Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes

Magnifibres claim to give you a false lash effect, without needing falsies – by brushing on fibres to your lashes that can lengthen them by up to 5mm. In terms of eyelash length, that is a hell of a lot! As a short, stumpy eyelashed gal, I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

The tube looks like a standard tube of mascara, but once you open it up you see the wand looks almost like a stick of candy floss – with fluffy white fibres coming off it.

You apply your normal mascara, then brush through your lashes with Magnifibres – this leaves a coating of white fibres, which bulk up and add length to your lashes. You have to take care to look down as you apply it as if the particles get in your eye it can be quite uncomfortable. At this point your lashes look rather white, so you add another coat of your mascara and it’s as simple as that!

After trying the Magnifibres myself, I can see a slight difference – there is a little length added, and also a fuller lash effect. I notice the volume more than the length.

I don’t think I could substitute this to using false lashes, but to add a bit of oomph to your lashes without the hassle of sticking on falsies, this works a treat.

Magnifibres costs £19.50 from

Katy Perry’s Eylure Color Pop Lashes ‘Ka-Boom!’

Katy Perry has had a line of false eyelashes with Eylure for a while now – I am yet to try any of her classic collection, but I have always been impressed with all the Eylure lashes I’ve tried. They’re always a failsafe purchase!

The latest release from the Katy Perry / Eylure camp is the Color Pop Lashes – a range of lashes designed to give you a pop of colour with the volume and intensity of a false lash.

There are three colours in the range – Ka-Boom! (royal blue), Ka-Ching! (peacock green), Ka-Pow! (Purple), and also Ka-Zaaam! – a pack of individual lashes covering all of the colour options.

They look like a set of black false lashes, with another set of coloured lashes, with more sparse hairs, on top – this adds to the fullness of the lash, and means you get the colour coming through without it being too over the top.

Of course, anyone can wear any colour they like – but green and blue will bring out brown toned eyes, and blue and green will enhance blue toned eyes. Just to be a little different, I tried the blue – Ka-Boom!

The lashes themselves are, as always, great quality. They are rather long and fluttery, and according to Eylure, fit all eye shapes. The glue is included, and they are reusable.

As for the colour – is a subtle flash of colour – from a distance, no one would probably know the difference, and up close, it’s rather pretty. FAR nicer than coloured lashes! I think they’d be fab for a night at a club or something similar, especially if you like to play up your eyes. They’d also be great with a full-on smokey eye. Sometimes black lashes can get lost against black shadow, so these are a great way to break it up.

Katy Perry’s Color Pop Lashes are £6.45 per pack from Look Fantastic

Red Cherry #601 Lashes

I first heard of Red Cherry lashes when Lyndsey Harrison mentioned she was using them on some of the TOWIE cast – I checked them out further and seems there is a huge range of lashes in all different styles made by them.

KKCenterHk, my lovely lash stockist – asked if I’d like to review anything else from their site – intrigued about Red Cherry, I picked out a few different styles and today I’m going to show you the #601 lashes.

They are made with 100% human hair, and are very natural looking. I really like that the strip band is very thin and as the lashes are placed, it’s even invisible in some areas.

They give a definite enhancement to my eyes without being too obviously false or unnatural. I’d wear these quite comfortably during the day time, as I have short thin lashes and these are so natural looking that I wouldn’t feel an idiot!

They cost £2.10 and are resuable, which I think is a fab price. Shipping from kkCenterHk varies from only 45p to £3.67 depending on how quick you want them, but I would recommend having a good look through the site and stocking up as they have got just so many different lashes for sale!

Have you tried Red Cherry lashes before? What do you think of the #601 lashes?

Eyelash Extentions by Boudoir Lashes

Last week, I had the pleasure of having eyelash extensions by the lovely Asma – owner of Boudoir Lashes.

Asma is a fully trained beauty therapist, who works for 3 half days in a spa in Muswell Hill, and spends the rest of her time dealing with London lash-mania within the Becca Cosmetics flagship store in Kensington.

