Things I’ve Fallen in Love With… #1

…While working in Selfridges.

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks. That is because I have been working at the lovely Charlotte Tilbury at Selfridges, and… well I haven’t been organised enough to pre-write and schedule blog posts (forgive me).

As you can imagine, I get to see so many people on a daily basis, that I have fallen in love with many a thing while working there. I try not to venture too far out of where I need to go to (usually staff room to beauty hall, and back again with the occasional toilet trip in there too) as I will fall in love with too many things. And I definitely, definitely, do not, under any circumstances browse round the beauty hall. No siree. That would be dangerous!

Of course, working with the make up at Charlotte Tilbury has made me want it all, and it saddens me to know that I just can’t have it all! I decided to break my Charlotte Tilbury wish list down into more manageable chunks and the first few items I just have to get besides the Colour Chameleons I already have are…

1 – The Rock ‘N’ Kohl Pencil in Bedroom Black. Is it kohl? Is it gel? You never could tell, for although it’s in a standard pencil format, this is the creamiest, blackest pencil I have ever come across – just like a gel in a pencil. You can smudge it out within the first minute to create smokey looks, and after that it sets and stays put All Day Long. You can wear it in the waterline and it will last a lot longer than anything else I’ve tried. Definitely first on my list and a steal at £19.

2 – Filmstar Bronze & Glow (£49). Charlotte created this for a certain Hollywood legend to help define her face, and boy does it work! The contour shade is such a beautiful, warm and natural shade, and can also be used as a bronzer, and if it’s possible for a highlight to be natural, this is it. It’s not sparkly, just frosty – and can be built up for more intensity. The two products together work in perfect harmony. This highlight looks gorgeous down the nose too, something I would never normally dream of doing on myself, but with this, it just works! It also make a really nice under-arch highlighter.

3 – The Dolce Vita Palette (£38). Out of all her beautiful palettes, this seems to be the one I am drawn to time and time again, and probably the one I sell most of too. Oozing with russety copper shades, it’s just gorgeous and looks stunning on all eye colours. The shadows are really creamy and pigmented and last all day.

4 – Penelope Pink K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick (£23). Charlotte’s lipsticks are really moisturising and you can actually feel it on your lips. They contain an extract from an actual Lipstick Tree which the tribes used to use to defend their lips from anything harmful, so I like to feel I’m doing good for my lips as I apply this! The colour is a pinky purple nude, which I just adore. It has a slight sheen to it when you first apply it, but as the day goes on the sheen fades yet your lips are still the colour of the lipstick. I was really surprised at just how long lasting they are for a moisturising lipstick.

Now onto the things I have spotted on people passing by….

First up I spotted a woman wearing these tights which I instantly fell in love with.

A quick Google search told me they are Agent Provocateur ‘Whip Me’ Stockings – and it’s then that I notice fully what they say! I didn’t fancy forking out £35 on a pair of stockings that I’d want to wear as fashion tights – so had a quick internet search…. and came across these on ASOS (What The Actual!?!!!!!!) but also came across these two on eBay which I thought were a good and cheap alternative for under £10 (search love backseam tights on eBay).

I also spotted one customer with stunning holographic silver nail polish which I’d assumed would be Color Club. I, naturally, being a nail polish whore, asked her what it was – and she told me it was Barry M! BARRY M! I have already been out and bought this, and it’s part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer. Now here’s the part where I kind of feel like I’m in some strange outer-universe. I’ve been searching online to give a link to this polish, and it seems it doesn’t exist and no one knows about it but me (and the lady wearing it in Selfridges, and the lady she had seen wearing it and asked where she got it from). Surely we’re not the only 3 people in the world to own this polish?! I don’t understand why the Bloggosphere hasn’t gone wild over this! I mean, it’s SO holographic, and from memory, under £4. I will do a nails of the day with it soon, promise, but it’ll have to wait a while as I’m giving my nails a Dr Lewinns treat at the moment.

The only, and literally the only thing I could find was an image of it from someone selling one on eBay which I think is actually the teal version, not the silver (and it went for £9)…. some clues I can give you while you’re hunting it out… it has a texturised matt silver lid, the barcode sticker on the side, as well as the barcode number, says NPLEB13C, and the little sticker on the bottom says BOOTS C 335 Limited Edition. I’m guessing the ‘Boots’ means it’s exclusive to Boots. If I find out anything further, I shall update.

