Things in my Bathroom

My bathroom is very much a zesty and moisturising place at the moment. Five things on the bathroom rota at the moment that I’m loving are these….

Origins Drink Up Mask

Now I am on Roaccutane, my skin is even more dehydrated than ever – Origins Drink Up Mask is the perfect remedy. It’s designed to be worn for 10 minutes then tissued off, but I have been wearing it as an overnight mask a couple of times a week. It feels instantly soothing to apply and the skin on my face is soft, plump and moisturised in the morning. It’s perfect for skin that needs a moisture boost – whether that be as a mask 10 minutes before you apply your make up for an evening out, or overnight. There is another, richer version of this, but because of my strange skin I thought this would be the safest option – and luckily it hasn’t caused me any breakouts. I’m so pleased that I will continue to use this product for ever. Amazing.

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Curls – Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair is naturally wavy yet I’m for ever buying products to help to straighten it. I thought it was about time I embraced the movement – if I leave my hair to dry naturally, it does wave – but with a frizz – not wearable by any means. These products have definitely helped to tame the frizz and give me more of a defined curl. They have a fresh, clean, floral smell to them and lather up just the right amount. Since I started using Beautiful Curls my hair seems to hold a style more too – whether that is straight or tonged.

Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Light Body Lotion

This kind of weather means bare limbs may be on the cards soon – so preparation is key! No one wants to see crusty knees or elbows – and my Roaccutaney skin means body lotion is a must. This light body lotion is exactly that – it’s really lightweight yet moisturising and sinks into the skin straight away. It’s ideal for after a morning shower as by the time I’ve got to my clothes, it’s absorbed. My skin isn’t left feeling sticky or clammy so I know I’m not going to get London Grime stuck to me. Rich, heavy body creams definitely have a place in my routine, but they’re best left for bed time. The Fresh Ocean smell is very citrusey, with a hint of peppermint – every little helps in giving me my morning wake up.

ESPA Zesty Lemon, Ylang Ylang & Crushed Tonka Beans Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

Earlier this year, spa brand ESPA expanded their range to include some more every-day, affordable yet luxurious products, including hand wash and lotion. Again, my Roaccutaney skin means hand lotion after washing is preferable – and I feel oh so swish having both at my sink, especially when it looks and feels as luxurious as this. They are fragranced with 100% natural fragrance made from pure essential oils – the smell is delicious and is loved by me, the kids and even my boyfriend – we can be a pretty hard bunch to please as a foursome but these hit the spot.

Apivita Lip Care with Chamomile, Organic Beeswax & Olive Oil

I’m sure you’re sick of me telling you… but I’m on Roaccutane now! Lip balm is now my best friend – having one at arms reach at all times. The lip balms from Apivita are paraben free, mineral oil free, and silicone free and contain lots of lovely lip-loving ingredients. As a predominantly beeswax based balm, it isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave the lips glossy. I’ve found it’s slotted nicely into my morning routine before make up – lipstick goes over the top with ease, and doesn’t bleed which can be the case with other, more liquidy balms.

Limited Edition Kiehls Créme de Corps

Kiehls cult classic ‘Créme de Corps’ moisturiser has had a bit of a makeover – Pearl and Daisy Lowe have come up with a gorgeous heart design for the label for a limited edition run of the body cream.

£2 (plus VAT) from each sale of the limited edition Créme de Corps will go straight to the Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital Charity, which is a cause close to both Daisy and Pearl Lowe’s hearts.

I have used it in the past and thought it’s fab – unfortunately it’s a little out of my price range for a body lotion – the 500ml bottle pictured retails at £44 (the 250mls is £27). I am particularly non-fussy about my body cream though. If you like to spend a bit more for great quality products, which are guaranteed to deliver, I would highly recommend this. Similarly, it would make a lovely gift – I know my mum would love this for Mother’s Day.

It is very thick, and is fragrance free. It feels luxuriously rich as you rub it in, and leaves the skin with a soft glisten which is not at all oily feeling. It contains ingredients such as Sesame Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Lanolin Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter. It’s actually designed for people with extremely dry or flaking skin – I have very dry patches on both of my arms and the Créme de Corps definitely improved them. Kiehl’s say that within 10 days of continued use your skin will feel soft, smooth and beautifully moisturised, and it really does.

Have you tried Créme de Corps? What do you think of the new label?

Christmas Gifts from L’Occitane

L’Occitane have brought out a range of limited edition gifts, which would be perfect for those last minute Christmas presents. I was sent a selection from the Délice des Fruits and Délice des Fleurs collections, of which I’m going to tell you about today!

Whenever I get new bath and body stuff, the first thing I do is have a little sniff…. OMG, this time I was in Heaven! The Citron & Clémentine range from the Délice des Fruits collection is absolutely divine. As the name would suggest, it is lemon and clementine, but not any old lemon and clementine. This is candied lemon and clementine, which evidently makes all the difference.