As she spends most of her time doing lash extensions, she is what I’d refer to as a bit of an expert in her field. She knows what she’s doing, she knows what works and she is a pro at graduating differing lengths of lashes in layers, which I believe is a very tricky skill to master!

When I arrived at Becca, I was greeted by Asma and we discussed what type of lashes I’d like. I told her that I wanted my lashes to look longer and fuller, but not ridiculous – I still have a job to do and the school run to go on! I had images of me walking out like Chloe Sims from TOWIE, which I needed to make sure didn’t happen.

Asma examined my natural lashes, which are quite short and stumpy – and told me I have very long outer corner lashes, but short middle lashes – if we created longer lashes in the middle it would help to make my eye look more raised. She knows what she’s talking about, so I just agreed with what she suggested!

We also went through a health form – if you are allergic to latex or any products found in glue you have to have a patch test at least 24 hours prior to your treatment. There was a list of things you can’t do once you have your lashes on – like rub your eyes or wear your usual mascara (arghh, how will I cope!?)

I had heard that you have to have your bottom lashes taped down for this treatment and was slightly worried that I’d feel claustrophobic, but I had nothing to worry about – this was two hours of relaxation, I even felt myself drifting off at various points!

Once I laid down, Asma put a lovely snuggly blanket over me, and then she began. My bottom lashes were taped down with a micro-pore type tape, then a spongey tape was put over the top of that – that’s to ensure my lashes don’t get glued together – then she started the magic.

She used three different lengths of individual lashes and placed them carefully onto my lash line, over and over again – to create the look you see above. She has a lot more patience than me!

Once the two hours were over, I was told to open my eyes very slowly, and voila – I was left with a gorgeous new set of fluttery lashes!

They do look very natural – but are a lot fuller and longer. I can definitely see and feel the difference. I’ve attached a pic my friend took of me at the weekend – this is without mascara, curling or anything. It’s a bit of a ridiculous pic, but you get to see their lashes at their full wowness.

It’s taken some getting used to not wearing mascara (you can wear mascara but it has to be a special kind), and being extra careful when taking off my make up. If you’re careful, lashes can last for 4-6 weeks, so I’m being as careful I can! They shed naturally as would your own eyelashes… if you want to keep them up you should have them infilled every 3 to 4 weeks, if not your eyelashes will return to normal once the lashes have dropped off!

What do you think of the lashes? Would you have this treatment done?

Check out for more info, or follow them on twitter @BoudoirLashes

A813 Cheap Eyelashes!

If you want to add a little bit of oomph to your lashes without looking ridiculously over the top, then feast your eyes on these little beauties! The A813 lashes from KKcenterHk are made to look rather natural, but give a definite change in appearance to my eyes.

They come with a very long band, which has to be cut – they are still too large for my eyes once that’s off, so I cut them from the shorter side; leaving the longest lashes to create the drama at my outer eyes. You could cut them to size from the longer end if you wanted to use them in more of a subtle way.

They come in packs of 10 – which only costs £4.98 – that’s around 50p per pair and they’re resuable! Registered air mail from Hong Kong is only £1.87 and you’ll get your package within 3-5 working days. I seriously can’t rave about this website enough! I am always a bit wary of buying things from international websites, especially when the English on it isn’t 100%, but I want to assure you that it is completely genuine and I have been thrilled with all the lashes I have had from them.

The lovely people at KKcenterHk have given me a 10% discount code for my readers to use on their site – perfect timing to get in your holiday lash wardrobe! Just enter BLGB268SU10 at the checkout – this is valid until 28th February.

Let me know what you get!

Chance Discovery… Growing Lashes Cheaply

During the colder months my face has been really dry. Nothing I was using was seeming to help – it was desperately crying out for some re-hydration which I just couldn’t seem to give it. After bathing my kids one night and slathering on the Oilatum cream, I saw what a difference it made to their skin – they went from being dried up crisps to nice smooth bubbas. That night I decided to try it on my face. If it’s kind enough for babies it will be find enough for my mush. I think I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and my skin is loving it!