Right – after speaking with the PR company for Barry M, I can give you the official scoop – they’ve created four limited edition glitter polishes – two exclusive to Boots, two exclusive to Superdrug. The Boots ones are Silver Lights (silver holographic glitter) and Tinsel Town (multi-coloured strands), and the Superdrug polishes are Fairy Lights (pink holographic glitter), and Gold Dust (rose gold strands). Phew. And this is what it looks like.

Another customer was wearing this Zara Duffle Coat which looked great on her. Okay, so she was stunningly beautiful, but she said so many people ask her about her coat! I am definitely going to have to pop into Zara to give it a whirl.

And then, the things I have convinced myself I need while walking from the staff area to the Beauty Hall. I go the way that means I walk through as little of the Beauty Hall as possible – as I said before, could be dangerous to my bank balance. However, this plan of mine could have a flaw, because now I absolutely need a neon sign from Gods Own Junkyard (located on the Lower Ground), in my life, which retails at £1430 or thereabouts. Chris Bracey, aka the neon man, has been making signs for years for anyone who’s anyone, and now I want in on it! The one I am particularly taken with is a star shape and says ‘Lucky’ in the middle, but I can’t seem to find it online. Meanwhile, this Love one is also rather fetching.

I also never knew I needed a Jellyfish Tank from Red5 in my life, but alas, I seem to. 

Plug it in, and a fan from the bottom pushes the ‘jellyfish’ gliding around the tank. It’s really beautiful and mesmerising – check out the video to see it in it’s full effect – it looks even better in real life. There are different light settings, although blue is my favourite… and I’m thinking this is a Christmas present waiting to happen for myself son.

In a similar vain, I think he would love this Wall Climber remote control car, which can drive on walls (but not ceilings, I asked). I will have to carefully consider the impact this may have on the walls of my house and anything hanging on them… but what little boy wouldn’t love this?!

Anthropologie is beautiful to look round – some of the things are rather pricey, but I was surprised to discover these monogram mugs were only £8 each.

Oh, and while I’ve been on the tube escalator, I keep seeing these Sophie Conran Measuring Spoons on the John Lewis advert and have taken quite a shine to them.
And before I knew it, I’d spent 2.5 hours creating a blog post of things I needed, making me lust after them even more. So that is where I shall leave this post. I shall try to be more organised with scheduling posts. See ya soon!

Giveaway – Exclusive Veet & Felder Felder Goodie Bag!

I am finally recovering from this seasons London Fashion Week – it was a hell of a busy one this time round! 

I caught up with the Veet camp, to hear all about their collaboration with Felder Felder – Veet were the sponsor for Felder Felder SS14 collection at Somerset House…. 

Annnnnd, Veet have very kindly given me three exclusive goodie bags to give away to my readers containing a Felder Felder t-shirt, essential Veet goodies including the electrical EasyWax kit, and some nail art products too!

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning, please enter your details into the Rafflecopter widget below. I will pick the winners at random on Monday 7th October and will notify them by email. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

They also hosted a giveaway with Annete and Danni Felder following their showcase, and here it is…

