House of Rush

A hair cut had been long over-due for me…. until this weekend I committed one of the 7 blogger sins of not having scissors anywhere near my head for eight months (gulp). Having bleached ends really didn’t help the matter – they had become very dry and no amount of hair mask would save them. 

When I had an office job near the Covent Garden branch of Rush, it would be my regular salon – until my ultimate hair-colourist upped and left it for Australia, and I ended up moving jobs. I always loved the salon and would come out feeling a million dollars. House of Rush is part of the same family – but on a much bigger scale. I, in fact, have never seen a salon quite as big!
As well as the usual hair cutting, colouring, extensions and other hair related things you’d expect to find at a hair salon, House of Rush also has an essie nail bar, as well as offering IPL hair removal, massages, facials – basically a one stop shop for all your beauty needs. 
Ahmed was my stylist for the day – I felt he listened really well to exactly what I wanted, and although the salon was busy, it felt like he had all the time in the world for my hair – taking his time and doing everything thoroughly and carefully. I have a massive head of thick hair, so it always means more time for me in the salon than your average Joe. 
It was the little touches that also meant a lot – the fact they have a full-blown cafe there so the drinks are amazing, the fact the leg part of the chair goes up while you’re having your hair washed to stop that awful neck-ache… and the fact the chair massages you too, if you so wish!
When it came to my drying my hair, I explained I didn’t want a big bouncy blow-dry, but did want some movement in the ends of my hair. Ahmed told me to look down – which I did, and carried on reading my book. Once I looked up, I realised my whole head was covered in round brushes, with my hair curled round them. Once he took them out, the result was gorgeous, even if I do say so myself! My hair was ready for a night out for sure, and the movement held up not only until the early hours of the morning, but until the next time I washed my hair!

My hair feels in such better condition now – I am definitely going to try to keep up the regular cuts from now on! I loved my experience at House of Rush – plus they are offering 25% off to all new customers – check it out here

New Hair & e.l.f. Haul

I’ve been trying to upload this video for over 24 hours! For starters I didn’t mean to chat for quite so long, and because of the length took forever to upload to YouTube, which then uploaded it out of sync and chopped some time off. Managed to convert the mov file to avi which meant I got the length back but no sound. In the end I gave up with YouTube and thanks for Modesty Brown for the suggestion I went with Vimeo.

I had my hair cut on Friday – I have been trying to get my hair lighter so needed the ends chopped off which had got so dark they were almost black – here are the results.

I also had a package containing my e.l.f. order which I have opened on this video.

Sorry about all the rambling. I am incapable of editing at the moment. The lipstick I was trying to think of the name of at the end was Creme D’Nude, if you’re interested!