As I’ve applied it I’ve used it all over my face and neck – eyes included, and I’ve noticed a change in my eyelashes. I’m sure they’re longer! Now I’m not saying this will rival LiLash or any other eyelash growth stimulators on the market, but I’m pretty sure it’s making a difference, and only after 3 weeks. I decided to have a look back through my blog to see if there were any pictures which would be the proof. I found one from last year, and put it alongside one I took a few days ago. What do you think? I think there is a difference there.

Gah, it’s freaky seeing my eyes like that!

So it might be slight, and yes I’m wearing a different mascara so they look fatter… but the length has definitely changed. If you’re looking for a cheap way to grow your lashes, you should try Oilatum cream. Your face might love it too! You can pick it up in any chemist and its around £10 for a giant 500ml bottle with pump. I’ve also heard Vaseline can do the trick, might be worth a shot.

Applying Strip Lashes

Last night as I was applying my false lashes I thought I may as well do a tutorial on how to apply them… although it went a bit wrong! I’m not too sure me and videos mix very well, but if you’d like to see what the Nadine Eyelure lashes look like then it might be worth a watch!

False Eyelash Application from Super Gorgeous on Vimeo.

Lilash – Eyelash Growth Stimulator

My eyelashes have always been short, straight and stumpy. So much so that I had considered getting semi-permanent lashes. I set out researching and found that they can actually damage your natural lashes, making them worse than when you first started…. still, I thought it’d be worth it in the long run and I’d just keep on getting them reapplied to avoid the bald-eyed look. Then I stumbled across a YouTube video reviewing Lilash and giving it rave reviews… as I searched on all I could find were good things, so this was the route I decided to go down.

Lilash isn’t available to buy in the UK as yet, although I know of one online shop based in the UK who is trying to become a stockist – if this comes to fruition I will be sure to let you know. You can buy it from, where you will be given a 90 day money back guarantee, or good old eBay. (Don’t forget if you are buying from abroad you could also have to pay customs charges). I bought direct from Lilash on their Black Friday Sale – if I remember rightly I got a 30% discount and paid around £70.

Lilash say that if you give them a video testimonial they will give you a tube for free – this was my plan but for some reason I never got round to it (that procrastination I spoke about earlier kicking in!) I wonder how soon they would actually get round to sending you your free tube anyhow seeing as the one I paid for was hard enough to get hold of. I waited ages. Ages. Weeks and weeks and weeks. I emailed them numerous times and tried investigating to get a phone number by using all their trading names inputted into Google, but kept arriving at a dead end. In the end it was a member on their Facebook page who gave me contact information for them. It seemed lots of people had had similar problems. Anyway, when I got through they said that my order had been cancelled (who knows why?!) but they sorted it out and within a few weeks my shiny new tube of Lilash was at my door (and yes I had to pay customs. Grrrr).

So – it’s a tube which is similar to a see-through liquid eyeliner. You have to apply it like you would a liquid eyeliner, at night before you go to bed and let it get to work.

I decided to document my progress via YouTube videos. The first video is so rubbish that I’m not going to bother linking to it – I think you can still see results from 2 weeks to 7 weeks….

If you can’t be bothered to sit through all of those videos let me summarise it….. it works. Really well. Before I started the treatment my eyelashes were so short that when I looked upwards none of my lashes went above the crease of my eye socket. By the 7th week nearly all of my eyelashes touched just under my eyebrows. The outer corner lashes were some of the first to grow, as well as the inner most lashes. The middle lashes were the last to lengthen but they did get there in the end.

The tube of Lilash lasted me around 9 weeks. My lashes didn’t seem to get any (or much) longer than they were at 7 weeks of use. Once I stopped using it I decided to just leave my lashes and see what happened. For 5 months my lashes remained super-long, then all of a sudden reverted back to their former glory. i.e. now!

If you’re looking to grow your eyelashes I really, wholeheartedly recommend this product. I think that Black Friday is in October so it’s not long until they’ll have a discount again. Their Facebook page seems to be much better maintained these days and there are even some promo codes posted every once in a while. Please let me know if you decide to buy it, and keep me updated on your progress – I’m really interested to see if it works as well for others as it did for me, or if it’s down to the individual.