Free Nails Inc Polishes with Colgate MaxWhite ONE

Freebie alert!

Colgate has teamed up with Nails Inc to create two exclusive shades of nail polish – Luminous Red Gloss, and Luminous Red Metallic – limited edition shades which are FREE when you purchase the new Colgate MaxWhite ONE Luminous toothpaste from Boots.

Colgate MaxWhite ONE Luminous contains new SmartFoam technology which bursts foam in your mouth – enabling even between your teeth to get clean and white. It contains White Accelerator microcrystals which release ingredients similar to those used by your dentists as you brush. Colgate claim that by using this toothpaste, your smile will be one shade whiter in just one week!

It seems a great deal that you are getting not only this fab sounding toothpaste, but a full sized nails inc polish for only £3.99. There are two shades to choose from – Luminous Red Gloss, and Luminous Red Metallic.

Luminous Red Gloss is a gorgeously glossy post-box red – Luminous Red Gloss, it’s metallic sister – exactly the same shade, but with a metallic finish to the polish. I found it really easy to apply – maybe it’s because I’ve been dabbling in textured polish recently, but it went on like a dream!

These are only available while stocks last – so go go go! Good luck!

Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Chester

Nails Inc have really been one of the top dogs with this years textured nail polish trends. Their Feathers range has been out for a while and I still haven’t seen a high street copy (although I seem to think Model’s Own have their own version – I could have dreamt it though as I can’t find any evidence of this online!). Although I love buying cheap, high street alternatives – I also love it when it doesn’t happen as it makes the product a little more special, more ‘different’ and means it’s not going to get over-done by every tom dick and harry.

Nails Inc have four shades to their Feathers range – which is a clear polish with lines inside, like sugar strands. I have Chester, which is a mixture of turquoise, orange and yellow strands. They apply fairly sparsely so I find it best to use a coloured polish on your nails before using the Feather polish (I went with Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens) – I used three coats of Chester to get the finish you can see in my photo, but it’s also pretty with one coat.

I really like the effect it leaves – it is very unique and not like anything I’ve seen before. The only issue I have with it is the removal… it takes forever and a day! If you’ve ever removed a full on glitter polish you will know what I mean because this is just as bad! That said, it wears really well and it’s easy to fill in any tip wear without it looking dodgy because of the randomness of the strands.

Nails Inc Feather polish is currently on offer for £9.90 (usually £11) at

Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens

When Nails Inc released their new Spring Summer collection of polishes, there were two in particular that caught my eye. Chelsea Physic Gardens and Royal Botanical Gardens.

This is a pastel mint green shade that reminds me of creamy mint choc chip ice cream! It’s fairly similar to China Glaze’s For Audrey, it being a Tiffany blue – but this is slightly more pale and green.

Whenever I wear these kind of colours on my nails, people ask me what I’m wearing – and this is no exception. It is gorgeously bright and looks fab with all kinds of colours. I’ll be wearing it tonight with a white dress for the Rodial Beautiful Awards!

I found it really easy to apply and with two coats it was opaque without any patchiness. Thumbs up all round!

Do you like it!?

Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens is available from lookfantastic for £11.

Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Haymarket

Haymarket is a polish I picked up recently at a QVC event – although the shade was launched two years ago, it’s still very much on trend.

In the bottle I thought it would be similar to China Glaze – For Audrey, it has that duck egg blue tone to it – but on the nails it’s a whole different story! It’s a creamy, pale mint green reminiscent of mint choc chip ice cream.

I’m not a massive lover of green nail polish – but what with green supposedly being one of the colours of 2013, this is a gorgeous way to nod to the green without being too green (if you catch my drift?!).

Perfect for spring and summer, this pastel nail polish will look amazing with a tan or darker skin tones too. It gives a nice even coverage and is opaque in two coats. A winner all round!

Nails inc is available at QVC.

Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Stonehenge – Concrete Polish

Stonehenge is the second of the Nails Inc Concrete polishes I’ve tried. I love the blueness of it; similar to that of Baker Street, a favourite Nails Inc polish of mine. Stonehenge is vibrant without being neon – a really eye-catching colour.

The Concrete formula gives a rough texture to the nails which means you have to leave them without a topcoat. You can of course wear a topcoat but you then lose the texture. It’s a different kind of effect – leaving the nails almost bobbly and semi-matt, of which I think I like it in this shade the most.

The Concrete polish removes as easily as any other polish, however I found it chipped after one day of wear which would stop me from reaching for it as often as I would perhaps like to.