Q: What was the inspiration behind the collection?
A: The inspiration was about the feeling of being fearless and the underwater world. It’s about overcoming your fear and diving into the dark to discover the unknown. It’s a beautiful world but can be scary.
The textures and designs used had a light feeling and we included a scale print. When you dive deeper into the water, you find the crazy acid fishes that are almost trippy and so some designs are more bright and fun. The felder girl is always fearless, confident and fun.
Q: Describe the collection in just four words
A: Romantic, fearless, modern and confident.
Q: How do you feel this collection has progressed from previous ones?
A: This season we really locked ourselves up in our own little aquarium. We wanted to get back to how we felt in our small german village and venturing out to the big world, and the fearless feeling that comes with it.
This collection is smaller, but we decided to focus on a selection of really detailed looks rather than 60 looks. We played with textures more than the last collection and explored unusual materials like plastic.
It is a more grown up direction from last season, although we still have fun short dresses which is a signature Felder girl look. However it’s also really nice to open up to a sophisticated customer and be more elegant, but keep a cool element and make the collection look modern and almost futuristic.
Q: Being twins, were you always planning to work together or would you ever work separately?
A: We have different tasks in working together, so we can work separately but the collection really includes both personalities. Our contrasts work well together.
Q: How stressful is designing a collection?
A: Preparing for a show is more stressful than a wedding! There are so many things to think about, not just the collection itself. We focus on making our collections timeless, and don’t try to worry too much about what is the next trend – one of the pieces even could become the next trend!
Q: What is the usual process of getting the models ready for a Felder Felder show?
A: It is of course always important for a Felder girl to have amazing legs, and Veet smooth legs are vital. You also need girls who have personality and charisma which is why we did a stress casting, and it’s so much more exciting to be involved in the process.
We found a girl on the street who walked in the show and is amazing – she has already been snatched up by an agency! This represents the fearless Felder girl, and using new faces keeps its modern and fresh as well as mixing them with the more experienced girls.
Q: Both of you have long legs, does this affect your designs?
A: For a long time, it was a signature – even a critique- that we got that our designs were based on the way we look. It is true that you do end up designing for yourself. Over time, we learnt to do fittings to try our pieces on short girls, more voluptuous girls – all different body shapes. 
Q: Could you talk us through the amazing shoes we saw?
A: The shoes were a collaboration with Manolo Blahnik who used our own scale pattern with a silver tip, which gave it a modern futuristic touch. We love them.
Q: As you said the collection is fearless, and there is a lot of flesh on show – how would you work into an everyday wardrobe?
A: The short dresses can literally be dressed down with a biker jacket and sneakers or boots and then in the evening a party dress by throwing on some heels – smooth, hair-free skin is a must! 
Q: How much input do you both have into your show’s soundtrack?
A (from Annette): A lot – my husband (music producer and DJ Arthur Baker) produces the music! We say what songs we love, tell him to do something with them, show him the collection and then he edits the songs to fit in with the theme.
The soundtrack speeds up and gets more intense to represent the collection getting deeper and darker into the unknown.
Q: Who is your ultimate inspirational woman?
A: Our mother as she has always supported us even if we have the most insane ideas. When we grew up, she stood out fashion wise in our small village and was the first one when we said we love fashion to tell us we have to go to Central St Martin’s and set us on our path.

Girl Meets Dress – My Top Picks!

I was recently contacted by Girl Meets Dress, the dress hire company, to take part in a challenge to pick out my top 5 dresses from their Celebrity Dress section. Here are the five I chose….

1 – Melissa Odobash – Natalie Dress – This dress looks effortlessly good – I can see it being dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and it looks really comfortable to wear too, which is a big factor for me when deciding what to wear. There’s nothing worse than going out and feeling uncomfortable all night, you just don’t enjoy yourself!

2 – Marc by Marc Jacobs – Panthera Print Shift Dress – I adore the print on this dress! The print, plus the gorgeous contrast in navy and metallic copper make it a stunning dress that would stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Besides, it’s been spotted on Cheryl Cole.

3 – Herve Leger – Halterneck Bandage Dress – This is the ultimate in sexy night out dress. If I had the figure for this I would wear it whenever I got the opportunity. It’s a stunning piece, and shows off all the right curves.

4 – Christoper Kane – Lemon Bloom Dress – Yellow can sometimes be a tricky colour to wear, but this dress seems to make it look easy. The print and broken up design is really pretty, and gives a nice unique edge to this dress.

5 – Gorgeous Couture – The Lacey Dress – This one’s a bit more formal, but without being OTT. You could get away with it for a wedding, or a black tie ball – it’s really feminine and pretty, but the red makes it striking and powerful.

 What do you think of my selections? What would you have picked?!

My Day at The Arqiva BAFTA TV Awards Style Suites

As well as the big film awards early in the year, BAFTA also has a Television Awards in May. I was invited down to the Style Suites last week where this happened….

Photo courtesy of Jai’me from

They had invited select members of the press, and four bloggers to experience the Style Suites which were located in London’s swish Corinthia Hotel.

The Style Suites are open to all the nominees of the BAFTA TV Awards to get gorgeous pre-awards. I was given the star treatment for the day, visiting each of the brand partners, and getting made up to look like Sienna Miller in The Girl (which I’d never watched before so it was very interesting to see the look unfolding!)

The day began with a St Tropez Spray Tan with celebrity tanning expert Michaella Bolder, a good start to any day! As the look we were going for was very ‘English Rose’ skin-wise, we decided to go for the Sensitive tan – which leaves skin with a glow, but has no guide colour, and develops over 8 hours – so when I got home that evening, I had a gorgeous tan ready for the weekend – score!

