Nails of the Day – Leighton Denny Steel Appeal

This little bottle of Leighton Denny’s Steel Appeal came in my February Feel Unique box (RIP). It’s the first Leighton Denny polish I’ve tried and has left me wanting to try more.

It is a very very dark grey, which is almost black. It has tiny flecks of micro-glitter in it – not enough for it to be sparkly, but just giving an interesting finish to the polish; a bit more dimension.

I’d been wearing a lot of pinks and reds on my nails recently and wearing this made me remember how much I love doing gothy nails, particularly in winter. I’m going to dig out Lincoln Park After Dark next <3

The application was easy – the brush fans out to enable you to get quite wide across your nail, and is definitely opaque with the two coats that I did. It’s very glossy, even without top coat, and lasts well.

Do you own any Leighton Denny polishes? Which would you recommend?

Nails of the Day – OPI Skull & Glossbones

On 1st May, OPI launched a new collection of nail polishes, inspired by the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. They are a range of pastel shades but some of them are completely unique to anything I’ve seen before. I ordered Skull & Glossbones, Steady as She Rose, and Sparrow Me The Drama. The latter two only arrived today so keep your eyes peeled for a nails of the day featuring those some time soon.

Today it’s all about Skull & Glossbones, which I adore! I don’t think it’s much of a summery colour, but it’s nice to chop and change the brights for something a little more muted every once in a while. This is one of those unique colours I spoke about above. There is no doubt that this is a grey polish, but it has a slight green tint to it – really beautiful and intriguing. I also love the name, in fact all of the polishes in this collection have been really cleverly named. This is one of those extra special polishes with great formulation – went on fantastically, is totally opaque and perfect with two coats and topcoat.

Remember, if you’re outside of the USA and want to buy these polishes, try eBay Worldwide – the RRP in the UK is £10.50 for an OPI polish, but I paid £6.53 (including p&p from USA) using this eBay seller.

Nails of the Day – Essie Smokin’ Hot

When I was at the wholesalers the other day I picked up one of the new Winter collection Essie polishes – Smokin’ Hot which is a gorgeous dark grey colour with a tinge of lilac. It’s really pretty and from the minute I saw it I knew I just had to have it, it’s totally me! I can’t decide whether I prefer this or Merino Cool – Smokin’ Hot doesn’t seem to have that perfect formlation and staying power that Merino Cool does so maybe that just tips it for me.

The whole of the Winter Collection was actually rather special and I wish I’d have bought Luxedo too, that will be next on my list.

Hmm actually, Hot Coco is gorgeous too!

While I’m on the subject of hands…. please can anyone recommend me a miracle product for my hands, they are so dry and crispy they’re disgusting! I’ve been applying a thick coat of Flexitol Hand Balm at night with OPI Avoplex cuticle oil, and during the day using L’Occtaine and Kiehls hand creams but it doesn’t seem to be enough – please help!?