Henry Holland & Elegant Touch Heartbreaker Nails

When I saw that Henry Holland would be bringing out a collection of false nails in collaboration with Elegant Touch, I couldn’t wait to see the results. They are, as expected; whacky, wonderful, out-there and amazing! The set that most caught my eye was the Heartbreaker nails – nude stiletto nails with pink hearts on the tips – with a few broken hearts thrown in for good measure.

They come in a cute house shaped box, and inside are 24 nails in 10 different sizes, nails glue, nail file and instructions.

I chose to use adhesive tabs I already rather than the nail glue to apply them as they aren’t practical for me in my daily life – I just want them to last the weekend.

Although this post is taking me a lot longer to type out than it usually would, I really love these nails! They are eye catching, elegant, and take all the hard work out of such a gorgeous design.
My only gripe is that they seem to have been made a little scrappily. There are squared off little tabs on the end of the nails I’ve had to file off – and the smallest nail has been cut off more of one side than the other (and so the heart is off centre too).  For £7.99 they’re still amazing value, so I can look past that.

Next on my wishlist are the Geek Chic nails – you can check out the full range here.

Giveaway – Exclusive Veet & Felder Felder Goodie Bag!

I am finally recovering from this seasons London Fashion Week – it was a hell of a busy one this time round! 

I caught up with the Veet camp, to hear all about their collaboration with Felder Felder – Veet were the sponsor for Felder Felder SS14 collection at Somerset House…. 

Annnnnd, Veet have very kindly given me three exclusive goodie bags to give away to my readers containing a Felder Felder t-shirt, essential Veet goodies including the electrical EasyWax kit, and some nail art products too!

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning, please enter your details into the Rafflecopter widget below. I will pick the winners at random on Monday 7th October and will notify them by email. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

They also hosted a giveaway with Annete and Danni Felder following their showcase, and here it is…

Q: What was the inspiration behind the collection?
A: The inspiration was about the feeling of being fearless and the underwater world. It’s about overcoming your fear and diving into the dark to discover the unknown. It’s a beautiful world but can be scary.
The textures and designs used had a light feeling and we included a scale print. When you dive deeper into the water, you find the crazy acid fishes that are almost trippy and so some designs are more bright and fun. The felder girl is always fearless, confident and fun.
Q: Describe the collection in just four words
A: Romantic, fearless, modern and confident.
Q: How do you feel this collection has progressed from previous ones?
A: This season we really locked ourselves up in our own little aquarium. We wanted to get back to how we felt in our small german village and venturing out to the big world, and the fearless feeling that comes with it.
This collection is smaller, but we decided to focus on a selection of really detailed looks rather than 60 looks. We played with textures more than the last collection and explored unusual materials like plastic.
It is a more grown up direction from last season, although we still have fun short dresses which is a signature Felder girl look. However it’s also really nice to open up to a sophisticated customer and be more elegant, but keep a cool element and make the collection look modern and almost futuristic.
Q: Being twins, were you always planning to work together or would you ever work separately?
A: We have different tasks in working together, so we can work separately but the collection really includes both personalities. Our contrasts work well together.
Q: How stressful is designing a collection?
A: Preparing for a show is more stressful than a wedding! There are so many things to think about, not just the collection itself. We focus on making our collections timeless, and don’t try to worry too much about what is the next trend – one of the pieces even could become the next trend!
Q: What is the usual process of getting the models ready for a Felder Felder show?
A: It is of course always important for a Felder girl to have amazing legs, and Veet smooth legs are vital. You also need girls who have personality and charisma which is why we did a stress casting, and it’s so much more exciting to be involved in the process.
We found a girl on the street who walked in the show and is amazing – she has already been snatched up by an agency! This represents the fearless Felder girl, and using new faces keeps its modern and fresh as well as mixing them with the more experienced girls.
Q: Both of you have long legs, does this affect your designs?
A: For a long time, it was a signature – even a critique- that we got that our designs were based on the way we look. It is true that you do end up designing for yourself. Over time, we learnt to do fittings to try our pieces on short girls, more voluptuous girls – all different body shapes. 
Q: Could you talk us through the amazing shoes we saw?
A: The shoes were a collaboration with Manolo Blahnik who used our own scale pattern with a silver tip, which gave it a modern futuristic touch. We love them.
Q: As you said the collection is fearless, and there is a lot of flesh on show – how would you work into an everyday wardrobe?
A: The short dresses can literally be dressed down with a biker jacket and sneakers or boots and then in the evening a party dress by throwing on some heels – smooth, hair-free skin is a must! 
Q: How much input do you both have into your show’s soundtrack?
A (from Annette): A lot – my husband (music producer and DJ Arthur Baker) produces the music! We say what songs we love, tell him to do something with them, show him the collection and then he edits the songs to fit in with the theme.
The soundtrack speeds up and gets more intense to represent the collection getting deeper and darker into the unknown.
Q: Who is your ultimate inspirational woman?
A: Our mother as she has always supported us even if we have the most insane ideas. When we grew up, she stood out fashion wise in our small village and was the first one when we said we love fashion to tell us we have to go to Central St Martin’s and set us on our path.

