Models Own – Velvet Goth Collection

Models Own are set to release two new collections this weekend – the Fireworks collection which contains 5 different glitter polishes, and Velvet Goth – 5 matt, yet glittery polishes. Both collections are available at Models Own Bottleshops from tomorrow and online and at Boots from 2nd September, costing £5 each.

I was sent three of the new Velvet Goth polishes to try out before their launch – Valerian, Amethyst and Obsidian.

Each of the polishes coat the nails pretty thinly with the first coat, but with the second coat, the nail becomes completely opaque. There is always a good amount of glitter particles in each stroke too – you don’t have to fish around in the bottle like you do with some polishes.

My favourite of the trio I tried were Valerian and Amethyst as the colours are just so vibrant and vivid. Although they are deep, dark colours, they are so bright, and the contrasting glitters are so pretty.

Valerian is a midnight blue with large chunks of blue glitter, and smaller particles of blue, and silver glitter.

Amethyst is a jewel-toned purple with large chunks of pinky purple glitter, with smaller partciles of purple, and pinky-silver glitter.

Obsidian isn’t as black as I was hoping it would be. It’s still black, but there’s so much glitter that I think it loses some of it’s intensity. That said, it’s still a really pretty polish – black with large and small chunks of silver glitter. The smaller particles look almost look gold once it’s on the nails.

It is a textured polish, but it seems to go on without too much trouble. My bottle of Amethyst seemed a little thicker and trickier than the other two – but as it’s so beautiful, it’s something I can turn a blind eye to in the future.

They aren’t as hard to remove as normal glitters too (yay!) Sure, you end up with a disco-ball of a hand, but it seems to be a dip in a remover pot, followed by a little scrape with the other hand to get rid of the last few flecks does the trick.

The other two shades in the collection are Sardonyx, a deep scarlet red, and Absinthe – an emerald green which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

What do you think of this collection? Would you wear it?

Illamasqua I’mperfection Speckled Nail Polish

Nail art and decoration are all the rage – now so more than ever it is acceptable, and even, somewhat the norm, to go out with bows stuck on your nails, nails like sand or even fur. So many trends seem to have come about, then copied by other brands – so it was lovely to see something totally new to me from Illamasqua for their latest range of nail polishes in their I’mperfection Collection for spring.

There are 5 shades in the range of speckled polish – I have two of them – Freckle, and Mottle. The purple polish in the collection (Speckle) reminds me of Mini Eggs, but the two I have take me straight to the beach with a double ice cream cone – one side chocolate chip, the other mint choc chip!

Freckle is an orangey beige toffee colour, Mottle is a pale, cool green – both have the I’mperfection trademark matt black glitter inside. Some of it is tiny flecks, like the scrapings from a vanilla pod, the others are chunky pieces of glitter. The two coats of polish I used meant that the placement of the pieces was totally random. 
I found the polish to be really long wearing and resistant to chips. It dried to a semi-matt finish, but with top coat on it became much more glossy. I found it as easy to apply as any non-textured nail varnish, however you do have to be careful with the placement of some of the large pieces of glitter (see my 4th finger on my Mottle swatch) as it can make it look less neat round the edges, which I hadn’t taken into consideration until my nails were dry and it was too late!
It’s not my favourite polish to remove – it’s far nicer than full-on glitter polish, but it does take a bit of effort to get it off. Be warned – don’t use a dippy nail varnish remover pot with this as you will end up with black dots over your nails for ever more! I can see past that though, as the length of time it lasts on my nails, and how pretty it looks makes up for it!
Illamasqua speckled nail polish is available at Illamasqua for £14.50 per bottle.

Elegant Touch Glitter Nails – Graphite

Elegant Touch recently launched a range of limited edition stick-on false nails in three shades, pink, red, and graphite. I wanted something hassle-free and sparkly to wear at Christmas, so I tested out the Graphite.

There are 24 nails in the pack, which come in varying sizes to fit your nails (or if you happen to lose one!), self adhesive sticky tabs, and a nail file. There is no reason why you couldn’t use nail glue with these if you wanted them to last a little longer, but as I wanted something temporary and non-damaging to my nails, I used the adhesive tabs included.

They are very easy to apply – just a case of finding the right nail to suit each finger, applying the tab then the nail on top. I had a little difficulty matching the nails up, as the combination of me having very long nail beds, and these nails being short, I ended up having to chop all my nails off so these would fit. My own nails are also quite narrow, so I ended up using a lot of the smaller nails from the pack. The thumb nail (as you’ll see from the photo below) wasn’t quite right, but it was the best fit from the pack.

They are very sparkly, in a matt kind of without being glossy – I really like the effect they give. Here’s another photo from Christmas day where you can see what they look like in a natural situation.

Removing them the next day was really easy – just a case of gently lifting them off – my nails showed no sign of damage. 
I would definitely use these again for a night out, I’m just not sure I could cope with them for a long amount of time as I was conscious one was going to pop off!

