Nails of the Day – Zoya Tao

This polish is one that came in my Boudoir Priv√© box – taken from Zoya’s new Smoke & Mirrors collection. This one is from the ‘Mirrors’ part, as it’s metallic. The ‘Smoke’ part is for the cream shades in the collection.

If I’m honest, Tao isn’t the kind of colour I’d pick up if I was shopping for myself – I’m not a big fan of multi-tonal nail polish, but I actually really like this.

It’s a silvery steel colour with a hint of blue, which has tiny weeny micro glitter inside. I’ve added an extreme close up of one of my nails so you can see what I mean.

It’s very pretty, and even nicer when it hits the light and you see the depth of the polish.

I always wear a base coat, but sometimes dark colours stain nails – I’m happy to report that this one didn’t!

This is only the second bottle of Zoya polish I’ve owned and I’m impressed. All of their polishes are formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP free, and have a vegan friendly forumla. The brushes are nice and wide, and both polishes I have of theirs go on so smoothly and are opaque in just one coat (although I have done two here because I just have to!) I will definitely be checking out more of their polishes.

Which Zoya polishes do you own? Would you recommend them?

Topshop Meteoric Eyeshadow Duo

Last week I purchased my very first pieces of Topshop make up. Well I might be lying… I think they used to have a cosmetics line back in the 90s which I owned some of, and loved. Anyway, I digress… one of the pieces I bought was the Meteoric eyeshadow duo. It looked to me very much like a special kind of MAC shadow, in it’s shiny packaging and colours swirled into each other. At ¬£8 for 2.5g it seemed quite good value, for essentially 3 colours – the silvery shade, purpley shade, and mixed together.

I swatched them on my hand, silver, purple and then mixed together. Even the silver on its own has quite a few lilac tones in it, and together they made a gorgeous metallic purpley fawn colour. This photo was taken in the shade outside.

One thing I was disappointed with, is that the shadow is quite powdery. There was quite a lot of fall-out when I applied it to my eyes, and after using it, you can see just how much excess powder there was on the shadow itself.

I see it will be quite a messy product to use!

I applied it to my eyes using the silver all over, the two colours mixed together in the outer third of my lid, and the purple in the crease. I then used MAC Smoulder eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line and finished with Revlon CustomEyes mascara.

I took this photo indoors. I noticed that it looks slightly more brown in these photos, I think it depends on the kind of light you are in. There is definitely more of a cooler tone to them… I am used to wearing warm toned eyeshadow so think I will use it most often as the two colours mixed together…. very very carefully trying not to spill any of that excess powder!

What do you think? Do you own any pieces of Topshop make up, or Meteoric eyeshadow?

NOTD: Models Own – Champagne

Since seeing this on Diamond Solitaire’s blog I had to have it! Every time I passed a Boots I went in in the hopes of them stocking Models Own, which is quite a rarity it seems from the amount I tried in. In the end I went to the flagship store in Bond Street, and there it was.

It is the most gorgeous, metallic polish I have ever seen. It literally looks like you have metal nails – kind of like the effect Minx would give you I guess. I wore it on Saturday night and so many people stopped to ask me what it was.

I think it has more goldy tones than silver, but the shade lays somewhere between the two which is great because it means you can wear it with even more! I had on gold wedges, watch, pendant and gold detail on my bag and one man even commented on how my nails matched all of those things!

I wore it for a couple of days before any tipwear, and look forward to wearing it again.

Have a look at my Estee Lauder video a couple of posts down if you want to see it in action.

This is my first Models Own purchase – now I know where to find it, is there anything else I should try to get hold of?