Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover for the Hands & Feet

I’ll be honest, when I first heard that Bourjois were launching a version of their Magic Nail Polish Remover pot which could also be used for the toenails, I wondered how it would work… believe me, I have pondered sticking a toe into my pot for the hands… so I thought a bigger pot with some kind of well in it was on the cards… never had I imagined it would look like this! Errmmmm it looks the same as the hand one, except purple, right?!

Right, from the outside – big fat WRONG on the inside, as this is where the genius idea come into play. Not only is there the same sponge in the pot we have come to know and love – the lid now has a sponge on it too, to wipe across your toenails and remove nail polish. If you need more remover you just screw the lid back on, tip it upside down, and the sponge soaks up some more polish. It is so clever effective and I love how it has solved a multitude of problems – removing your toe nail varnish without affecting your polish on your fingers is now possible! Having to fix one scuffed up finger or toe can now be done without getting bits of cotton wool fluff over your other nails. I L.O.V.E-love it.

It still contains sweet almond oil to nourish your nails and cuticles as you use it, and although I would never say a nail polish smelled ‘nice’, this one is actually really pleasant; with the strawberryish fragrance they call ‘red fruit and vanilla’.

This will become such a staple of mine – I feel like I have waited for it to come out forEVER. I’ve used my finger pot constantly since it’s release, and it just got even better!

The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover costs £5.99 and is now available exclusively at BeautyMART. It will be launching online at other outlets including ASOS, Amazon and in mid May.

Nails of the Day – Paul and Joe 018 (The City Never Sleeps)

The instant attraction to Paul & Joe’s make up collection is the packaging – it’s gorgeous, with an elegant edge and a 50s vibe going on – making them products I wish I had a dressing table that I could leave them out on!

The nail polish is no acception to that – the bottle is almost a curved triangle, with a floral motif in the glass, with a long faux pearl handle with some gold detailing – just beautiful.

I find it odd when products don’t have names – but I’ve Googled about and found that in America this is also called The City Never Sleeps. I feel better now, and I think the name is rather apt!

018 is the first of Paul & Joe’s nail polishes I’ve tried. It’s a deep purple colour which looks almost black in some lights, with tiny flecks of pink and blue microglitter.

It was very easy to apply – the long handle helped that – and was a good consistency to paint two coats to get complete opacity then dry to a gloss-tastic finish. As it was drying I noticed that, rather than smelling like nail polish, it smelled of old fashioned lipsticks – it’s a good smell!

I love this polish – the shimmer isn’t too shimmery, but it’s just so interesting to look at up close!

BECCA London’s Nail Masterclass

As a make up artist, I am often required to do a model’s nails – although I feel I can paint my own nails well, painting someone elses nails is quite a different story! I haven’t had any training, and although I always do the best I can, I’ve often thought it would be great to have someone who actually knows to show me if I’m doing things right, and some tips and tricks as well as general nail etiquette on shoots.

BECCA London are running some nail masterclasses taught by manicure queen Katie Jane Hughes – one is the ‘Pro Nail Masterclass’, aimed at make up artists wanting to add another string to their bow and give them the confidence to be able to say “I can do nails too!”. The other is aimed at non make-up artists – teaching them how to master the DIY manicure – how to make it look professional, working with light and dark colours, nail art and nail trends.

BECCA invited me along to experience the Pro Nail Masterclass on a one to one basis before the real deal kicks off on 16th May, so on Tuesday, off I went to BECCA’s flagship store in South Kensington to add that string to my bow!

Katie started by whipping off my nail varnish, then showed me on one of my hands, the correct way to do a manicure. Although I had been doing this to myself for years, evidently I hadn’t been doing it quite right. As she prepped my nails, we chatted about the tools she was using and her technique – it was very useful to be able to feel the pressure that she used for shaping, cuticle removal and buffing.

Once the nails had been prepped, Katie proceeded to paint them – again, I’d been holding the brush at the wrong angle all these years! She decided to work in red as it’s one of the harder colours to paint with – to remove the colour if you get it on the skin. When the topcoat was on and they were done, it was my turn. I worked on the other hand, under Katie’s guidance – I think it was the best paint job I’d ever done on myself! She then got me to do one of my nails in an accent colour of white, again, a hard colour to paint with.