The St Tropez team will be in the suite from the Thursday before the awards, right through to the Sunday where they will be providing skin finishing. Some of the nominees request a spray tan in their own home, which they also have a team available to do.
Michaella predicts that most of the nominees will be going for a glam golden glow. The clothes for the  TV Awards are much more playful, and perhaps shorter – this will be the first time a lot of people will have got their legs out in a long time (me included!) so making sure there’s no pasty legs on the red carpet is what she’s trying to achieve. Skin wants to look luminous and glowing – slightly dewy like holiday skin with a nice sheen.
I asked Michaella for her top tips for tanning at home – the most failsafe option is a mitt and mousse. The mitt will absorb the moisture of the product so you get a nice even finish over your skin. Pump 2 to 3 pumps on to the mitt and distribute over the body evenly. Use the mitt with no extra product on to do your hands and face… and to get the backs of the hands, put your hands into a claw shape to make it looking natural.
Next up I was off to the MAC room – where the next step of my transformation took place. Sienna Miller’s character wears quite simple make up, with a black eyeliner flick and either red or neutral lips – I decided to go for the red look for a bit more fun! 
Photo courtesy of BAFTA
For the 10th year running, the MAC make up team will be on hand on the day of the awards – there will be a team at the Corinthia and another team doing home visits. They will all be given a touch up kit so they can keep themselves looking gorgeous for the rest of the night.
Terry Barber, the Director of Makeup Artistry at MAC said, about this years trends – “This year, I predict we will see a throwback to the glamour of old Hollywood with a touch of modern neon. Lashes will be well defined with Extended Play Lash Mascara – a mascara that is like a ‘blow-dry’ for the lashes. Lips will be filled with a matte burst of electro red. Skin will be refined and teamed with a light layer of foundation coverage to make skin look fresh, natural, yet perfect – try the new M∙A∙C Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation.” And that’s pretty much what I ended up with! The Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation felt comfortable on my sore, Roaccutaney skin and left a pretty dewy finish. After eyeliner I had corner lashes applied, and Lady Bug lipstick with some lip conditioner.
Terry Barber’s top five products used in the world of Film & TV over the last twelve months include: 
MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage which gives a flawless look that works from underneath the foundation.
MAC Fast Response Eye Cream – a must-have for those tired moments on set – it’s an “instant miracle worker”.
MAC Extended Play Lash in Endless Black gives up to 16 hours of wear.
MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger as it works as a great  retro, yet modern red for any period drama or television chat show needs.

Off to Mark Hill, the hair partner for this year’s awards who expect to be busy on the day of the awards with 10-20 people to style each! There will be 9 stylists and assistants on hand, so it seem’s it’s a very popular stop in the Style Suites!

Mark Hill himself will be there on the day, and already has confirmed Sienna Miller as one of his do’s for the day. 
The team predict that this year will be Hollywood and glam (I sense a theme here?!) – it’s moved on a notch from loose waves and is more defined. Plaits aren’t such a main focus any more but may be incorporated into a style, or we may see micro-plaits which are hot this year and adds texture to a style while being effortless.
Photo courtesy of BAFTA

My hair was curled with the tongs, then rolled and pinned up at the back. I’ve never had my hair like that before, but I felt like I was from a different era for the whole day – I loved it!
House of Fraser is the style partner, and is offering brands including Biba, Untold and all of their eveningwear collections such as Shubette, JS Collections and Adrianna Papell. 
The nominees are sent a lookbook with the available gowns in it, however many of the nominees and VIPs will book personal shopping appointments within one of the stores in the weeks leading up to the awards. When it comes to who get’s what it’s first come, first served, and once a dress is confirmed it will be off limits to anyone else. The team are also on hand to avert any last minute dress disasters – last year a certain celebrity’s vintage gown split one hour before the awards so they had to sew her into her dress!

The main trends the team predict for the night will be a mixture of modern, catwalk inspired monochrome and clean lines as well as Great Gatsby inspired, traditional glamour, with full length beaded gowns.

I asked for tips for any woman deciding what to wear for a big night out and the general consensus was to wear something that not only made you feel glamorous, but was also comfortable as there’s nothing worse that spending all night breathing in or constantly re-adjusting your dress. Go for something that fits you perfectly in all the right places and you will automatically feel confident and beautiful.

Carat is the jewellery partner – a brand that is loved by many celebrities, as you can see in the photo below.

Just look at these gorgeous diamonds!
Psyche! The secret of Carat, is that they don’t use diamonds, but hand cut and polished natural gemstones. This means the price tag is a lot more purse-friendly and they can actually be worn, rather than hidden away! 
They didn’t have the range there on the day but check out the bracelets from the Chelsea collection – I am totally lusting over the rose gold ones! 
The brand operates in a similar way to House of Fraser – the nominees are sent a look book, and if they like any of the pieces, they are sent them with a view to them being worn. I picked out some cluster earrings which we thought were very fitting for the era, a matching ring, and a simple bracelet.
Photo courtesy of Jai’me from
Photo courtesy of Jai’me from
And that was the end of my day! I really enjoyed getting to see how the other half live for the day and was so fun to transform into someone else I never would have otherwise. The hair, clothes and jewellery are things I never would have picked out myself – it was great to have a play with new styles, I encourage everyone to do it! 
The Arqiva British Academy Television Awards take place on Sunday 12th May. You can watch them on BBC One and BBC One HD. I shall be going to the awards (what on earth shall I wear!?) so make sure you’re following me on Twitter and I’ll try to sneak in some updates! 

