Video: Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Tutorial

I finally have a new computer, which means some blogging may be happening!

To kick it off, I’ve dipped my toe into the water with a video tutorial.

I work for Charlotte Tilbury – and have the pleasure of working with Sergio, one of the Lead Makeup Artists at Selfridges London. For this video, he created the Golden Goddess look on me – and we get to hear some of his tips and tricks on the way too…

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Whether you choose to believe it or not, Valentines Day is just around the corner… soon enough 14th February will be here. Perhaps you have someone special to buy a gift for – or a good excuse to treat yourself to something lovely… with that in mind, I’ve put together some ideas to help you along your way, plus something for me to casually leave open on the computer in my house *cough cough*

one – Illamasqua Throbb nail polish £14.50
This beautiful tomatoey-red nail polish has just been released as part of their I’m The One collection. One coat is all you need for a full opaque finish of beautiful, glossy, blood red nails.

two – Tangle Angel Brush £12.95 (+10% discount at the moment)
I spotted this while browsing on the HQ Hair site and thought it was rather cute – angel on the back, and (kinda) heart shaped – it promises to glide through your hair with ease, getting rid of tangles, and has anti-static and anti-bacterial properties and is heat resistant too.

three – Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow  £49
This is the most stunning bronzing and highlighting duo I’ve ever seen in so many ways. Firstly, the packaging is to die for, and the product produces stunning results. The bronzer is the perfect universal flattering shade, usable for an all-over bronzer as well as for contour. The highlight has just the right amount of frostiness to it to to give a nice subtle highlight for the daytime, or can really be build up for a more extreme look.

four – Bobbi Brown Pink Kiss lipstick £19
From their new Uber Pink collection, this is a beautiful soft pink colour that adds the right amount of pink to your lips for a ‘done’ look without looking over-done or baby-dollish. It’s grown up and flirty, and I love it. It feels silky smooth to apply and leaves a comfortable slick of polish with a slight sheen to it.

five – Guerlain Meteorites Pearls £36
This is a natural radiance enhancer for the face – the brush picks up the properties from the different coloured balls – yellow to counteract redness, mauve to catch the light etc – and gives a beautiful, evened out, radiant complexion. They’ve just added some to the new Blossom collection – this one is firmly on my wishlist, it looks so beautiful too!

six – Lulu Guiness Coin Purse with Clinique Super Strawberry Chubby Stick £55
As part of the 10th anniversary of Kiss It Better, Clinique are selling some gorgeous limited edition pieces, including this Lulul Guiness coin purse with a beautiful pink Chubby Stick – and what’s more, the full £55 RRP will be donated to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

seven – NARSissist Blush Palette £35 & NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette £50
These much anticipated limited edition NARS palettes come into stores tomorrow and are expected to fly off the shelves. They feature some of the brands most sought after and iconic shades. The blush palette includes Devotee highlighter (limited edition), Orgasm blush, and Laguna Bronzer, as well as a brush. The eyeshadow palette includes 15 of their hottest shades including All About Eve, Madrague, Fez, Bali, Coconut Grove, Madrague ll, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes, Brousse, Mekong, Bellissima, Lhasa, Bad Behavior, Dogon and Pandora.

If you have any more ideas, do let me know… happy shopping!

Things I’ve Fallen in Love With… #1

…While working in Selfridges.

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks. That is because I have been working at the lovely Charlotte Tilbury at Selfridges, and… well I haven’t been organised enough to pre-write and schedule blog posts (forgive me).

As you can imagine, I get to see so many people on a daily basis, that I have fallen in love with many a thing while working there. I try not to venture too far out of where I need to go to (usually staff room to beauty hall, and back again with the occasional toilet trip in there too) as I will fall in love with too many things. And I definitely, definitely, do not, under any circumstances browse round the beauty hall. No siree. That would be dangerous!

Of course, working with the make up at Charlotte Tilbury has made me want it all, and it saddens me to know that I just can’t have it all! I decided to break my Charlotte Tilbury wish list down into more manageable chunks and the first few items I just have to get besides the Colour Chameleons I already have are…

1 – The Rock ‘N’ Kohl Pencil in Bedroom Black. Is it kohl? Is it gel? You never could tell, for although it’s in a standard pencil format, this is the creamiest, blackest pencil I have ever come across – just like a gel in a pencil. You can smudge it out within the first minute to create smokey looks, and after that it sets and stays put All Day Long. You can wear it in the waterline and it will last a lot longer than anything else I’ve tried. Definitely first on my list and a steal at £19.

2 – Filmstar Bronze & Glow (£49). Charlotte created this for a certain Hollywood legend to help define her face, and boy does it work! The contour shade is such a beautiful, warm and natural shade, and can also be used as a bronzer, and if it’s possible for a highlight to be natural, this is it. It’s not sparkly, just frosty – and can be built up for more intensity. The two products together work in perfect harmony. This highlight looks gorgeous down the nose too, something I would never normally dream of doing on myself, but with this, it just works! It also make a really nice under-arch highlighter.

3 – The Dolce Vita Palette (£38). Out of all her beautiful palettes, this seems to be the one I am drawn to time and time again, and probably the one I sell most of too. Oozing with russety copper shades, it’s just gorgeous and looks stunning on all eye colours. The shadows are really creamy and pigmented and last all day.