Revlon Expressionist Nail Art Duos

This year, nail art seems to be hotter than ever – and Revlon, never ones to miss a trick – have just released a collection of 7 nail polish duos featuring a wide, flat brush at one end to paint your base colour, and at the other end, a thin, nail art brush for you to apply a feature colour over the top.

The amount of designs you could do with these is endless! They are really to use and the nail art colour is thinner than normal polish, making it easy to get nice fluid strokes with the brush.

Using Pinkasso – I painted the base colour of a slightly pearlescent coral over my nails, then used the fuchsia nail art colour to paint the tips of my nails going from one side to the next and meeting in the middle. 

For Vincent Van Gold I decided to go down the zebra route – drawing lines from one side of the nail to the middle, alternating between the sides. I love love love the base colour of this – it is almost glass-like in finish – a gorgeous blue varies from being ultra-dark to a gorgeous royal blue.

For Ulterior Motif I used the charcoal colour all over my nails then using the pink glitter I applied a blob to the base of my nail, dried off the brush then pulled it up towards the end of my nails. I found this the hardest to work with as it didn’t show much when using it for linear designs as the glitter is sporadic – but I like it as an accent.

The Expressionist Nail Art Pens are available now in Boots and Superdrug priced at £7.99 each.

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure – Kaleidoscope Klash

There’s one thing for certain about this year, and that’s that nail trends are coming in from every direction and going off in all different angles. So far we’ve had standard nail art, textured polish, 3d manicures – and now, Ciaté have released a limited edition set of Very Colourfoil Manicure – which contains everything you need to create a professional foiley finish in your own home.

There are three sets in the range, Carnival Queen, Wonderland and Kaleidoscope Klash. Each set has a different coloured Ciaté nail polish in it, and different coloured foils. I’ve been testing out Kaleidoscope Klash which includes a full sized Pepperminty Ciaté Paint Pot, and holographic ‘Colourfoil’ foils in Blaze (red), Babe (pink), Bounce (gold), Beaut (blue), Bloom (silver dotty pattern) and Brill (silver squarish pattern), as well as the Foil Fix Glue and a nail wheel to practise on.

It’s really simple to do – you paint your nails with two coats of the polish, then once it’s dry, apply the Foil Fix, leave it for a minute, then press the foil onto the nail and pull away quickly, then seal using a top coat.

The instructions say to dot the Foil Fix on where you want it, but when I had a go on the nail wheel, I much preferred the effect left by painting the whole nail with the Foil Fix and then adding big chunks of foil in random places, not to mention this makes the job a lot quicker and less fiddly!

The look was inspired by urban street artists – and it’s definitely the kind of feel it gives me when wearing it. It’s funky and rough and effortless and pretty all at the same time. It’s not the kind of thing I’d wear for a posh meal out, but it’s certainly something I’d do again! I love the Pepperminty polish and next time I think I may just use the gold or silver foils over the polish for a different kind of look again. There are so many possible outcomes with this kit! Here is my first attempt, using all of the foils in random places.

What do you think? Will it catch on!?

Ciaté limited edition Very Colourfoil Manicure sets are available at Selfridges for £18

The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art

The minute I saw that WAH Nails had released a nail art book, it had to be mine. I have been a big fan for ages, and although you can find nail tutorials on the internet, I thought this would be a nice addition to the reference section of my book collection, and also a cool coffee table book.

WAH, for me are one of the originators of funky nail art and I love some of the designs I see popping up on their social media sites.

The book, The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art by Sharmadean Reid is half for the WAH fan, half for the nail art fan. There is background info on the history of WAH with some photos of some of the nails they have done in an Instagram stylee collage, some of their official artwork, cartoon images of 100 of their designs, tutorials for 25 different types of their classic nail designs, blank hands to design your own nails, and some cute WAH nails stickers.