Nails of the Day – ncLA Hollywood Hills Hot Number

Christmas is the perfect excuse to step into the world of glitter, and I did just that with ncLA’s Hollywood Hills Hot Number, a super-sparkly glitter polish. It’s made up of tiny flecks, medium flakes and large chunks of glitter which shine colours from pink, orange, yellow, green and blue just like a disco ball! It would be fab over another colour, or on an accent nail, but I wanted quite a delicate look so put it over my Seche Base which leaves a very pale oyster colour.

I used two coats of polish, but depending on how glittery you wanted your nails you could vary this – I’d even say you could go for full on glitter nails with this – the formulation is great!

ncLA polishes cost £12.95 from cutECOsmetics and are all toxin free and not tested on animals.

Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Live – Backstage Makeup Tutorials

I am just about back in the land of living after my trip to Birmingham with AOFM for the Clothes Show Live where we did make up for Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, and the Diet Coke stages – I had such an amazing time I cannot begin to tell you!

The key make up artist for Britain & Irelands Next Top Model was Michelle Webb. The look started off as per the face chart below, and the make up I did on Roxanne.

We started this look by preparing the skin and making sure the lips were well moisturised which I did using my new fave, Dr Lipp.
We wanted a velvet finish to the skin so used an appropriate foundation according to the model we were making up – I used a variety, from MAC Face & Body, to Bobbi Brown’s BBU Palette, and Illamasqua’s Skin Base – after day one we had more of an idea of what each models skin was like and which foundation would suit them.
We used MAC Luna as a base on the eyelid, and added a small pat to the cheekbone, then used MAC Smoulder pencil tightly in between the upper lashes.
We then used MAC Naked Lunch shadow on the lid and inner corner of the eye, and MAC Wedge with a small crease brush along the entire crease and outer corner of the eye which we then blended with a fluffy brush.
We then added a flick of black eyeliner using MAC Blacktrack, and lined the inner rim of the eyes with MAC Fascinating pencil.
We added black mascara to the top lashes only then brushed through the brown, filled them in then gelled them in place.
For the lips, we used MAC Brick pencil, then MAC Redd pencil to fill the lips in. We then used MAC Diva lipstick in the center of the lip and blended it out.
We then contoured using MAC Harmony under the cheekbone and into the temple, then used MAC Melba blush on the apples of the cheeks and blended up into the contour and temple.
We highlighted the cheekbones using MAC Soft & Gentle MSF and added a small amount to above the cupids bow.
We then set the face with powder – I used Make Up Forever’s HD Powder.

By day two, the look changed slightly, with Michelle Webb adding more of a powerful lip – we were now using MAC Nightmoth liner on the lips, filled in with OCC Lip Tar in NSFW, blended together.

Here is Michelle demonstrating the look on Emma G, and the finished make up look.

Here is Emma S with the same look, that I did on her.

On the final day, Michelle decided to go out with a little sparkle, so once again, we changed the lips! This time we lined the lips with MAC Redd lipliner, added OCC Lip Tar in NSFW, then patted on Helen E glitter in Red Disco. Their lips looked amazing, especially under the lights of the catwalk! Here are some of the make ups I did on Madeline and Anita with this look.

The girls were so friendly, such a gorgeous bunch of girlies. We had lots of others popping backstage too, Amy Childs who was showcasing her collection, Times Red, Charley Speed who was presenting, Grace Woodward, and Danny Shah who was singing on the same stage. Here are a few more pics from the BINTM stage.

The AOFM Team with some of the BINTM Girls

The BINTM Dream Team!

Crowds watching the show

The AOFM Team with Charley Speed

The AOFM Team with Danny Shah

Touchups on the glitter lip for Emma S!

The AOFM Team with Grace Woodward

Touch ups on Letitia, this years winner

Letitia Herod


AOFM Team with Times Red (no one else got the ‘stick your tongue out’ memo, obvs!)

Backstage touchups

AOFM Team with Amy Childs

As well as doing the make up at Britain & Irelands Next Top Model, we were also doing make up for the Diet Coke ‘Image Stage’, which was a catwalk graced by some gorgeous models. AOFM artist Kelly Mitchell designed the look using Rimmel, who was the sponsor for the show.

Here is the face chart and look that Kelly created, on Molly, one of the stunning models.

