Illamasqua I’mperfection Speckled Nail Polish

Nail art and decoration are all the rage – now so more than ever it is acceptable, and even, somewhat the norm, to go out with bows stuck on your nails, nails like sand or even fur. So many trends seem to have come about, then copied by other brands – so it was lovely to see something totally new to me from Illamasqua for their latest range of nail polishes in their I’mperfection Collection for spring.

There are 5 shades in the range of speckled polish – I have two of them – Freckle, and Mottle. The purple polish in the collection (Speckle) reminds me of Mini Eggs, but the two I have take me straight to the beach with a double ice cream cone – one side chocolate chip, the other mint choc chip!

Freckle is an orangey beige toffee colour, Mottle is a pale, cool green – both have the I’mperfection trademark matt black glitter inside. Some of it is tiny flecks, like the scrapings from a vanilla pod, the others are chunky pieces of glitter. The two coats of polish I used meant that the placement of the pieces was totally random. 
I found the polish to be really long wearing and resistant to chips. It dried to a semi-matt finish, but with top coat on it became much more glossy. I found it as easy to apply as any non-textured nail varnish, however you do have to be careful with the placement of some of the large pieces of glitter (see my 4th finger on my Mottle swatch) as it can make it look less neat round the edges, which I hadn’t taken into consideration until my nails were dry and it was too late!
It’s not my favourite polish to remove – it’s far nicer than full-on glitter polish, but it does take a bit of effort to get it off. Be warned – don’t use a dippy nail varnish remover pot with this as you will end up with black dots over your nails for ever more! I can see past that though, as the length of time it lasts on my nails, and how pretty it looks makes up for it!
Illamasqua speckled nail polish is available at Illamasqua for £14.50 per bottle.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo – Beg & Bronzerella

I was very excited to receive some pieces from Illamasqua’s I’mperfection Collection in the post this weekend. The idea behind the collection is that, rather than hiding our imperfections – we should work with them and show them off – be proud and say “I’m perfection”!

The spring line up has 3 new powder blusher duos – I was sent Beg & Bronzerella. To be honest, when I first opened it up and saw the colours I wondered what on earth it would look like on – these are almost the opposite of the blush colours I would normally choose for myself.

Beg is a matt, dusky pink colour, with Bronzerella being a frosted coppery bronze colour – both of them are extremely highly pigmented – the swatches above are taken after just one swipe of my fingers across the pan then on the back of my hand.

My initial thoughts were that Bronzerella was a little scary to wear as a blush, but looked a lovely colour for the eyes – so I decided to use it as an eyeshadow, while using Beg as blush. I know I don’t look very happy in the photo – but I am, promise!

I think Bronzerella is perfect as an eye colour and works great with my brown eyes, even if I do say so myself, and would look amazing with blue eyes. As the blushes are so highly pigmented all it took was one sweep of the colour across my lids to create this look. 

I was a little wary of how Aunt Sally I may end up looking with this powerful blusher, so I made sure I used a large, soft brush to apply Beg to my cheeks – it leaves a flushed finish which is very buildable if you wanted to go more over the top with it than I have.

Curiosity got the better of me, so today I have tried the products the other way round!

I was so scared applying such a brown colour to my cheeks, but I actually really like the finished result of Bronzerella! Although I used a large, soft blush brush, I did have to tone it down by blending it in with a clean brush. 
I used Beg in the crease of my eye for a little definition – I would never normally wear a pink shade on my eyes but I’m pleased I stepped out of my comfort zone for the day as I love the finished look and will definitely wear both the shades in both ways again.
Beg & Bronzerella is priced at £26 from Illamasqua – which, for 2 products you can use in two ways, is  good value in my opinion!