There is info about how to prep your nails and the tools you will need to create their looks. I like that they are quite general about things, even though they endorse the Models Own nail art pens, they don’t say ‘use a WAH nail art pen do x, y and z’ – and they do recommend the odd thing, like my favourite item in the world – Seche Vite.

Each nail tutorial comes with a photo of one of the WAH girls and a bit of info about them. There are also handy hints to change up the design slightly. The tutorials the book includes vary from quite simple to fiddly and complex. They are:

Aztec Tribal
Half Stripe
90s Hip Hop
Fash Life
Stained Glass
De Stijl
Graphic Stripe
Glitter Fade
Rhinestone Rain
Double Studs

I had a go at some of the designs – here is how my first try turned out.

The Glitter Fade. They used gold glitter, I went for pink. A really simple and effective design – love it, will definitely do it again (and again!) I think it’s the kind of design you could keep on all week because if it chips you can easily top up the glitter!

I used Ciate Ghetto Fabulous & nails inc Pinkie Pink
The Eyeball – it was quite fiddly but I really liked how this one turned out too, it’s very effective – I may do it for Halloween!

I used Collection 2000 French White, Models Own/WAH nail art pens in black, blue and white, & Revlon Cherries in The Snow with a brush for the red
Drippy – I think this is my favourite – I really love it and it was so easy to do. I think it would look cool with all the nails painted a different colour too.
I used Barry M Pink Flamingo & Models Own/WAH nail art pen in black
The Rose – I like it, but think I need to practise my technique with the nail art pens to perfect this.

I used Collection 2000 French White, OPI Do You Lilac It? OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, Revlon Cherries in The Snow, Models Own Jade Stone & Models Own/WAH nail art pen in black

The POW! – this one didn’t turn out great, again, I think I need to practise my technique with the nail art pens and also realise that I needed to wait for the white to be completely dry before I tried to write on it. Next time…

I used OPI Ogre The Top Blue, & Models Own/WAH nail art pens in black and white

Because that one I hadn’t turned out as planned, I removed it and tried a different design – the Shatter – it has a gradient of blue to yellow under the shatter, and in the book they used black shatter polish over the top, but when I opened mine it had turned to a solid lump which is totally unusable, so I went for the only other shatter polish I had which was gold. I think the colours go nicely together and this would be great for a beachy look.

I used OPI Ogre The Top Blue, Ciate Lemon Sherbert & OPI Gold Shatter

The book is priced at £9.99 but I ordered mine from Sainsbury’s for £6.99 including delivery, it arrived really quickly. If you’re a WAH fan, or want to get more creative with your nail art – this one’s for you!

Nail Water Decals

Anyone who knows me will know that I love nail polish, and everything that goes with it. I like my nails to look pretty. I get excited when new products come out and love experimenting with things I haven’t tried before.

Water decals is one of those things – they’ve been around for a while, but I’ve never ventured into that territory. What are water decals, you may ask? Remember temporary tattoos you’d have as a child? They work like that but you tattoo your nails. Hail The Nail is a website which sells loads of different designs. My favourites were the crosses, bows and moustaches (gotta love a bit of ‘tasche art!), and here’s how it went…

The decals come in a sheet form, with different sizes on to fit your nails. There are 20 decals to a sheet, so, depending on the size of your nails – you could have enough there to wear twice.

They aren’t pre-cut, so you need to cut out the decal that you need. I used the cross decals first, and it became evident that I should have cut more closely around the actual design. 

You then put it into water, leave it for 30 seconds and it will slip off from the backing paper. At this point, you put it over your dry (in the end I’d paint my nails at night and apply the decals the following day) nail polish, and once it’s dried off, apply a topcoat or clear polish over the top. A top tip is to make sure you get the edges and corners of the decal stuck down using your topcoat, otherwise the free edge will catch on something and pull off. It needs to be flush to the nail.

You can see on the cross nails, where I hadn’t cut close enough to the design.

By the time I’d done the bows, I was getting better – it was a nice non-fiddly one to cut round!

And by this time I was a pro!

It is quite a fiddly process and took me about 10 minutes to do, but I think it’s a great way to add some art to your nails!

Have you tried water decals before? What do you think?!

