Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

If there’s a hint of sun in the sky, I have a pair of sunglasses attached to my face. People may think the beginning of autumn is an odd time to buy a new pair, but I don’t think there’s ever a wrong time and I need to share this little gem of a find with you…


They are an online glasses shop, selling everything from Ray Ban glasses to Vivienne Westwood sunglasses but so much cheaper than you’ll find them on the highstreet.

I decided my next pair would be Ray Ban sunglasses – I love the look of Wayfarers and decided to go for these these badboys. The ‘New Wayfarer’ in black. Only £79.50 including postage and packaging, which is almost £70 cheaper than I’d seen elsewhere!

They arrived the following day, packaged well, and the glasses housed in their leather case with Rayban cleaning cloth inside.

There were two sizes – standard and large, I went for the larger, for the more fashioney look, and also because I have a giant head!

I know you may think their prices are too good to be true – I thought the same when I first stumbled across them – my Chanel sunglasses were from there too, many moons ago, and still going strong (that’s me wearing them in the middle). I did wonder if their products were genuine at the time, and after extensive research concluded that they were – they are just very very cheap!

I would completely recommend Pretavoir – I, personally, wouldn’t get my glasses or sunglasses from a high street store ever again knowing how much cheaper I can get them online! 
I hope you can make use of this find too – happy shopping 🙂

Nails of the Day: Chanel – Lotus Rouge

This is the one and only Chanel nail polish I’ve ever owned… I got it as a Christmas present a few years ago and it’s still going strong.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Lotus Rouge (455) is a dark blood red colour which looks fab in the cooler months and is flattering to lots of skin tones. Due to the blue undertones in it, it even works for very pale skin which can sometimes find reds hard to pull off. For some reason I keep likening my nail polishes to food recently…. so just to keep up the tradition, this reminds me of tomato chutney!

The brush is fairly thin – personally I prefer a wider brush, although this does help to be able to get right to the edges of the nail accurately. I painted this on yesterday and while it mainly looks good, there is a slight bit of wear to the tip of the nail. In general I find it takes a couple of days for any chips to appear, which on my nails, is the sign of a good nail polish!

Do you like it? Which other Chanel polishes would you recommend to me?

Nails of the Day – Essie Sew Psyched

When I saw the press images for the Chanel Khaki Collection of polishes, I fell in love, but if I were to buy them all at £19 each, my purse would not be impressed. I saw that as part of the Fall 2010 Collection, Essie had a khaki colour similar to Chanel’s Khaki Vert for a fraction of the cost. I bought mine from an American seller on eBay and it arrived within a few days.

I am yet to see The Real Deal in real life so unsure as to how much of a dupe it is, but I’m really happy with this polish and it’s satisfied my craving. Of course now I need to find an alternative to the Khaki Rose – I’ve seen Models Own have released the Car Key Collection (how subtle!) so I may have to check that out. The Essie brush is annoyingly thin, but I can get over it for this – I love it.