ncLA I Am Your Muse Nail Wraps

I’ve never really got on with nail wraps – they always end up crinkly, dont fit my nail properly and peel away from the tip of my nail, so I was kind of expecting these to follow suit. I was pleasantly surprised that they are different from the rest – they actually worked!

ncLA have a wide range of special edition designer nail wraps from the fairly simple to amazing, whacky, creative designs. These are the ‘I Am Your Muse’ wraps – which are a metallic red with a black lace design on them. You get 22 wraps in the pack, as well as a nail file. The only extra thing you need is a clear nail polish and then you’re good to go!

To use them, you start by painting your nails with a clear polish, then once it’s dry, pick out the wrap which fits best for your nail. You stick the rounded side to the base of your nail, then stretch it up over your nail, pressing it down to stop any wrinkles or air bubbles. The key here is stretching. The first couple I put on I didn’t stretch, just pressed, and there were a few wrinkles. The ncLA wraps seem to be a lot stretchier and a better thickness than any others I’ve used before. You then use the nail file to remove the excess of the wrap from the tip of the nail, then paint with the clear nail polish again to seal the wrap and for extra glossiness. The nail file is really high quality, which again, is something I haven’t seen in any of the other nail wrap kits I’ve tried. So good that I’m going to keep it in my nail stash for filing my nails. 

You can see in the photo the first finger has some wrinkles – that’s from not stretching the wrap as I applied but you can only see this up close. I am really happy with how they turned out – it’s a really simple way to add really interesting nail art to your nails.

ncLA nail wraps are available from CutECOsmetics priced at £12.50 per pack.

Royal Wedding Fever Hits Cosmetic-Land!

With two days to go, it seems the whole country has gone Royal Wedding crazy! Not only is it the perfect excuse for a day off work, it’s a great excuse for brands to try to make a bit of extra money. If a commemorative tea towel or biscuit tin isn’t your thing (incidentally, have you seen the McVite’s tin? how rank?!) perhaps a beauty based item would be more your cuppa…

The Perfume Shop have released two perfumes called Tiny Idol Prince and Princess, just in time for the wedding. They bear a slight resemblance to Will and Kate, are £10 each for 28mls.

I am yet to sniff them myself, but according to the site, ‘Prince’s “notes combine to bring a sophisticated yet exuberant scent”, while ‘Princess’ s “notes cumulate to create a highly wearable light floral blend with refined sensibility.” I’d be really interested to hear if anyone has smelt them, what they thought of them?
The next thing I want to tell you about is an absolute genuis idea. Will and Kate nail wraps – and why the Hell not?! They are so geek-ily chic-ily kitch, I love them!

They are foil wraps, available in silver or white, with Will and Kate’s faces on them – how adorable! They are priced at £4.99 including P&P for one set, from Maarit UK.
Nails Inc have brought out a limited edition range in celebration of the Royal nuptials. ‘The Royal Collection’ features two limited edition polishes with glitzy lids, – ‘Will’ with the Union Jack lid, and ‘Kate’ with the sapphire lid, inspired by Kate’s engagement ring), and a quad of limited edition shades fit to make anyone feel like a Princess!
On a non-cosmetic note, I really do like the limited edition Oyster cards which have been made.
Around 750,000 of the Oyster cards have been made, and the usual charges apply – £5 deposit and £5 minimum top-up. They are available at all London Underground and London Overground Stations.
Have you found any other beauty related commemorative items? If so, please let me know 🙂