Katie then showed me how to do some basic nail art on one of my hands – using a dotting tool, a nail art brush and acrylic paints. I’ve never used any of these on nails before so it was a real eye opener to me! I learned how to do bow ties, polka dots, leopard print, hearts and lips – here are some of my nails that I did.

Then it was my turn to do Katie’s nails! As I was doing them, I asked questions – Katie was a fab teacher – she didn’t make me feel stupid for asking how to do things, and was very patient with me. She showed me on one of her hands how to do a double mani, which I copied on her other – she said was very good going for my first attempt!

At that point I felt my head was well and truly jammed with new-found knowledge – Katie gave me a list of tools that I would need to make up my basic nail kit and did this amazing piece of handiwork on my nails before I left…

Now that I know the correct way of doing things, and knowing the fact that I can do it, I am going to practice on as many different people as I can (free manicures going at my house peeps!) and next time I’m on a shoot I will definitely offer my services to nails. I really feel the masterclass taught me loads, and filled me with a huge amount of confidence – thank you so much to BECCA and of course my wonderful teacher, Katie!

The Pro Nail Masterclass runs next Wednesday 16th May 10am-6pm priced at  £150.

The two non-professional masterclasses run on Saturday 19th May at 10am-2pm or  3pm-7pm for £85 which includes a free BECCA polish. Email for more info.

Nails of the Day – Orly Basket Case

Basket Case by Orly is heading straight onto my favourites list! It’s a creme cool-toned bright pink perfect for summer. It looks perfect with just one coat (although, as always, I did two) and has lasted for 3 days without any chips, which is no mean feat for my nails!

You get a whopping 18ml of polish in a bottle (a standard bottle of polish is normally 15ml) and the rubbery handle is easy to grip making application easy. Although it’s a bold, bright colour, this is one of the easiest polishes I have ever applied!

Do you like Orly nail polishes? What do you think of this colour?

Nail Water Decals

Anyone who knows me will know that I love nail polish, and everything that goes with it. I like my nails to look pretty. I get excited when new products come out and love experimenting with things I haven’t tried before.

Water decals is one of those things – they’ve been around for a while, but I’ve never ventured into that territory. What are water decals, you may ask? Remember temporary tattoos you’d have as a child? They work like that but you tattoo your nails. Hail The Nail is a website which sells loads of different designs. My favourites were the crosses, bows and moustaches (gotta love a bit of ‘tasche art!), and here’s how it went…

The decals come in a sheet form, with different sizes on to fit your nails. There are 20 decals to a sheet, so, depending on the size of your nails – you could have enough there to wear twice.

They aren’t pre-cut, so you need to cut out the decal that you need. I used the cross decals first, and it became evident that I should have cut more closely around the actual design. 

You then put it into water, leave it for 30 seconds and it will slip off from the backing paper. At this point, you put it over your dry (in the end I’d paint my nails at night and apply the decals the following day) nail polish, and once it’s dried off, apply a topcoat or clear polish over the top. A top tip is to make sure you get the edges and corners of the decal stuck down using your topcoat, otherwise the free edge will catch on something and pull off. It needs to be flush to the nail.

You can see on the cross nails, where I hadn’t cut close enough to the design.

By the time I’d done the bows, I was getting better – it was a nice non-fiddly one to cut round!

And by this time I was a pro!

It is quite a fiddly process and took me about 10 minutes to do, but I think it’s a great way to add some art to your nails!

Have you tried water decals before? What do you think?!

Nails of the Day – Barry M Bright Red

Barry M’s Bright Red is exactly how you’d imagine. Bright, and, errrr… red! Absolutely gorgeous at that!

It went on easily and was opaque with just one coat – I did two just for good luck – it turned out gorgeously glossy and strikingly sexy.

If you’re after a red nail polish – this is a *proper* red. I’m always amazed at how fab Barry M’s polishes are – you can pick up 2 for £5 quite regularly in Superdrug, and are definitely one of my favourites!

What do you think about Barry M polishes? Do you like this red?