is on the left, Benefit on the right. You can see that the Me Me Me is more of a frosted finish, where the Benefit is definitely matte.

Not quite sure why I am putting a photo of me out on the world wide web that has day-old make up on but hey ho, I don’t want to put odd blusher on if I’m going out! The Me Me Me is on the left, and Benefit on the right. The Me Me Me was a lot more noticeable and seemed brighter, the Benefit slightly more natural.

Both colours needed a heavy application to get it to show. The brush provided with the Me Me Me blush is a lot softer than the Benefit brush which makes it harder to apply.

I wonder if Benefit are ok with this brand taking on a lot of their styling and charging a lot less – check out the Me Me Me version of the Benetint on their site.

I am most definitely interested in picking up more products from this range – please let me know if you have any recommendations!