Liz Earle Eye Liner, Brow Pencil & Tools

To continue my little series of the new Liz Earle Colour Make Up products – today I am going to tell you about some of the eye tools I have tried from them.

I have the eye pencil in Golden Bronze – which, once it’s warmed up, glides onto the lids beautifully. It can either be worn as a liner, or blended across the lid to make an all over colour – it’s easy to blend too which makes it nice and versatile. The colour looks fairly metallic in the pencil because of the little shimmery flecks in it, but on the eye it has a subtle sheen to it – really pretty.

The eye pencil is in the middle – blended out, and the right, non-blended. On the left is the brow pencil in Dark 02.

I have never really been much of a ‘doing my brows’ kinda girl; I’ve been blessed in the eyebrow department, but since this combo of products arrived, I’ve been obsessed! 
The Brow & Eyeliner brush is such a handy tool – although it’s marketed as one end an eyeliner and the other, a spool for brushing your brows, there’s nothing to say you have to stop there! You can use the spool to brush through your lashes if you want to declump mascara, and I like to use the liner end of the brush to create a defined highlight under my brow.
That aside, they are also great for their intended uses – the liner brush is nice and firm and you can draw a nice straight line with ease. The pointed end allows you to get to the inner corner of the eye more easily. I have been brushing my brows up using the brow brush and it makes such a difference at how groomed I look, or if you have accidentally got a bit of foundation sitting on your brow, this will remove it!
I have been using these in conjunction with the brow pencil in Dark 02 to fill in any gaps by drawing gentle, feathery strokes, and also to make the inner sides of my brows a little neater. For someone who has never really done her own brows before – it’s really easy to work with!
And then of course, there’s the sharpener – stylist and chic in a little compact silver square, it’s a perfect size for the make up bag, and the fact it collects the shavings internally is a big bonus for application on the go!

I have used all the new products in the photo above – once again, Liz Earle has impressed me and I look forward to exploring more of their range!

Liz Earle ‘Nectar’ Blusher & ‘Natural Glow’ Bronzer

Following on from my post introducing Liz Earle’s ‘Colour’ make up range last week, I now bring you some of their face / cheek products which I have fallen in love with. One of their powder blushers, ‘Nectar’ (06) and the Natural Glow Bronzer.

As with the rest of the make up range, the packaging has been kept minimal and fuss free, with the Liz Earle logo stamped into their powder products, each housed in a mirrored compact. I think it looks rather chic.
There are only seven shades in the blusher collection – and each shade has both a powder and cream variation which I think is a great idea. Some people are cream blusher people, some are powder. Some may like to increase staying power by layering powder over cream blush – whatever the preference, this covers all bases without there being too many products to choose from – kind of like in a posh restaurant that has a very small and select menu.
I’ve swatched the Nectar powder blusher below, alongside the bronzer, which is the only bronzer in the range.

Below, I’ve swatched the bronzer alongside some other popular bronzers that I had to hand. MAC Golden, and NARS Laguna contain a lot more shimmery glitter particles – the Liz Earle bronzer does have a slight sheen, but the particles are no where near as visible as those two. Benefit’s Hoola is much more matt, and more yellow based than the Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer.
The blusher looks quite pink in the pan, but is actually very soft and pretty on the skin. It can be built up to be much pinker for darker skin tones or for a pop of colour.

I’m wearing both the bronzer and blush in the photos above and I am really impressed with both products. They glide onto the skin perfectly and stay put all day. The bronzer is definitely going to be a new staple in my make up bag, it’s just the right tone and finish!

Have you tried any of the Liz Earle make up? I have my eye on the coral blush next!

The Colour range is available at Liz Earle counters and the Liz Earle website.

The powder blush costs £16.50 for 6g and bronzer is £19.50 for 10g.

Liz Earle Smudgeproof Mascara & Intensifying Base

Liz Earle started to introduce make up range to their line of products earlier this year, which seems to be slowly expanding. I have been playing with lots of it so expect reviews coming up over the next few weeks. Today I’m going to tell you about the mascara.

There is only one mascara in their range – ‘Smudgeproof Mascara’, and they also have a base, ‘Intensifying Mascara Base’. I like that there’s only one – it makes decision making that bit easier! I find it very confusing when at a make up counter, they have 15 different mascaras each one claiming to be better than the other! The only choice here is black, or brown?

Both products have a spiral bristle brush – which I prefer to the newer, plastic type wands (with a few exceptions). In general I find it easier to apply and more of my lashes seem to get coated with a bristle brush.