Although it’s not a Christmas smell, the candle reminds me of walking through a Christmas market and past a sweet stall. It’s the most amazing smell ever – I would happily burn this candle every day for the rest of my life, the smell is that good!

The rest of the products from the Délice des Fruits collection still have that amazing smell, but are slightly more citrusey than boiled sweets. I’m a big fan of citrus smells so these have been great for me too. The little tin of lip balm is dangerous – I want to eat it every time it goes near my lips! It contains almond oil so it’s good at moisturising, and it leaves the lips with a sexy sheen.

I usually use liquid hand soap, so there has been something quite decadent about using a bar of soap! It is perfumed but not overpowering, and doesn’t leave my hands feeling dry.

The Body Cream is gorgeous – it is nice and light, and while it has that nice smell, I like that fact that the smell isn’t lingering for the entire day – I like people to be able to smell my perfume! It has a slight balmy consistency and sinks in to the skin fairly quickly.

The Délice des Fleurs collection is a different smell all together. Still sweet, but in a different way. Nothing how I’d expect ‘Rose & Violette’ to smell – none of that classic ‘rose’ scent… but more like the very sweet aroma of berries. Apparently it is candied rose and violet petals. The fragrance is a little too sweet for me, but I can imagine my teenage sister being a fan.

The perfume comes in a 75ml glass bottle which is so pretty and elegant. The soft purple colour of the fragrance adds to the gorgeousness of it, it would look fab on display in a bathroom. There is also a little tin of solid perfume which is an ideal size to carry in your handbag to freshen up with during the day or a night out.

I used the shower jelly on a bath pouf, and while it wasn’t extremely bubbly there was enough lather there to wash my body with, and again, it looks great on display.

If you like sweet smells – like Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, I think you’d really like the Rose & Violette range.

The lip glosses from this collection, I will definitely use. I’d say they were more lip tints or balms than glosses as my lips weren’t left overly shiny after using them. They come in a little tin perfect for the handbag – Rose is pinky, like a just-bitten lip, and Violette is dark purple, which reminds me of a softer version of MAC’s Rebel lipstick. They both leave the lips feeling very soft, like they’re doing some good while looking good! I think it would be advisable to use a brush to apply them for more of an even look. I used my fingers for the photos below – so it’s not like you have to use one, but it would look more polished.

The products are available from the L’Occitane website, while you’re there have a go at decorating a Christmas tree and you’ll get a complimentary 75ml Fleur Cherie body lotion.

L’Occitane is also available in stores – have a look here to see where your local one is, or in selected department stores.

Burt’s Bees Launch New 24hr Moisture Lotion

Last night I attended the Burt’s Bees HIVE Tea to celebrate the launch of their new and improved 24hr Moisture Lotions. It took place at the Swarvorski Crystallised Lounge in Soho, and had been decorated gorgeously – with honeycomb shapes on the wall, and displays looking all lush and natural with the new products resting on grass and daffodils ‘planted’ around the seating. You could have your nails done, or chill out eating yummy little cakes.

The creator of the range, Abina Antwi, was there, giving demonstrations and whipped up a moisturiser right in front of our eyes using all natural products and an electric whisk – it really was amazing! The theory behind it is that if you can eat it, it’s going to be better for your skin – and these moisturisers really do smell good enough to eat!

Abina explained that the new formula contains liquid crystal emulsions which are in the same state as those in our bodies which means that the nutrients from the moisturisers absorb into our skin better. They have been tested and apparently really do provide 24hr moisturisation!

We were given a goodie bag as we left which contained each of the moisturisers. The range consists of

  • Naturally Nourishing Body Lotion for normal to dry skin – this is made with skin softening ingredients such as Milk, Honey, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and botanical moisturisers Sunflower, Olive, Coconut and Grape Seed Oils
  • Soothingly Sensitive Body Lotion for sensitive skin – made with Aloe Vera, Buttermilk, Chamomile, Calendula, St Johns Wort and Linden Flower Extracts and botanical moisturisers Sunflower, Olive, Coconut and Grape Seed Oils. This is hypo allergenic and safe for sensitive skin
  • Richly Replenishing Body Lotion for dry skin – made with Cocoa and Cupuaca Butters and botanical moisturisers Sunflower and Olive Oils. This smells of Cocoa Butter and a hint of Vanilla – scrummy!
  • Fragrance Free Body Lotion for all skin types – made with Shea Butter, Vitamin E and botanical moisturisers.

They are priced at £9.99 for a 6oz bottle and are available from April 2011 from, Boots, John Lewis and selected independent stores worldwide.

Burt’s Bees are looking for someone to try out the 24hr Moisture Lotions for their Mirror Diaries campaign. If you are over 18 and are interested, you can find all the details here.