MUA Pro Heaven and Earth Palette

I love reading blogs, especially when, because of them, you try a brand you may not ever have without reading a bloggers honest opinion. MUA is one of those brands. My local Superdrug’s MUA stand is not well looked after, so I have always passed it by – however since reading good things, then buying my first few £1 eyeshadows I have been converted!

MUA originally started offering everything of theirs for £1 each. They have now launched their Pro range, with slightly more expensive items, although still very affordable – primer at £4, nail quake at £2.50, eyeshadow trios at £2.50 and 12-pan eyeshadow palettes for a mere £4.

The pro range isn’t officially in stores until next month, but is available at some selected stores (I found mine in Belfast while on a weekend away!) or on 

The palettes were developed by Lisa Valencia, taking inspiration from the shades she mixed most to get top models and celebrities photo shoot ready. There are six palettes in the range, varying from a very daily-wearable Heaven and Earth palette to the more whacky, colourful Pop Tastic palette with the four in between hopefully having something to suit everyone’s taste.

Since buying the Heaven & Earth palette last weekend, I have been using it every single day – so please excuse the non-pristineness in the pics!

The palette is packed with neutrals and has everything you need to do a light browny eye, or a full on smoky brown eye.  The colours are really highly pigmented and soft. Quite often with cheap shadows I find they are chalky, but these are far from it. I have noticed a small amount of fallout when using them, but other than that, I have no complaints.

The colours haven’t been named, so I have numbered them below, just so you know which colours I’m talking about.

I have been wearing number 4 all over my lid, with 10 over the outer 3/4 of my lid and number 5 in the crease – I’ve found them a really nice combination and long lasting. I do my make up around 8am, and everything is still in place by evening.

Other make up used:

  • Concealer (blemishes) – MAC Select Cover Up
  • Concealer (under eyes) – Sephora Colour Correcting Palette (pink)
  • Foundation – Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
  • Powder – Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
  • Bronzer – MAC Lushlight Bronze
  • Highlighter – Bobbi Brown Apricot Shimmer Brick
  • Blusher – MAC Stereo Rose MSF
  • Eyeliner – Rimmel Black Flash Flash Liner
  • Tight line – GOSH Black Ink Velvet Touch eyeliner
  • Mascara – Max Factor Masterpiece Max
  • Lipstick – MAC Hue + MAC Pink Friday + MAC Call My Bluff

I have noticed a couple of colours fairly similar to those already owned. I have swatched them side by side – how similar do you think they are?

All in all I am highly impressed with this palette. The neutral colours are right up my street – very wearable, highly pigmented and long lasting, and I will definitely be checking out more of the pro range once it comes into my local store. I have my eyes on the eyeshadow trios – I need all of them in my life!

Have you tried any of the Pro range yet? What do you think of it?

Free Inika Cosmetics with Marie Claire Magazine

Another July magazine with a freebie – this time it’s Marie Claire. The magazine, priced at £3.60 has the choice of an Inika mineral eyeshadow, or eyeliner pencil.

I went for the mineral eyeshadow, which is worth £11.75. There is only 1g of eyeshadow in the pot, so at that price, it had better be good!

The colour is a silvery grey with a hint of purple. Inika went with the name ‘Gun Metal’ for this shade, like so many others seem to do! I have swatched below a couple of other eyeshadows I own named Gun Metal alongside the Inika version…

It’s a lot lighter than the other two, and far more wearable for a daytime look, I think this is due to the purple tones in it – it makes it much fresher.

I have worn it today, with a little Urban Decay ‘Creep’ in the outer thirds and a thin line of MAC ‘Smoulder’ eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines.

It can also be used on wet skin to create a highly metallic, luxurious looking colour.

This is my first experience of Inika products, and after a little investigation they seem like a brand I’d like to try more of – they are an 100% natural brand, with some great looking items on their site.

I also really love the fact that Marie Claire have included information about Inika inside the magazine. I get so frustrated when there is a freebie on the front but no relating info inside. They have issued a code for 20% off at the Inika website which is inikalovesmc and valid until 1st July.

Topshop Meteoric Eyeshadow Duo

Last week I purchased my very first pieces of Topshop make up. Well I might be lying… I think they used to have a cosmetics line back in the 90s which I owned some of, and loved. Anyway, I digress… one of the pieces I bought was the Meteoric eyeshadow duo. It looked to me very much like a special kind of MAC shadow, in it’s shiny packaging and colours swirled into each other. At £8 for 2.5g it seemed quite good value, for essentially 3 colours – the silvery shade, purpley shade, and mixed together.

I swatched them on my hand, silver, purple and then mixed together. Even the silver on its own has quite a few lilac tones in it, and together they made a gorgeous metallic purpley fawn colour. This photo was taken in the shade outside.

