Organic Surge Million Dollar Anywhere Balm

This little pot of loveliness has been my saviour in this cold weather. My knuckles seem to turn to sandpaper and lips to sand – so I’ve been keeping my Million Dollar Anywhere Balm at my desk to remind me to keep slathering it on… and it’s done the job of restoring me to former smoothness perfectly.

Regular readers of my blog may have realised I am a big fan of multi-functional moisturising and healing products – and this is no exception.

It comes from Organic Surges’ luxury collection and is 100% natural. For every product sold from the Million Dollar range, Organic Surge is donating $1 to Kenya Children’s Home Baby Care Unit and
Orphanage, with their aim being to raise a huge $1 million.

For starters, its very citrusey – which is a big plus for me – I love the clean fresh smell and if you happen to lick your lips while it’s on there, it doesn’t taste too bad! Secondly – it works. It is packed with Shea butter, cocoa butter, safflower oil and sweet almond essential oil which all have great moisturising properties.

You can literally use it anywhere that needs some moisture – favourites for me are knuckles, lips and cuticles although I find it better on my hands than lips. It’s balm-like in consistency, so for the lips all you need is a quick swoop round the glass pot and you’re off. For larger areas which are drier (a la my knuckles) I find I have to dig into the product a little to get a nice chunk out, then melt it into my problem area. I’ve used it over the past month a LOT (like I said, it sits at my desk… so do I)… and there is still over 3/4 of the pot left, so definitely getting your money’s worth.

Million Dollar Anywhere Balm is available at the Organic Surge website priced at £22.50 for 30ml

QMS Medi Cosmetics Hand Care

As a hand-washing obsessive, my hands are often really dry, particularly in these colder months. I am constantly trying and buying various hand creams.

One of my favourites at the moment is QMS Medicosmetics ‘Hand Care’ – it’s not called a cream, and I guess I wouldn’t really call is a cream either – it’s really hard to describe the consistency – it doesn’t spurt out of the tube like a cream, it comes out as a thick squiggle like a paste.

It smells delicious; a gentle clean smell, but the best thing about Hand Care is that it sinks into the skin immediately leaving no greasy residue. You can literally apply it and get on with whatever it was you were doing without having to worry about leaving hand prints anywhere or getting anything stuck to you!

Another bonus is that the packaging is really robust and due to the shape of the bottle, the lid can’t undo itself in your handbag (just how does that happen!?)

My hands are gorgeously soft – this is definitely going on my favourite hand creams list!

QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care is exclusive to Liberty and costs £20 for 75ml