Red Cherry #601 Lashes

I first heard of Red Cherry lashes when Lyndsey Harrison mentioned she was using them on some of the TOWIE cast – I checked them out further and seems there is a huge range of lashes in all different styles made by them.

KKCenterHk, my lovely lash stockist – asked if I’d like to review anything else from their site – intrigued about Red Cherry, I picked out a few different styles and today I’m going to show you the #601 lashes.

They are made with 100% human hair, and are very natural looking. I really like that the strip band is very thin and as the lashes are placed, it’s even invisible in some areas.

They give a definite enhancement to my eyes without being too obviously false or unnatural. I’d wear these quite comfortably during the day time, as I have short thin lashes and these are so natural looking that I wouldn’t feel an idiot!

They cost £2.10 and are resuable, which I think is a fab price. Shipping from kkCenterHk varies from only 45p to £3.67 depending on how quick you want them, but I would recommend having a good look through the site and stocking up as they have got just so many different lashes for sale!

Have you tried Red Cherry lashes before? What do you think of the #601 lashes?

A813 Cheap Eyelashes!

If you want to add a little bit of oomph to your lashes without looking ridiculously over the top, then feast your eyes on these little beauties! The A813 lashes from KKcenterHk are made to look rather natural, but give a definite change in appearance to my eyes.

They come with a very long band, which has to be cut – they are still too large for my eyes once that’s off, so I cut them from the shorter side; leaving the longest lashes to create the drama at my outer eyes. You could cut them to size from the longer end if you wanted to use them in more of a subtle way.

They come in packs of 10 – which only costs £4.98 – that’s around 50p per pair and they’re resuable! Registered air mail from Hong Kong is only £1.87 and you’ll get your package within 3-5 working days. I seriously can’t rave about this website enough! I am always a bit wary of buying things from international websites, especially when the English on it isn’t 100%, but I want to assure you that it is completely genuine and I have been thrilled with all the lashes I have had from them.

The lovely people at KKcenterHk have given me a 10% discount code for my readers to use on their site – perfect timing to get in your holiday lash wardrobe! Just enter BLGB268SU10 at the checkout – this is valid until 28th February.

Let me know what you get!

Ballerina Brand False Eyelashes – CM425

These are more of the ever so vauable false eyelashes from This time is the CM425 lash by the brand Ballerina. You get 10 in a pack, for $13.90, which by my calculations, makes them about 88p per pair. Yes, 88p per pair, annnnnd they’re actually really good lashes!

I have never used a criss-cross style of lash before, so was really interested to see what they looked like once they were on. They were a little too long for my eyes, so I cut them down leaving the longest lashes at the outer corner of my eye. I found them fairly stiffly routed in their curved position they’d been packaged in, but once you give them a firm wiggle they’re much easier to work with.

Although they are obviously false, I think they look fairly natural as they are not super-thick.

What do you think?

KKCenterHK is based in Hong Kong, but they ship internationally cheaply – the highest shipping cost works out at around £3.75 for delivery within 2 to 3 days!  They sell all different types of lashes as well as these, but I would highly recommend the CM425.

Holiday Beauty Hits

Seeing as I’ve just got back from ‘Beefa, I thought it was pretty fitting that I did a holiday hits post – my most favourite things to use while I was away. I could make a list as long as my arm, but I’ve tried my best to cap it at a top 10!

one – Urban Decay Naked Palette (£32 from Beauty Bay)
This was fabulous – every colour I could have needed for my holiday. Creep was used for the nights I wanted to go totally smoky, but mostly Half Baked was given a good run for it’s money. I tended to mix it with NARS Orgasm Illuminator to foil it and make it ultra metallic a la…

two Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion (£5.10 from Boots but currently on offer at £3.40)
After hearing the Dove skin expert at The Only Way is Blogging saying that any moisturiser is good for post-sunned-skin, I decided to use this rather than a general after sun. It has 24 hour moisturisation technology and really left my skin feeling soft and gorgeous, even if I do say so myself! (please note, this was a press sample)

three ES A155 Lashes (£8.25 for 10 pairs from KKcentreHk)
These were a Godsend – despite them being reusable, when we were getting in at ridiculous hours of the morning from a night out, more often than not I ripped the lashes off my face and left them in random places never to be found again, so having a big stash of inexpensive yet effective lashes on hand was ideal! Check out my review of these lashes here. (please note, this was a press sample)

four – EOS Summer Fruits Lip Balm (approx £5 from eBay or available widely in USA)
I loved the look of these ever since first seeing a picture – I just had to have one. I love the quirky shape of it and all my friends adored it too. Perfect for having on hand and giving a bit of moisture to your lips while sunbathing.