The base essentially coats your lashes with what looks like a white mascara, which makes your lashes fuller. You don’t have to use it under the Liz Earle mascara to make it work – you can use it under any mascara to make your lashes thicker and longer looking.

The mascara is really nice – as it’s name says, it is smudgeproof, and stays put. There is no flaking, no panda eyes – it just clings to the lashes, and stays there, which is what I want in a mascara. In terms of application, it’s easy to coat your lashes in product with a few swoops of the wand – lashes look fuller without looking clumpy.

The photo above shows me with no mascara on, and then the Intensifying Mascara Base and Smudgeproof mascara in the photo below. As you can see, my lashes do look both fuller and longer. It’s not the most dramatic of mascaras, but for an every day, lash-boosting look, I have really enjoyed using these products together.

The Smudgeproof Mascara is £14.50, and Intensifying Lash Base is £10.50 from John Lewis or the Liz Earle website.

Have you tried any of the Liz Earle make up range? What do you think of it?

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Rose and Lavender

Cult Liz Earle product, Cleanse and Polish – has got a new limited edition sister! Rose and Lavender is the new, special edition version of the hot cloth cleanser, with £2 of each sale going straight to The Princes Trust.

It is the same idea as the standard Cleanse & Polish – which you can read my reviews of here – but with added rose petal oil and lavender essential oil to help add to the overall calming properties – not only to the skin, but to your mind – it’s great to use before you got to bed for that very reason!

I’ve been using it for the past few weeks with a muslin cloth and find it very soothing for my problematic skin. I am safe in the knowledge that this removes all traces of make up and daily grime. There are only a few cleansers I feel safe with on my messed up face, and this is definitely on the safe list! My Mum, who is in her fifties is also a big fan – as well as my teenage sister. If you want a soothing cleanser which leaves your skin clean without being tight – try this, you’ll love it!

The limited edition cleanser is available for £19.75 for 150ml at John Lewis, Liz Earle and QVC while stocks last.

Liz Earle’s Botanical Shine Treatment

Liz Earle recently launched their Botanical Shine Treatment, an intense conditioning treatment for frizzy, dry, or very coarse hair.

I have very thick, coloured hair, and lots of it! I am constantly on the look out for products that will help to keep it well conditioned and make it more manageable when styling it, as it’s one hell of a job to do!

You use the Botanical Shine Treatment in place of your conditioner, so to start with, shampoo as normal. I
have been using Liz Earle’s Botanical Shine Shampoo which for an
SLS-free product I was extremely impressed with. Every SLS-free hair
product I had used prior to this just didn’t lather up no matter how
hard I tried. This it was a different story – you’d never know it was
SLS-free unless you’d read it on the packaging.
You then apply the Botanical Shine Treatment to your hair and leave it for 10-30 minutes while it does it’s magic.
It is a thick white cream-feeling conditoner which has a refreshing citrus smell, and a slight hint of tea (I’m pretty sure there’s no tea in it, but it smells like that to me!). It has naturally active ingredients of red algae, sumac wax, blue seakale and extracts of cotton, apple and orange. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know what the benefits of those ingredients are, but the squeezy tube claims that it will leave hair frizz-free, shiny, tamed and manageable.
On rinsing the conditioner out I could instantly feel how much smoother my hair was. Brushing my hair was a dream – normally it’s a tangled mess after a wash but when I use this treatment my brush just glides through.
I would normally add Moroccan Oil to my barnet at this point, but for the purposes of trialling this product I decided to see how it managed on it’s own. 
I dried my hair off with a hair drier, then straightened it using GHD flat irons.
My hair was frizz free and smooth, but best of all, it felt in fabulous condition. It didn’t feel sleek enough for me to wear it down – it was a bit too big, so I tied it up after taking these photos but found I have been constantly touching my pony tail as my hair just feels so silky and nice!  
My best swish…
…teehee, I don’t really know how that came about, but I kinda like it!
So, in conclusion, if your locks need a bit of TLC then this would be the perfect little treat for your tresses. If your hair is lacking in condition – this will come to your rescue! It’s available from or John Lewis for £14 for 150mls.
Have you tried any Liz Earle hair care products? What do you think of them? What do you use to get your wild hair under control!?

Liz Earle’s Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

Liz Earle’s Eyebright – Soothing Eye Lotion is a product designed to clean and revitalise tired, puffy eyes. I’m really bad with eye products (as in, I use none – eeek!) so when I was asked if I’d like to try some for myself, I was really intrigued as to what it would do for me.

