Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover for the Hands & Feet

I’ll be honest, when I first heard that Bourjois were launching a version of their Magic Nail Polish Remover pot which could also be used for the toenails, I wondered how it would work… believe me, I have pondered sticking a toe into my pot for the hands… so I thought a bigger pot with some kind of well in it was on the cards… never had I imagined it would look like this! Errmmmm it looks the same as the hand one, except purple, right?!

Right, from the outside – big fat WRONG on the inside, as this is where the genius idea come into play. Not only is there the same sponge in the pot we have come to know and love – the lid now has a sponge on it too, to wipe across your toenails and remove nail polish. If you need more remover you just screw the lid back on, tip it upside down, and the sponge soaks up some more polish. It is so clever effective and I love how it has solved a multitude of problems – removing your toe nail varnish without affecting your polish on your fingers is now possible! Having to fix one scuffed up finger or toe can now be done without getting bits of cotton wool fluff over your other nails. I L.O.V.E-love it.

It still contains sweet almond oil to nourish your nails and cuticles as you use it, and although I would never say a nail polish smelled ‘nice’, this one is actually really pleasant; with the strawberryish fragrance they call ‘red fruit and vanilla’.

This will become such a staple of mine – I feel like I have waited for it to come out forEVER. I’ve used my finger pot constantly since it’s release, and it just got even better!

The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover costs £5.99 and is now available exclusively at BeautyMART. It will be launching online at other outlets including ASOS, Amazon and in mid May.

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover “Dissolvant Miraculeux”

The new ‘Magic Nail Polish Remover’ from Bourjois has been causing a bit of a storm – with people eagerly trying to get their hands on a bottle, after having heard so many good things about it.

If you haven’t heard the hype – it’s basically a pot with a nail polish remover soaked sponge in the inside, which has a hole in it. The idea is that you put your finger in, twist it for one second, pull it out, and voila, it’s all gone!

It doesn’t work quite like that for me… as I twist my finger the sponge twists along with it at the edges, so it’s not really getting rubbed – as if my fingers are too small for the hole… but I have found a technique which works for me – I push my finger against one side of the sponge and twist it from side to side, as if I was rubbing it on a cotton wool pad, and sure enough – voila, it goes!

It’s really handy, not to mention more environmentally friendly, not to have to use cotton wool pads, especially when on some polishes you have to use ten tonnes of the stuff to get it off your nails. Neons and glitters are notoriously hard to remove – this did the trick on my neon, and although I’ve not tried it with glitter myself, I’ve heard it does a good job, although some of the glitter stays on the sponge so you can end up with it on your fingers / nails when you’re using it after.

The other thing I just love about this is the smell. It’s not often that you’d hear someone say that about a nail polish remover, but it seriously smells amazing. When you pull your fingers out of the pot, they smell of strawberries (or red fruit and vanilla, as they call it – it basically smells like strawberries), but wowwwwwww, it’s fantastic.

Aside from that, its acetone free, paraben free and contains sweet almond oil to nourish your nails. What’s not to love!?

I found my bottle in Boots for £4.99 – head on over to my Facebook Page where I’m having a mini competition to win one 🙂