Free Nails Inc Polish with InStyle Magazine: Electric Teal

Free with the June issue of InStyle magazine (priced at £3.70 – with Thandie Newton on the cover), is a full size Nails Inc varnish, worth £11.

There are a choice of 3 colours, Electric Teal, Candy Orange, and Fashion Fawn. I had had the intention of buying all 3 – they are colours that Nails Inc have created specifically for the magazine, so if you’d like to get your hands on some high quality nail polish at a fraction of the normal price, get thee to thy local news agents!

When I saw the three shades in the flesh I decided to leave the Candy Orange and Fashion Fawn – they look to me like colours that have been done too many times before and I thought I must own something near enough spot on to both, so I settled on the Electric Teal.

In the bottle I thought it looked rather like OPI’s Ski Teal We Drop, but once it’s on the nail it looks very different. For starters it is lighter and brighter. The OPI is more blue with a dash of green, Nails Inc seems more green with a dash of blue. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Elstree, the polish is the same colour that their bins and bus stops are painted, as I discovered today!

Also inluded in the magazine is a promo code to use online until 9th June: INSTYLE20 for 20% off at and a voucher for 20% off services Sunday-Wednesday in store.

Another magazine freebie for May, is a free 50ml Body Shop body lotion with Marie Claire (£3.60 with Olivia Palmero on the cover) choose from Mango, Shea and Dreams Unlimited – each retail at £5 in store.

Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain

I picked up the September issue of InStyle magazine, as it had a free Body Shop lip and cheek stain worth £9.50 with it. The two colours on choice were Bronze Glimmer or Rose Pink, the latter being what I chose. I can’t see me putting a bronzey shade on my lips to be honest.

In the tube the stain looks gel-like and very red in colour, not ‘rose pink’ as the name would make you think. There’s a sponge applicator which makes application easy, but not much product goes onto, so a few coats are needed. It looks quite luminous on the brush…

On my hand I put 4 dobs of it….

and then I dabbed and rubbed it in….

and I’d still call it red rather than pink. I hate it! On the lips it looks like you’ve been wearing a lipstick which has worn off, and on the cheeks it looks like I have red skin and need to get busy with a green colour corrector. I wear foundation to stop myself looking like I have red skin, and would definitely not use a product to give me redness. I prefer something with a bit more ‘pow’ on my cheeks – I feel really washed out when wearing this, maybe I needed a stronger eye to counteract the wishy-washy-ness of this, but my initial reaction is a thumbs down.