Nails of the Day – China Glaze For Audrey

This is one of those polishes that I’ve had for ages, worn once then put away only to rediscover eons later and absolutely fallen head over heels for it second time round!

It is inspired by the Tiffany blue colour, hence the name, and I’d say it’s pretty spot on in terms of likeness. It’s a colour that can be worn in any season, but I prefer to wear in the warmer months, so I’m getting very good use out of it at the moment.

Every time I wear this, someone compliments me on my nails and asks what it is I’m wearing – that’s got to be a positive for it! It’s also the perfect formuation, I love how it goes on, and stays on. This is going on my Top 5, for sure!

What do you think of it?

Nails of the Day – China Glaze Below Deck

This is another from China Glaze’s Anchor’s Away collection. Below Deck is a nice twist on the usual taupes, with a heavy dose of lilac, it’s a colour unique to any other I have.

It feels wrong wearing a colour like this in the blazing sun, but luckily summer seems a bit washed out, so I’ve been wearing this lots. It does last well, and as you can see from the photo, it’s really glossy too which is a main point-earner in my mind.

Yes, I decided to give the ring finger mani a go…. still undecided. The colour I used for the ring finger is Models Own Champagne. 

Whatcha think? You like?!

Nails of the Day – China Glaze Sea Spray

Today I have painted my nails in Sea Spray by China Gaze, part of their Anchors Away collection. It is a muted turquoise, a bit like a dusty Tiffany blue. It’s finish is highly glossy – so much so that it makes me think there are tiny specks of shimmer in it… although I’ve looked as closely as I can but can’t see any! I’m not 100% sold on the shade yet, think it will look a lot better on tanned skin. What do you think?

Nails of the Day – China Glaze Pelican Gray

This polish is one of the China Glaze Anchor’s Away colours, released for Spring 2011. It’s the first proper grey shade I own and I really like it, as, for a grey, it’s really pretty. If you look really really really really closely you can see tiny little flecks of shimmeryness without it being a shimmery polish, do you know what I mean!?

Spring 2011 Nail Polishes

I just stumbled upon the images for the colours of Essie’s Spring 2011 nail polish collection, ‘A French Affair’, which I must say looks rather delicious. I think I shall have to purchase all of them, although I’m not so keen on Kisses & Bisses as it looks rather see through and pearlescent which isn’t really me. Topless & Barefoot will be the first one I buy, it’s just gorgeous!

China Glaze’s collection is named Anchors Away. I have found some great swatch pics on AllYouDesire.  Pelican Gray, First Mate, Sea Spray and Below Deck are all going on my list!

For OPI’s Spring Collection they have gone with a Texan theme, following on from the French, Spanish and Russian collections. The Texas Collection has a whole range of colours sure to suit everyone, although I’m not too sure how ‘spring’y they are.

Essie seem to have gone with the pretty pastels, OPI with the bold and bright, and China Glaze have done a combo of the two. I do like the look of Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? and I’m sure I will find myself in ownership of at least one of the pink shades, but by looking at these pics, I think I am in favour of Essie’s Spring 2011 Collection.

Which do you prefer? Has anyone got any of these colours and can make a recommendation?

Don’t forget, if you are in the UK and thinking of buying any of these, its often cheaper to use eBay, click on international sellers then click on sort by lowest price +P&P. Happy shopping!

*Edited to add* OMG just seen the Orly collection on Scrangie’s blog I am in LOVE with that bright purple – wowwwwwwwwww <3