4 – Penelope Pink K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick (£23). Charlotte’s lipsticks are really moisturising and you can actually feel it on your lips. They contain an extract from an actual Lipstick Tree which the tribes used to use to defend their lips from anything harmful, so I like to feel I’m doing good for my lips as I apply this! The colour is a pinky purple nude, which I just adore. It has a slight sheen to it when you first apply it, but as the day goes on the sheen fades yet your lips are still the colour of the lipstick. I was really surprised at just how long lasting they are for a moisturising lipstick.

Now onto the things I have spotted on people passing by….

First up I spotted a woman wearing these tights which I instantly fell in love with.

A quick Google search told me they are Agent Provocateur ‘Whip Me’ Stockings – and it’s then that I notice fully what they say! I didn’t fancy forking out £35 on a pair of stockings that I’d want to wear as fashion tights – so had a quick internet search…. and came across these on ASOS (What The Actual!?!!!!!!) but also came across these two on eBay which I thought were a good and cheap alternative for under £10 (search love backseam tights on eBay).

I also spotted one customer with stunning holographic silver nail polish which I’d assumed would be Color Club. I, naturally, being a nail polish whore, asked her what it was – and she told me it was Barry M! BARRY M! I have already been out and bought this, and it’s part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer. Now here’s the part where I kind of feel like I’m in some strange outer-universe. I’ve been searching online to give a link to this polish, and it seems it doesn’t exist and no one knows about it but me (and the lady wearing it in Selfridges, and the lady she had seen wearing it and asked where she got it from). Surely we’re not the only 3 people in the world to own this polish?! I don’t understand why the Bloggosphere hasn’t gone wild over this! I mean, it’s SO holographic, and from memory, under £4. I will do a nails of the day with it soon, promise, but it’ll have to wait a while as I’m giving my nails a Dr Lewinns treat at the moment.

The only, and literally the only thing I could find was an image of it from someone selling one on eBay which I think is actually the teal version, not the silver (and it went for £9)…. some clues I can give you while you’re hunting it out… it has a texturised matt silver lid, the barcode sticker on the side, as well as the barcode number, says NPLEB13C, and the little sticker on the bottom says BOOTS C 335 Limited Edition. I’m guessing the ‘Boots’ means it’s exclusive to Boots. If I find out anything further, I shall update.

Right – after speaking with the PR company for Barry M, I can give you the official scoop – they’ve created four limited edition glitter polishes – two exclusive to Boots, two exclusive to Superdrug. The Boots ones are Silver Lights (silver holographic glitter) and Tinsel Town (multi-coloured strands), and the Superdrug polishes are Fairy Lights (pink holographic glitter), and Gold Dust (rose gold strands). Phew. And this is what it looks like.

Another customer was wearing this Zara Duffle Coat which looked great on her. Okay, so she was stunningly beautiful, but she said so many people ask her about her coat! I am definitely going to have to pop into Zara to give it a whirl.

And then, the things I have convinced myself I need while walking from the staff area to the Beauty Hall. I go the way that means I walk through as little of the Beauty Hall as possible – as I said before, could be dangerous to my bank balance. However, this plan of mine could have a flaw, because now I absolutely need a neon sign from Gods Own Junkyard (located on the Lower Ground), in my life, which retails at £1430 or thereabouts. Chris Bracey, aka the neon man, has been making signs for years for anyone who’s anyone, and now I want in on it! The one I am particularly taken with is a star shape and says ‘Lucky’ in the middle, but I can’t seem to find it online. Meanwhile, this Love one is also rather fetching.

I also never knew I needed a Jellyfish Tank from Red5 in my life, but alas, I seem to. 

Plug it in, and a fan from the bottom pushes the ‘jellyfish’ gliding around the tank. It’s really beautiful and mesmerising – check out the video to see it in it’s full effect – it looks even better in real life. There are different light settings, although blue is my favourite… and I’m thinking this is a Christmas present waiting to happen for myself son.

In a similar vain, I think he would love this Wall Climber remote control car, which can drive on walls (but not ceilings, I asked). I will have to carefully consider the impact this may have on the walls of my house and anything hanging on them… but what little boy wouldn’t love this?!

Anthropologie is beautiful to look round – some of the things are rather pricey, but I was surprised to discover these monogram mugs were only £8 each.

Oh, and while I’ve been on the tube escalator, I keep seeing these Sophie Conran Measuring Spoons on the John Lewis advert and have taken quite a shine to them.
And before I knew it, I’d spent 2.5 hours creating a blog post of things I needed, making me lust after them even more. So that is where I shall leave this post. I shall try to be more organised with scheduling posts. See ya soon!

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencils

As a pre-birthday treat to myself, I thought I’d take a little visit to the Charlotte Tilbury counter. After all, I was passing Selfridges, and it would have been rude not to. I had heard so many great things about her new make up line, and I absolutely could and would have had one of everything if my bank balance had allowed!

After testing out almost everything on the back of my hand, I decided to go for two of the Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils. Very reasonably priced at £19 each, I thought – and so so beautiful. She has designed the range of pencils to compliment different eye colours, of course, you can go against the grain, but I opted for two shades to suit my eye colouring (light brown) – Smoky Emerald, perfect for a night time look for hazel eyes, and Dark Pearl, good for day time on brown eyes.

They are fat pencils, which work best when they’re sharp… they glide onto the skin so easily and if you wanted to add a smudgy liner, or another colour over the top – they are really blendable…. but…. you do have to work fairly quickly with them as once they are on, they are on until you take them off!

I love how much dimension there is to each shade. I’m normally the kind of girl that wears at least 3 different eyeshadows on her lids – but these make it feel like it’s enough. They’re so quick and easy to apply – but with fantastic looking results.

You can check out the full range at