For this look, after prepping the skin, we applied foundation and concealed around the eyes.
We used the Rimmel brown eyeliner, and thickly lined the upper lid, then blended it out using a brush. We also added a thin line under the eyes, and again, blended it, this time using a small brush.
We used the ‘002 Smokey Brun’ palette – using the darkest brown colour we pressed the shadow onto the lid, over the liner, and using a small brush, added it to under the eye too.
We then used the gold tone on the lid, from where the dark brown colour ended, up to the crease – making sure not to take it into the crease. We added a small amount onto the first 1/4 of the eyelid.
We lined the inner rim of the lower lash-line with a white Rimmel eyeliner then got to work with the brows! The brows were fairly strong, using a colour slightly deeper than the natural brow colour. We then added a small amount of the lightest colour from the Smokey Brun palette under the brow and into the inner corners of the eyes. We didn’t use any mascara to keep it fresh and innocent looking.
We used a fairly strong contour then added ‘012 Coral Rose’ blush on the apples of the cheeks then blended slightly upwards.
We used Pink Impact eyeliner as a lipliner quite softly, for a little definition then added a mix of lip glosses on ‘701 Outrageous’ and ‘640 All Day Seduction’.

Here are some more images from the Diet Coke ‘Image’ Stage.

The days were very long, but I was working with such a fabulous team of people, the adrenaline pushed me through! Normal blogging service should resume as of now! x

Nails Inc – Pinkie Pink

Nails inc are hoping to raise £50,000 for Breast Cancer Campaign – Tissue Bank, by releasing a new, limited edition nail polish called ‘pinkie pink’. £1 from each bottle (priced at £11) will be donated to the charity, which is a unique initiative which stores tissue samples donated by breast cancer patients from across the UK which are then available to scientists to study how and why breast cancer
develops and spreads, and to devise the best possible treatments. There is currently no other
large source of breast tissue available to scientists and doctors, like this one, anywhere in the

Pinkie Pink is a gorgeous, cool toned pink glitter polish which packs a lot of sparkle. Just two coats coated my whole nail in glitter. There are large flecks of glitter as well as tiny pieces of micro-glitter, ensuring there’s a whole lotta bling going on!

To try to raise awareness, nails inc and Breast Cancer Campaign are trying to create a social media storm by asking people to ‘paint their pinkie pink’ and send in their pictures with your pink pinkie showing (as below) – you can find out ways to send your photos here. 

You can pre-order your pinkie pink from the nails inc website.

Will you be painting your pinkie pink? Tweet me your pics @Super_Gorgeous

Nails of the Day – Models Own Pink Fizz

I had a bit of a spree on the Models Own website last week, and this was one of the beauties I picked up.

I’m not normally a massive glitter fan, but I must be feeling festive – and something about this enticed me in!

From looking at the bottle it looks as though it is the kind of glitter you’d put over another polish – i.e. like it’s quite sparse, however two coats of Pink Fizz covered the entire nail in gorgeous glitter. It is pale pink, which is almost silver in some lights. It leaves the nails with a metallic finish, which when you look closer, can tell it’s glitter – not overly multi sparkly glittery nails, which for me is a plus point!

I’ve had it on for 2 days now, and there is some wear to the tip of the nails, but another fab thing about this polish is no one would ever know mwhahahaha.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Nails of the Day – Frosty Nails

Brrrrrrr, it’s freeeeezing so to fit with the weather I thought I’d experiment with my nail polishes to create a frosty look.

First I painted my nails with Ciate Refresher, which was very kindly sent to me by It is just like its name – a Refresher, a whitish pastel blue colour which is really pretty and I look forward to using in the summer. Then I painted the tips and dragged the brush down using Illamasqua Harsh polish which is a silver glitter. It’s really pretty as the glitter particles are little dashes rather than specks. I think it makes a great effect although it’s a bugger to get off!

Nails of the Day – Butter London Aston

I have been sent a lovely package of polishes to swatch from Powder Rooms, an online boutique, for them to use the pics on their site. The first I decided to try from my bag of goodies was Aston by Butter London.

Aston after Martin, I assume, and not the little one from JLS. If I’m honest, the reason I picked it is because I thought it looked fairly similar to All Hail McQueen – the polish of the moment, but another blogger had got in there before me with that one! It is a warm toffee brown tone, but with tiny little flecks of silver glitter in it. I don’t normally go for anything but flat colours for my nails, and this was a nice way to test out something that doesn’t fall into that category, as it’s subtle. Because of the glittery particles it does make the polish look very glossy, especially with a topcoat on top. The swatch pic is with 2 coats of polish and Poshe topcoat over them. The nail was completely covered after just one coat, but I went with 2 because I just can’t not!

This is the first Butter London polish I’ve tried. The bottle is a really nice design, it is pleasing to the eye. You pull the large black part off and there is a small tubular lid, much like on the Chanel polishes, but a little thinner. Using that handle with the brush made it all seem a little short, but it did the job. Butter polishes are 3 free which means that they contain no Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP. They are said to last longer when used with 3 free base and top coats, which I didn’t have, so just used my usuals. I did have some tipwear after just one day of wearing and some more visible chips after 2 days – but my polish in general seems to never last that long as I use my hands so much.

The range of colours in the range is amazing – some of the ones I have in my bag seem totally unique – I look forward to sharing some more with you.