five – Sleek Paint Pot in Peach Perfection (£4.30 from Sleek)
This was perfect for adding a slight sheen of colour to your lips poolside – it just gave the impression you had gone to the effort of doing something, without doing anything too much! Check out my review of this here.

six – Compact Mirror (mine is Benefit, but not sure if they’re still in production)
I’d say this is an absolute essential – for checking if any mascara has run, bits in your teeth, all your lotion is rubbed in etc etc

seven – Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask (£3.99 from Superdrug)
This is a hair mask which is designed to be left in for 3-5 minutes then washed out, however this was my rescue hair product in a different way! My hair is very thick, and I have lots of it – so trying to do anything with it after washing it was a complete nightmare. The only way I managed to regain any control was by slathering my hair in this, so I could actually tie it up (normally on the top of my head) and leaving it in until the next time I washed my hair. When I came back to England and gave it it’s first wash, it was in such good condition – something I certainly wasn’t expecting after it being in the sun for so long.

eight – Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in Shade 08 (£25 from Illamasqua)
I really don’t have good skin. Not the kind of skin I would want to go baring, with no make up on. I needed to find something that covered up the bad bits without me looking too cakey. I bought this, and Garnier’s BB cream hoping one of them would be the solution to my problem. Unfortunately the Garnier was just too sheer for me, but the Skin Base Foundation was perfect. My friend commented on my make up one day asking how it stayed looking so perfect (score!) however I know it wasn’t exactly perfect – it does get shiny after a while of wearing, particularly in the heat, and as expected, needs reapplying after getting wet. I am wearing it in all of the photos in this post and loving that because there’s no SPF in it I don’t look like a ghost in them! I think if I could find a way of making it last a little longer without getting shiny, it would definitely be my holy grail foundation.

nine – Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum ($19.95 from Exposed Skincare)
I am currently following the Exposed Skincare plan – I have used it for over 30 days now, so expect a full review of that soon. Although I still got spots, the Acne Treatment Serum helped to dry them out a lot faster than usual, so they were there for a lot less time than they would normally be. The last thing anyone wants on holiday is for their skin to get worse, so this was handy when I had a breakout.

ten – L’Oreal Lash Architect Waterproof Mascara (£7.99 from Amazon or in store at Boots)
I’m not saying this is the best waterproof mascara I’ve ever used – but it did the job; the mascara stayed put all day without any smudges or panda eyes. It seperated my lashes nicely, made them look full but not too ott, and basically, just made it look like my eyelashes actually existed!

Although it’s not really a beauty item the Liz Earle Tote Bag was kindly sent to me just in time for my holiday and is the perfect size for a towel, book (I kidded myself every day that I would get more than 2 pages read!) sun tan lotion, water and make up essentials. It has a magnetic fastening, a gorgeous nautical style, and is very robust. If you take advantage of the Liz Earle Suncare Offer before 31st August, you too can have one of these bags in a slightly smaller size. The set includes Mineral Suncream  SPF20 to help reflect UVA and UVB rays, their Sun Shade Botanical Aftersun Gel to cool and rehydrate and two shimmering treats – basically everything you need to keep your skin looking amazing while you’re away!

So, that’s my top 10 folks. What do you think of it? Would you add anything in?

ES A155 – Cheap False Eyelashes!

I am a big lover of false eyelashes, and wear them quite often if I’m going out for the night, so when I was contacted by KKcenterHk to see if I’d like to test out some of their lashes, I jumped at the chance! 
There are a wide range of lashes on their website, but I chose the ES A155 ‘Black Densely’ set as they seemed quite suited to the kind of thing I would normally buy in Boots.
They come in packs of 10, and are priced at £8.25, which is absolutely bargainous considering they are also reusable. There is no glue included within the pack, but if you’re like me, you will have tubes of eyelash glue in each handbag so not too much of a problem!

The lashes were slightly too large for my eyes, so I snipped a small amount off the end of each of the lashes and they fitted perfectly.

 I really like the style of the ES A155 lashes as they give your lashes definite oomph without veering into the realms of drag queenish.

I love how dense and thick they look when you are looking down… sexy!

The items come from Hong Kong, but they ship worldwide and shipping is cheap – for instance, shipping to the UK ranges from 57p to £3.89 depending on how fast you want your goods and if you want them tracked. Standard Registered air mail costs £1.97 and your package will get to you in 7-14 days which isn’t too bad at all considering the prices!

The eyelashes seem very well made and as if they will last a long time – I would definitely price them at more than 83p a pair and are absolutely worth the money. I’m going to have a look around the rest of the site and stock up on some other styles for the future.

What do you think?

Please note, I am in Ibiza at the moment – this was a scheduled post – I will reply to comments when I’m back!