Japonesque Safari Chic Brushes

I was recently sent the Japonesque Safari Chic make up brushes to try out. If you love animal print – you will love these brushes! The main selling point for me, would be the design of them – the sleek black handle, the white, brown and black leopard print in the brushes… but actually, aside from how they look, they really are fantastic brushes.

The Bronzer Brush, is a cute, stubby, kabuki-style brush which is densely packed. It is perfect for bronzer, but I’ve also been using it for highlighters and for buffing mineral foundation all over the face.

The Brush Set consists of a Powder Brush, Shadow Brush and Crease Brush in a black and animal print microfiber case.

Again, these brushes are densely packed with bristles, although the hairs are quite long, which I have found results in a fairly soft application. The Powder Brush has a short handle, which I find easier  to use. I think it’s my favourite of all four of the Safari Chic brushes. I have been using it to contour under my cheek bone – the flatness and softness of the brush means it’s ideal for that job.

Of the two eye make up brushes, I’m unsure which they intend to be the Shadow Brush and which the Crease, as they are both different from brushes I would normally use for those jobs. They are a little softer than the kind of brushes I tend to use to pack on colour, so I have been using the wider brush to sweep on a base colour, and the thinner to apply shadow to the crease or for blending both of which have given pleasing results.

Although I think the design of the pouch is gorgeous – I personally don’t have any need for it as I have put my brushes straight into my make up bag. It would, however be ideal if you’re the kind of person that likes to reapply eyeshadow and powder on a night out.

That aside, even without the pouch – I am really impressed with all of the brushes and definitely will be checking out more of their products. They are also perfect for Christmas presents – they’re the kind of brushes that would excite even a non-brush enthusiast!

John Lewis Bloggers Nail Art Challenge

I was contacted by someone from the John Lewis makeup team to ask if I’d like to take part in a nail art competition alongside some other bloggers. I am no nail artiste – and am in total awe of those that can do things like paint the whole cast of Sesame Street on their talons… I seem to be a bit shakey when it comes to the finer details on nails, and can just about manage a messy reverse manicure, as you may see later. I’m more a fan of ‘random’ nail art, as you may also see later!

All of the bloggers looks would be judged by someone from John Lewis, and the winner would win £150 John Lewis voucher – so of course, I said yes!

The polishes I was sent were Nails Inc – Trafalgar Square, a magnetic polish

YSL La Laque Polishes in 12 (Pure Pearl) and 19 (Fuchsia Pink)

and NARS Space Odyssey

We were told “Which polishes you use, how you use them and the number of looks you create is entirely up to you – you could even mix and match these with shades from your existing collection.” So I decided to run with that, and try every kind of nail arty kind of thing I knew. I can tell you now, I have never painted my own nails so often in one day – but it was so much fun!

Excuse the iPhone pics coming up – but these are the different looks I did using these polishes.

I used the YSL No12 with microbeads to create this look:

I used YSL No19 with NARS Space Odyssey layered over the top and pulled off with lace for this look:

I used both the YSL polishes with my black striper and dotter to make leopard print nails for this look:

And again I used both the YSL polishes to make marbled nails for this look:

I used the Nails Inc Trafalgar Square for this, then used Nails Inc Whitehall for the ring finger accent for this look:

I used NARS Space Odyssey with the black striper and dotter and black diamantes to create this look:

And lastly, I used YSL No12 and newspaper to create these newpaper print nails:

And there you have it – that was pretty much my day in photos! I hope you like them… I think all the looks are pretty self explanitary, but if anyone would like a tutorial for any of them then just shout!

Let me know what you think of the looks I have done – and check out the other entries too – Lipglossiping has done a gorgeous valentines nail look, and I’m looking forward to seeing what The London Beauty Review and A Beauty Junkie in London do with their polishes. The deadline is today so their looks should be up by tonight at some point.

Thank you John Lewis, for this fab opportunity!

01/02/12 – edited to add – the deadline is now mid February due to the original deadline being unrealistic for some of the participants. I think I will leave my entries as is, but if anyone has any wonderful ideas for me to add to it please let me know 🙂

Nails of the Day – Rrrrrrrrrrrrroaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr!

I know I’m posting a nail post right after a nail post, but it’s been a busy weekend and not really had time for much else. Last night I was so shattered I put the TV on, laid in bed and painted my nails.

It might look quite complicated but it really wasn’t! First I painted my nails with my Nailtec basecoat, then with Barry M’s Mushroom. Once that was semi-dry I used a lighter colour (in this case, Essie’s Cute As A Button) to do random sized and placed dots over my nails, then painted one coat of Poshe topcoat.

I then used a fab new inexpensive tool I have which I got from ebay (see here) which has a tiny nib like a pen which you can use to do really precise lines with. I have a pair of pumps with leopard print insides, so using them as a guide, drew the black bits. Really it’s lots of ‘C’ shapes around the dots, and curving parallel lines as well as random dots and lines. One more coat of topcoat and it’s done!

The good thing is, if you get a chip you can just turn it into a dot, like I’ve done! This is the first time I’ve experimented with nail art and I probably will again now!