Models Own – Polish for Tans Collection

L-R; Beach Bag // Flip Flop // Shades // Bikini // Sun Hat

I can’t remember the last time I got so excited over a nail polish launch. For the first time in a long time I had to rush out and buy the entire 5 polishes making up the new Models Own collection, Polish for Tans as I love the look of each of the shades.

The idea behind the colour selection is that they are all neon brights with white mixed in, designed to look fabulous against a tan, and give your tan that bit of a boost. The polishes in the collection are Beach Bag – a gorgeous bright peach, Flip Flop – a neon green, Shades – a hot coral, Bikini – a highlighter yellow, and Sun Hat – a bright pink. As soon as I got them home I put Shades on my toe nails, and Beach Bag on my finger nails, and instantly felt more summery. I do think the fact I was wearing fake tan complimented the colours and while I was wearing it, I had numerous people commenting on how much they liked my nails.

Beach Bag snapped this weekend

Because of the neon-ness, they do dry quicker than standard nail polishes, which is a bonus – but on the downside this also means (in my case) they tend to chip more quickly too. I’ve noticed that Flip Flop dries to a semi-matt finish, while the rest seem to be slightly glossy. If you prefer a shiny finish, just add a layer of top coat and it will help to lengthen the wear too.

This is a fabulous collection, I can’t wait for the sun to come out so I can wear them more and more and more!

The polishes cost £5 each and are available from Models Own stands and Bottle shops, or online.

Models Own – Velvet Goth Collection

Models Own are set to release two new collections this weekend – the Fireworks collection which contains 5 different glitter polishes, and Velvet Goth – 5 matt, yet glittery polishes. Both collections are available at Models Own Bottleshops from tomorrow and online and at Boots from 2nd September, costing £5 each.

I was sent three of the new Velvet Goth polishes to try out before their launch – Valerian, Amethyst and Obsidian.

Each of the polishes coat the nails pretty thinly with the first coat, but with the second coat, the nail becomes completely opaque. There is always a good amount of glitter particles in each stroke too – you don’t have to fish around in the bottle like you do with some polishes.

My favourite of the trio I tried were Valerian and Amethyst as the colours are just so vibrant and vivid. Although they are deep, dark colours, they are so bright, and the contrasting glitters are so pretty.

Valerian is a midnight blue with large chunks of blue glitter, and smaller particles of blue, and silver glitter.

Amethyst is a jewel-toned purple with large chunks of pinky purple glitter, with smaller partciles of purple, and pinky-silver glitter.

Obsidian isn’t as black as I was hoping it would be. It’s still black, but there’s so much glitter that I think it loses some of it’s intensity. That said, it’s still a really pretty polish – black with large and small chunks of silver glitter. The smaller particles look almost look gold once it’s on the nails.

It is a textured polish, but it seems to go on without too much trouble. My bottle of Amethyst seemed a little thicker and trickier than the other two – but as it’s so beautiful, it’s something I can turn a blind eye to in the future.

They aren’t as hard to remove as normal glitters too (yay!) Sure, you end up with a disco-ball of a hand, but it seems to be a dip in a remover pot, followed by a little scrape with the other hand to get rid of the last few flecks does the trick.

The other two shades in the collection are Sardonyx, a deep scarlet red, and Absinthe – an emerald green which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

What do you think of this collection? Would you wear it?

Models Own Beetle Juice Collection

When Models Own released their Beetle Juice Collection, I wasn’t too sure. I ummed and ahhed, until, being the nail polish whore that I am, decided I had to have them – at which point the whole set was out of stock…. so I waited…. and waited… and here it is!

All of the colours have so many different dimensions to them that I have had to photograph them more than once to show you!

I’ll add them in the order of the photo above. First up is Emerald Black. I thought this would be my least favourite of the collection but it’s definitely one of the best in my books.

Most nail polishes that are dark green or purples tend to be black, or at least go black in some lights. This doesn’t at all, it’s always green, and that’s why I love it. It’s a really dark colour with the teeniest flecks of green micro-glitter in it. Sometimes it looks racing green, and sometimes teal. I’ve added a close up of one of my nails to demonstrate.

Pinky Brown is quite foil-like once it’s on the nails. The pink is a raspberry purple shade, while the brown varies from golden to a lovely chestnut colour. It’s one of the most multi-tonal of the whole collection.

 Golden Green is exactly that – gold and green, except the gold was more of a green-tinged yellow.

I wasn’t keen on this to be honest – a bit too ‘snotty’, so I tried some Barry M Instant Effects crackle polish over the top, and voila – I loved it!

My other favourite from the Beetle Juice collection is Aqua Violet. It’s fairly metallic and is a true aqua blue colour. As you move your nails you see the most gorgeous soft purple colour. The two shades compliment each other perfectly.

Lastly was Purple Blue. I loved the colour that it went in the light, but the ‘resting’ colour of it I wasn’t keen on. It looked like a browny purple with flecks of aqua glitter. In the light, it was like a petrol spill – multi coloured beautifulness.

So finally, better late than never – my swatch pics of the Models Own Beetle Juice Collection. I hope it has been useful to some.

What do you think of the collection?

Nails of the Day – Models Own Pink Fizz

I had a bit of a spree on the Models Own website last week, and this was one of the beauties I picked up.

I’m not normally a massive glitter fan, but I must be feeling festive – and something about this enticed me in!

From looking at the bottle it looks as though it is the kind of glitter you’d put over another polish – i.e. like it’s quite sparse, however two coats of Pink Fizz covered the entire nail in gorgeous glitter. It is pale pink, which is almost silver in some lights. It leaves the nails with a metallic finish, which when you look closer, can tell it’s glitter – not overly multi sparkly glittery nails, which for me is a plus point!

I’ve had it on for 2 days now, and there is some wear to the tip of the nails, but another fab thing about this polish is no one would ever know mwhahahaha.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Nails of the Day – Models Own Red Alert

I picked this up in the strangest of places – WH Smith in Belfast airport, for one pound! I don’t know why they were reduced, as they are still for sale at the full price of £5 on the Models Own website, but hey – I’m not complaining!

The only other Models Own nail polish I’ve tried is Champagne, which is rather special, so I was interested to see what the more normal, every-day type polishes were like.

Red Alert is a really lovely red, which I’m sure will make lots of appearances on my talons over the winter months – a perfect red-red. It has a slight tinge of transparent-ness on my nails (if you look closely you can see the eyeliner I got stuck under my middle fingernail), but not so much that makes me dislike it. It’s already a really glossy nail varnish, but with a coat of Seche Vite over the top, this is superly slickly glossy. Love it!

NOTD: Models Own – Champagne

Since seeing this on Diamond Solitaire’s blog I had to have it! Every time I passed a Boots I went in in the hopes of them stocking Models Own, which is quite a rarity it seems from the amount I tried in. In the end I went to the flagship store in Bond Street, and there it was.

It is the most gorgeous, metallic polish I have ever seen. It literally looks like you have metal nails – kind of like the effect Minx would give you I guess. I wore it on Saturday night and so many people stopped to ask me what it was.

I think it has more goldy tones than silver, but the shade lays somewhere between the two which is great because it means you can wear it with even more! I had on gold wedges, watch, pendant and gold detail on my bag and one man even commented on how my nails matched all of those things!

I wore it for a couple of days before any tipwear, and look forward to wearing it again.

Have a look at my Estee Lauder video a couple of posts down if you want to see it in action.

This is my first Models Own purchase – now I know where to find it, is there anything else I should try to get hold of?