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

After 17 years of success, leading charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer has launched Fashion Targets Breast Cancer – a fab idea in which lots of high street and online retailers have joined forces to offer certain exclusive items with a minimum of 30% of proceeds going to the charity. 

Each year 50,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer – the campaign will help to raise vital funds for the charity to help stop women dying from this disease. 

This year’s campaign is all about uniting mothers and daughters and is fronted by Sharon and Kelly Osborne and Peal and Daisy Lowe, who are encouraging shoppers to ‘Wear Your Support’ – and now it’s easier than ever – to support the cause, you don’t need to wear a t-shirt emblazoned with the charity logo – there are some gorgeous pieces from the likes of River Island, Warehouse,, Topshop and Debenhams. 

Three of my favourite pieces from the collection are these:

1. Topshop Love skirt – £22 with 30% going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer
2. Laura Ashley stripe dress – £80 with 30% going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer
3. Topshop Love t-shirt – £18 with 30% going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer

You can view the rest of the items, and shop now by clicking here.

Superdry Press Day

Last week I went along to Superdry’s Autumn Winter Press Day to see the collaboration with Timothy Everest for the women’s Sibero Collection and sip some rather yummy cocktails created by the Experimental Cocktail Club!

The show was really interesting – rather than a catwalk, they had the four models in a room doing ‘stuff’ and posing every once in a while. I fell in love with the Town Coat, which the model on the left is wearing. It’s navy but the back of the collar is pink (it also comes in other colour options).

The collection sees a tailored look for all different types of people. I, of course, was also checking out the models make up, which varied depending on the personality of the look. They all had matte orangey lips with the variation on the eyes – from simple liner to grungey smokey – definitely a look I will try to recreate myself!

I had a play with some of the Superdry make up while I was there too – I really love the look and feel of the bronzer and highlighter. If you get a chance in store, have a look at them – I was really impressed – although I only swatched them on my hand so do let me know if you’ve got them what you think!

I was lucky enough to take home with me one of Superdry’s fragrances – Neon Pink.

The packaging is very Superdry-esque – cool and functional. It comes in a large neon pink cube box – which is held together with a magnetic flap. Opening the flap reveals the cute, neon pink glass bottle with matte black rubbery lid. It opens like a big zippo lighter and smells really good. It’s quite a grown up fragrance – I couldn’t imagine my teenage sister wearing it – and I really like it. The blurb on their site says it contains Bergamot, pineapple, galbanum, water fruits, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla and musks – it has a lovely fresh, summery, powdery smell, and I have been reaching for it every day since I’ve had it. It costs £35 from their website.

Rodial Beautiful Awards – WINNER!

Last night the 4th Rodial Beautiful Awards took place at the St Martins Lane Hotel – lots of celebs were in attendance to find out the winners of this years awards.

I had been nominated as best beauty blogger, which, in itself was a massive achievement and shock for me – so when I was announced as the winner, I could’t believe it! I couldn’t have won without your votes so thank you so much for all of your support and for reading this little baby of mine!

I wore an Alice by Temperley dress from WishWantWear – I knew I wanted something new for the awards, and as they have so many gorgeous dresses for hire, it seemed the obvious choice! I hadn’t realised when I chose that dress, that Alice Temperley herself would be at the awards – she came and congratulated me as I was leaving, which was lovely.

This is the first award I have won, and I am absolutely thrilled with it – so again, thank you all for your votes. My son has taken my award in to school today as he is so proud, and that makes it even more special to me.

The full list of the winners are:

Mens Grooming Pages – Shortlist 
Best Beauty Blogger – Super Gorgeous
Best Beauty Pages Supplement – YOU Magazine
Best Beauty Pages – Short Lead – Stylist 
Best Beauty Pages – Long Lead – Marie Claire
Best Make-up Artist – Lisa Eldridge
Most Edgy Look – Rita Ora
Freshest Face – Camilla Babbington
Classic Glamour – Yasmin Le Bon

Rodial Special Award – Kate Moss