It is called a ‘lotion’ – so I was expecting something of creamy consistency, whereas actually it’s a see through liquid, which could be mistaken for water if it wasn’t for the smell.

Eyebright contains witch hazel, cornflower, organic aloe vera and a grassland herb which is actually called eyebright – it is very gentle so even sensitive eyes can use it. The smell isn’t strong or overly herbal which is something I really don’t like in a product. It’s a soft, delicate scent which just adds to the “gentle” feeling of the product.

It can be used in a number of ways;

You can use it to remove light eye make up… which I discovered means light! It could get rid of my eyeshadow, but Benefit’s They’re Real mascara could not be budged!

It can be used to wake up your eyes first thing in the morning by squeezing some onto a cotton wool pad then sweeping it across your eyes. I like the fact this adds no extra time into your daily routine but feels so lovely on your eyes – it’s cooling and refreshing and gives your eyes a little kick start to wake up!

My favourite way to use it is by soaking two cotton pads with the lotion then putting a cotton pad over each eyelid while you relax for 5-10 minutes. I have had lots of tired times while using this, what with Ibiza, V Festival and then getting back into the routine of school – this has been a luxurious treat that has really helped! It’s not often I sit and do absolutely nothing – so this is my chance to just chill while Eyebright works it’s magic. After using it in this way, my eyes seem to lose their tiredness and I’m ready for my day!

Eyebright isn’t something I would have bought for myself, as I said before, I’m bad with eye products – but I’m so glad I got to try it out – it really does make a difference when you’re feeling tired and your eyes need that little extra help!

A massive 150ml bottle is only £10 from the Liz Earle website  so once this one runs out, I will definitely be repurchasing!

Have you tried Eyebright before? What is your verdict?

Holiday Beauty Hits

Seeing as I’ve just got back from ‘Beefa, I thought it was pretty fitting that I did a holiday hits post – my most favourite things to use while I was away. I could make a list as long as my arm, but I’ve tried my best to cap it at a top 10!

one – Urban Decay Naked Palette (£32 from Beauty Bay)
This was fabulous – every colour I could have needed for my holiday. Creep was used for the nights I wanted to go totally smoky, but mostly Half Baked was given a good run for it’s money. I tended to mix it with NARS Orgasm Illuminator to foil it and make it ultra metallic a la…

two Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion (£5.10 from Boots but currently on offer at £3.40)
After hearing the Dove skin expert at The Only Way is Blogging saying that any moisturiser is good for post-sunned-skin, I decided to use this rather than a general after sun. It has 24 hour moisturisation technology and really left my skin feeling soft and gorgeous, even if I do say so myself! (please note, this was a press sample)

three ES A155 Lashes (£8.25 for 10 pairs from KKcentreHk)
These were a Godsend – despite them being reusable, when we were getting in at ridiculous hours of the morning from a night out, more often than not I ripped the lashes off my face and left them in random places never to be found again, so having a big stash of inexpensive yet effective lashes on hand was ideal! Check out my review of these lashes here. (please note, this was a press sample)

four – EOS Summer Fruits Lip Balm (approx £5 from eBay or available widely in USA)
I loved the look of these ever since first seeing a picture – I just had to have one. I love the quirky shape of it and all my friends adored it too. Perfect for having on hand and giving a bit of moisture to your lips while sunbathing.

five – Sleek Paint Pot in Peach Perfection (£4.30 from Sleek)
This was perfect for adding a slight sheen of colour to your lips poolside – it just gave the impression you had gone to the effort of doing something, without doing anything too much! Check out my review of this here.

six – Compact Mirror (mine is Benefit, but not sure if they’re still in production)
I’d say this is an absolute essential – for checking if any mascara has run, bits in your teeth, all your lotion is rubbed in etc etc

seven – Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask (£3.99 from Superdrug)
This is a hair mask which is designed to be left in for 3-5 minutes then washed out, however this was my rescue hair product in a different way! My hair is very thick, and I have lots of it – so trying to do anything with it after washing it was a complete nightmare. The only way I managed to regain any control was by slathering my hair in this, so I could actually tie it up (normally on the top of my head) and leaving it in until the next time I washed my hair. When I came back to England and gave it it’s first wash, it was in such good condition – something I certainly wasn’t expecting after it being in the sun for so long.