One thing I was disappointed with, is that the shadow is quite powdery. There was quite a lot of fall-out when I applied it to my eyes, and after using it, you can see just how much excess powder there was on the shadow itself.

I see it will be quite a messy product to use!

I applied it to my eyes using the silver all over, the two colours mixed together in the outer third of my lid, and the purple in the crease. I then used MAC Smoulder eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line and finished with Revlon CustomEyes mascara.

I took this photo indoors. I noticed that it looks slightly more brown in these photos, I think it depends on the kind of light you are in. There is definitely more of a cooler tone to them… I am used to wearing warm toned eyeshadow so think I will use it most often as the two colours mixed together…. very very carefully trying not to spill any of that excess powder!

What do you think? Do you own any pieces of Topshop make up, or Meteoric eyeshadow?

MUA Eyeshadows Haul

I say “haul” because I bought 5 of the things, but you can’t really call it a haul when the grand total rung up at the till was £5, can you?!

I had always passed the MUA (Makeup Academy) stand by in Superdrug – in my local store it’s tucked away at the end of an aisle, like it’s not worthy of standing side by side with the rest of the make up brands. The way it’s displayed makes it feel cheap and unimportant. I hadn’t realised that the shadows were only £1 each, but I would have guessed at that kind of price from the ramshackle display.

A good blogging friend of mine, Zoe, said on her blog Diamond Solitaire that she really rates them, so I thought I would try them out too, what with them being £1, it’s not the end of the world if they aren’t great.

I haven’t tested them on my eyes yet, but from swatching they seem like great quality shadows. They are highly pigmented, not chalky, glide on well and are really interesting colours. The silver (shade 3) in particular is extremely metallic and glossy and not like anything else I have.

As I was choosing which to buy I did wonder if I had something similar in my 88 palettes, but these are a totally different consistency and seem to pack more punch.

At a first glance, I am very impressed and will be returning to see what else they have in their collection. I will try the shadows over the coming week and post some photos for you to see. In the mean time, here are my swatches:

Do you own any MUA products? What do you think?

Urban Decay ‘Naked’ Palette

My Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette arrived today – there is currently 10% off and free delivery at so I took advantage. It was worth the wait – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

It comes in plastic packaging with a purple velvet style tray for the palette to sit in, and a 3.75ml bottle of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion – which you use on your eyelids to help your eyeshadow stay pigmented, stop it from creasing, and make it last longer.

The palette itself is dark chocolate brown with a velvet feel to it, and the logos splashed across it in metallic gold.

The palette contains 12 eyeshadows which are in the brown family. Some of them are existing shadows, some of them are new to the line, and have been introduced via this palette.

There is also a double-ended 24/7 glide on liner inside, one end brown the other is black. I have never ever felt a liner that goes on so smoothly, almost like it is really oily but without looking really shiny. ‘Glide on’ does exactly what it says on the tin!

I have swatched the colours on the back of my hand.

This morning I used Virgin all over my lid and crease, then Sin over my lid. I used Naked in the middle third of my eye, and Half Baked on the outer third and crease. I then lined my eyes using Zero, and finished off with Black Hypnose Mascara over Diorshow Maximize.

The colours are all really highly pigmented, smooth and good quality. My faves at the moment look like Virgin and Half Baked or Sidecar – I just love how they are SO golden, almost like gold leaf! This will be a really handy addition to the make up collection to take away, and all of the colours are really wearable for both day and night time looks.

Sleek Make Up – Pinky Gold Shadow

After blogging about how much I liked the Sleek pinky gold shade the other day I thought I would try it as a shadow on its own…. although in the palette it looks like a pink with gold shimmer, on the eyes it looked more gold with a pale pink shimmer. It is highly pigmented but also very powdery – speckledy again like the gold was. Still very pretty I think, but I’d like to find a pale pink with gold shimmer now!

excuse the hair, I seem to have got a bit over excited!

Other make up used:

  • Sheer Cover mineral foundation in Buff
  • MAC Select Cover-Up in NC20
  • Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder in Golden Glow
  • MAC Stereo Rose MSF as blush
  • Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eye product primer
  • Sleek Pinky gold over lid
  • MAC Mulch eyeshadow in crease
  • Guerlain liquid eye-liner in Bleu Outremer on upper lid (but had used the brush for the NARS black liner yesterday so it’s come out darker than it would normally do)
  • MAC Smoulder kohl under lower lashes
  • Diorshow Maximiser Lash Plumper
  • Lancome Hypnose black mascara
  • MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick
  • Revlon Peach Petal Lipgloss

I felt really uncomfortable all day wearing this, it was something about the eyes, it just didn’t feel like me – I’m not sure if I’d lined them funny, or hadn’t brought the colour up enough, my eyes just looked very pale and underdone in comparison to what I’d normally wear. As soon as I got in I scrubbed it all off.