Maybelline Baby Lips

The arrival of Maybelline Baby Lips has been eagerly anticipated by many a beauty blogger. The lip balms were massively hyped by the USA blogging arm, and left us Brits waiting, waiting and waiting. After what seems like an eternity, they have landed on English soil – currently 3 for 2 at Boots, so it seemed rude of me to not get at least 3 of the 6 in the Baby Lips Collection that have been released in England.

The collection contains three non-coloured balms, Hydrate, Intense Care and Mint Fresh. There are three tinted balms, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch and Cherry Me.

I’m not a fan of the flavour of artificial cherries, so I plumped for Hydrate, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. Hydrate is a clear balm which has a tropical, pineapple sherbert flavour – it’s really gorgeous and great for adding moisture on the go. I wouldn’t say it’s extra specially hydrating though – no more than the tinted balms anyway.

Pink Punch adds a baby pink hue to your lips and has a similar, tropical, peachy flavour. If you have particularly flaky lips I would advise to stay away from the Pink Punch as the white tones it in will only accentuate the fact.

Peach Kiss, tastes peachy and gives a subtle nude with a tiny bit of sparkle to your lips. Its nice for adding a bit of dimension to your lips without being over the top.

They claim to leave your lips hydrated for 8 hours which I think is a bit of a big statement – I found I needed to top up within that time frame, but they do definitely lock in some moisture and leave my lips feeling soft. High Street lip balms can often be greasy feeling, these bucked the trend and definitely were not – which for me, along with the fact they have SPF20, moisturise my lips and make them look pretty at the same time, makes them winning products.

Maybelline Baby Lips cost £2.99 each and are currently 3 for 2 at

Model in a Bottle Lip Conditioner & Sealant

You may have heard about Model In a Bottle’s setting spray – it seems to have become somewhat of a cult product to set makeup with… well now they have released their Duo Lip Conditioner and Lipstick Sealer, which is designed to keep your lipstick locked in place all day.

It comes in a double ended tube – one end for the conditioner, another for the sealer. I was slightly disappointed with the way the packaging is designed – the outer casing is fab, but the actual tube has no markings on it, and the names and logo stuck on with a sticker which I think cheapens it a little.

That aside – if it works, who cares!

The lip conditioner is a water-based, creamy, non-shiny, non-greasy formula which is applied with a doe-foot sponge applicator. It doesn’t have a taste and feels comfortable on the lips. You put this on 30 seconds before your lipstick, to give your lips a good moisturising base for the lipstick and sealer.

Once your lipstick has been applied, you blot your lips to remove any excess, then apply the sealer with the brush which is easy to use. It is very alcoholic smelling, a little bit tingly, but that wears off after a few seconds as it dries. You leave your lips parted while it dries, which is done within 30 seconds – then you’re good to go, taking care not to eat or drink for the first 10 minutes while it cures.

I put it to the test and although it didn’t make my lipstick last all day, it definitely made it last a lot longer than normal.

It wasn’t until the fifth hour of wear that I noticed the most difference. I still had some of the colour on my lips, but mainly around the edges, which, although it’s not perfect, I find impressive for a day full of chatting, eating and drinking!

I think the lip conditioner is a really wise addition to the standard lip sealer, as the high alcohol content can be quite drying. Using the Model in a Bottle Lip Duo together was the most comforting sealant I’ve tried on my lips.

I’d use this on my brides to help their lipstick to last on their special day, and also on nights out and special occasions for myself. It doesn’t give you modelesque lips all day, but it’s definitely an improvement on nothing and extends the wear by a good few hours!

Model in a Bottle Lip Conditioner & Sealant costs £18.99 from Victoria Loves Beauty

L’Occitane Pivoine Délicate Make Up Collection

This month, L’Occitane released a limited edition range called Pivoine Délicate – focused around a new fragrance – Pivoine Délicate, inspired by a rare peony found in Provence, and a make up and body collection to compliment it.

Within the make up collection are three lipsticks, three lip shines, and an eau de toilette & gloss combo in gorgeous packaging. I was sent some of these to try out.

The three things I have are all part of the same family of colours, but all different from one another.

The lipstick I have is No 2 – Pivoine Délicate (£12.50), and is my favourite of the products I was sent. The bullet looks like it’s quite a dark dusty rose colour, but it’s actually very sheer with just a hint of a peachy colour. It feels very moisturising, almost lip balm-like in consistency; feeling like it’s doing good things to my lips at the same time as making them look beautiful. I love love love it.

The lip shine, No 2 – Rose Fremissant (£11.50) is a soft jelly pink, with teeny silvery flecks of microglitter. The shimmer adds dimension to the product, making lips look even more shiny, and fuller. It comes with a brush applicator on the wand which helps with precise application. Again, this isn’t a strong shade, more of a delicate hint of colour. It smells and tastes slightly of the Pivoine Délicate fragrance.

Lastly, the  Duo Eau De Toilette & Gloss (£14.00). This is an absolutely amazing idea that I wish more brands would take note of! In perfect handbag size, at one end is a 5.5ml bottle of Pivoine Délicate eau de toilette, and the other end, a 5.5ml bottle of lip gloss. Genius!

The fragrance is sweet and floral. It smells powdery and delicate – containing citrus fruits, white peach, rose, peony, lily of the valley, white musk and light woods. It’s a nice smell, but not something I would wear personally. It’s one for the Flowerbomb lovers of the world!

The lip gloss also has a hint of the fragrance. It’s comes with a sponge applicator and is a soft apricot shade with the tiniest flecks of golden microglitter. It looks almost iridescent once it’s on the lip. A very pale, soft, delicate glossy colour.

L’Occitane is not a brand that I would normally consider when looking for make up, but I am thoroughly impressed with all three of these products and has definitely put them on the make up map for me. I am sure they will all be used during the summer months – I adore them!

Have you used L”Occitane make up before? What do you think of these products?