eight – Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in Shade 08 (£25 from Illamasqua)
I really don’t have good skin. Not the kind of skin I would want to go baring, with no make up on. I needed to find something that covered up the bad bits without me looking too cakey. I bought this, and Garnier’s BB cream hoping one of them would be the solution to my problem. Unfortunately the Garnier was just too sheer for me, but the Skin Base Foundation was perfect. My friend commented on my make up one day asking how it stayed looking so perfect (score!) however I know it wasn’t exactly perfect – it does get shiny after a while of wearing, particularly in the heat, and as expected, needs reapplying after getting wet. I am wearing it in all of the photos in this post and loving that because there’s no SPF in it I don’t look like a ghost in them! I think if I could find a way of making it last a little longer without getting shiny, it would definitely be my holy grail foundation.

nine – Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum ($19.95 from Exposed Skincare)
I am currently following the Exposed Skincare plan – I have used it for over 30 days now, so expect a full review of that soon. Although I still got spots, the Acne Treatment Serum helped to dry them out a lot faster than usual, so they were there for a lot less time than they would normally be. The last thing anyone wants on holiday is for their skin to get worse, so this was handy when I had a breakout.

ten – L’Oreal Lash Architect Waterproof Mascara (£7.99 from Amazon or in store at Boots)
I’m not saying this is the best waterproof mascara I’ve ever used – but it did the job; the mascara stayed put all day without any smudges or panda eyes. It seperated my lashes nicely, made them look full but not too ott, and basically, just made it look like my eyelashes actually existed!

Although it’s not really a beauty item the Liz Earle Tote Bag was kindly sent to me just in time for my holiday and is the perfect size for a towel, book (I kidded myself every day that I would get more than 2 pages read!) sun tan lotion, water and make up essentials. It has a magnetic fastening, a gorgeous nautical style, and is very robust. If you take advantage of the Liz Earle Suncare Offer before 31st August, you too can have one of these bags in a slightly smaller size. The set includes Mineral Suncream  SPF20 to help reflect UVA and UVB rays, their Sun Shade Botanical Aftersun Gel to cool and rehydrate and two shimmering treats – basically everything you need to keep your skin looking amazing while you’re away!

So, that’s my top 10 folks. What do you think of it? Would you add anything in?

Liz Earle’s Brightening Treatment Mask

I was recently offered the chance to try out Liz Earle’s Brightening Treatment Mask. Having loved everything else by Liz Earle I have ever tried, I jumped at the chance.

The Brightening Treatment Mask is designed to revive your skin, and give it instant radiance. I have been using it when my skin needs a quick pick me up, and it has definitely helped to put a bit of life back into my dull complexion.

The starter pack I was sent is a 50ml pump bottle and comes with 2 muslin cloths to remove the mask, and a travel bag, priced at £13. It does also come in a tube and a smaller, 15ml wash-bag sized tube.

I was informed that this is the very thing that Liz Earle herself uses before TV appearances, so I was very excited to see the results on my own skin.

The Brightening Treatment Mask is creamy in consistency, similar to Cleanse & Polish, but with more of a distinct smell, which is almost medicinal. There are two ways of using this mask, either adding a squirt of this to your Cleanse & Polish for the days when you are in a rush, or after washing your face by leaving it on for up to 2 minutes before rinsing it off. I particularly like that you can get results in such a short space of time; even if you wanted to do the full on mask you can do without having to sit around wasting time. Most often I added it to my Cleanse & Polish, but if I did it as a mask I would brush my teeth while it did it’s thang.

The mask’s active ingredients are organic aloe vera, witch hazel and white clay which I found to be very calming on my skin. When I left the mask on for 2 minutes I found my skin tingled slightly, but not in an uncomfortable way – it was as if it was the mask’s way of letting me know it was working. Once the mask had been rinsed off I found my skin was very soft and smooth, and had a little extra zing to it.

You know those days where you’ve had a late night and feel a little grey skinned? This is when this mask comes into it’s own, perking up tired, lifeless skin. It’s gentle enough that it can be used every day without drying your skin out, and leaves you with glowing (without being greasy) skin. It’s one of those products I didn’t realise I ever needed, but is now a very welcome addition to my potions.

You can buy Liz Earle’s Brightening Treatment mask from her site, by clicking here

Please note, this is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Some Exciting News from Liz Earle

You may have already heard the hype – if not, read on…

Liz Earle, a favourite skincare brand of mine, are releasing a new line ‘Liz Earle Colour’. This September will see the launch of their new Sheer Skin Tint, a product they have spent the past 3 years perfecting, after lots of requests from customers.

To find out more and be one of the first to find out about their “exciting announcement”, you can register at

As soon as I manage to lay my hands on some, I will of course update you with pics and my thoughts.

My skin seems to respond very well to all other Liz Earle products I have tried in the past, so here’s hoping this will suit me perfectly 😉