John Lewis Bloggers Nail Art Challenge

I was contacted by someone from the John Lewis makeup team to ask if I’d like to take part in a nail art competition alongside some other bloggers. I am no nail artiste – and am in total awe of those that can do things like paint the whole cast of Sesame Street on their talons… I seem to be a bit shakey when it comes to the finer details on nails, and can just about manage a messy reverse manicure, as you may see later. I’m more a fan of ‘random’ nail art, as you may also see later!

All of the bloggers looks would be judged by someone from John Lewis, and the winner would win £150 John Lewis voucher – so of course, I said yes!

The polishes I was sent were Nails Inc – Trafalgar Square, a magnetic polish

YSL La Laque Polishes in 12 (Pure Pearl) and 19 (Fuchsia Pink)

and NARS Space Odyssey

We were told “Which polishes you use, how you use them and the number of looks you create is entirely up to you – you could even mix and match these with shades from your existing collection.” So I decided to run with that, and try every kind of nail arty kind of thing I knew. I can tell you now, I have never painted my own nails so often in one day – but it was so much fun!

Excuse the iPhone pics coming up – but these are the different looks I did using these polishes.

I used the YSL No12 with microbeads to create this look:

I used YSL No19 with NARS Space Odyssey layered over the top and pulled off with lace for this look:

I used both the YSL polishes with my black striper and dotter to make leopard print nails for this look:

And again I used both the YSL polishes to make marbled nails for this look:

I used the Nails Inc Trafalgar Square for this, then used Nails Inc Whitehall for the ring finger accent for this look:

I used NARS Space Odyssey with the black striper and dotter and black diamantes to create this look:

And lastly, I used YSL No12 and newspaper to create these newpaper print nails:

And there you have it – that was pretty much my day in photos! I hope you like them… I think all the looks are pretty self explanitary, but if anyone would like a tutorial for any of them then just shout!

Let me know what you think of the looks I have done – and check out the other entries too – Lipglossiping has done a gorgeous valentines nail look, and I’m looking forward to seeing what The London Beauty Review and A Beauty Junkie in London do with their polishes. The deadline is today so their looks should be up by tonight at some point.

Thank you John Lewis, for this fab opportunity!

01/02/12 – edited to add – the deadline is now mid February due to the original deadline being unrealistic for some of the participants. I think I will leave my entries as is, but if anyone has any wonderful ideas for me to add to it please let me know 🙂

Halloween Nails

“Another nail post?!” I hear you cry! I have been SO hectic I don’t know where October has vanished to – here’s hoping I can find some more time to devote to here as before. I have some exciting news coming up so please stay tuned. Sorry to be a secret squirrel but that’s the way it has to be for now.

I didn’t really want to dress up this Halloween, but wanted to get in the spirit for my kids, so decided I’d paint my nails as pumpkins. I used two coats of Butter London’s Jaffa polish, which is a really lovely orange with a hint of coral. Then I used my black striper & dotter to paint on lines and pumpkin faces. In hindsight I should have done the lines a little thinner but it was my first attempt so I’m quite pleased (with my left hand, not quite sure if the right hand resembled anything other than a mess!)

This Butter London polish was sent to me my Powder Rooms, the online shop where you can find all the Butter London range.

Barry M’s Instant Nail Effects in action

Check out my video showing you how easy it is to use the new product from Barry M, and the kind of effect it gives you. My son says it looks like I’ve had a fire on my hands…. some of my friends think it looks like I got my nails stuck in a grill…. I kind of like it!

Barry M Instant Nail Effects in action! from Super Gorgeous on Vimeo.

Nails of the Day – Rrrrrrrrrrrrroaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr!

I know I’m posting a nail post right after a nail post, but it’s been a busy weekend and not really had time for much else. Last night I was so shattered I put the TV on, laid in bed and painted my nails.

It might look quite complicated but it really wasn’t! First I painted my nails with my Nailtec basecoat, then with Barry M’s Mushroom. Once that was semi-dry I used a lighter colour (in this case, Essie’s Cute As A Button) to do random sized and placed dots over my nails, then painted one coat of Poshe topcoat.

I then used a fab new inexpensive tool I have which I got from ebay (see here) which has a tiny nib like a pen which you can use to do really precise lines with. I have a pair of pumps with leopard print insides, so using them as a guide, drew the black bits. Really it’s lots of ‘C’ shapes around the dots, and curving parallel lines as well as random dots and lines. One more coat of topcoat and it’s done!

The good thing is, if you get a chip you can just turn it into a dot, like I’ve done! This is the first time I’ve experimented with nail art and I probably will again now!