What do you think of the Concrete polishes? Will you be wearing them?

Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Marble Arch – Concrete Polish

I promised that the next nail pic I uploaded would be of one of the new Nails Inc *concrete* polishes…. so here it is! The shade I have is Marble Arch – a very bright red with a tinge of orange. If it wasn’t for the texture I’d say it’s a very summery colour.

So… concrete…. it basically dries like there are tiny grains of sand in the polish, leaving a slightly bobbly texture and semi-matt finish. The raised ‘concrete’ parts are matt, and the base polish still has a hint of shine. From a distance it looks like matt red polish, it’s not until you see it up close that you see the detail in the texture. It feels very rough to the touch too.

Because of the finish, you can’t use a topcoat with it, which I was a little worried about – although even with two coats (which left my nails completely opaque) it dried pretty quickly and I managed to not smudge them at all – yay!

Please excuse the state of my middle nail, I managed to break it really far down and it’s very sore!

And there you have it! What do you think of this texture? Will you be wearing it?!

Concrete polish from nails inc will be out in December, for £12 each in four shades – Marble Arch (tomato red), Stonehenge (cobalt blue), London Wall (nude) and Monument (lime).

Nails Inc Bling It On – Leather & Skulls

On Tuesday evening I went along to the nails inc event which showcased some of their new releases – they have lots of exciting products coming up – premade false nails, feather effect polish, denim effect polish, concrete effect polish, and the most gorgeous shades for Spring / Summer (especially Chelsea Physic Garden – the most gorgeous pale, seaside blue <3). The other thing they have coming out are new Bling It On sets – the Romance set which contains 3D bows and gems to stick to your nails, and the Leather & Skulls (leather effect nail polish with 3D skulls) set which comes out in December.

I had a manicure while I was there with Victoria, one of my favourite shades, and asked them to add on a skull to each of my fourth fingers…. and I fell in love!

You stick them on using nail glue and should last for up to a week. I’ve had mine on for 2 days now and they shows no signs they’re about to ping off, I just hope that when they do I am aware of it so I can reuse them!

The leather effect polish goes on like a standard polish, but when it dries, turns to the effect of leather. Last week I went to the QVC press day, and had it tried on there. This is Shoreditch Lane, a mulberry shade which will be coming out next March alongside a tan colour (Soho Mews) and black (Noho).

I wasn’t too sure about these when I had them done – they reminded me of nails that I had accidentally touched when tacky… however they did grow on me – particularly when I saw the black being worn at Tuesday’s event. I think because it looked much more leather-like. I will definitely be picking up one of those when they hit stores.
The sets out next month are the black polish, Noho which comes with silver skulls, or the tan polish Soho Mews which comes with gold skulls. There is already a waiting list, so if these tickle your fancy, get your name on it here!

Nails Inc – Pinkie Pink

Nails inc are hoping to raise £50,000 for Breast Cancer Campaign – Tissue Bank, by releasing a new, limited edition nail polish called ‘pinkie pink’. £1 from each bottle (priced at £11) will be donated to the charity, which is a unique initiative which stores tissue samples donated by breast cancer patients from across the UK which are then available to scientists to study how and why breast cancer
develops and spreads, and to devise the best possible treatments. There is currently no other
large source of breast tissue available to scientists and doctors, like this one, anywhere in the

Pinkie Pink is a gorgeous, cool toned pink glitter polish which packs a lot of sparkle. Just two coats coated my whole nail in glitter. There are large flecks of glitter as well as tiny pieces of micro-glitter, ensuring there’s a whole lotta bling going on!

To try to raise awareness, nails inc and Breast Cancer Campaign are trying to create a social media storm by asking people to ‘paint their pinkie pink’ and send in their pictures with your pink pinkie showing (as below) – you can find out ways to send your photos here. 

You can pre-order your pinkie pink from the nails inc website.

Will you be painting your pinkie pink? Tweet me your pics @Super_Gorgeous

Nails of the Day – Nails Inc Baker Street

This is the nail varnish making waves across the press at the moment, as it’s the very same nail polish that Beyonce Knowles wore on her first public appearance since having her daughter, baby Blue Ivy. I’ve spotted a few of the TOWIE girls wearing it too and I can see why. It’s gorgeous!

Baker Street is one of the new shades from Nails Inc – an eye catching bright cobalt blue which I am in love with! I have a bit of a thing for blue nails and this has just zoomed to the top of my list!

The polish is really bold and bright from the first coat. It is a little streaky with just one, but with two coats it is lovely and opaque and glossy.

It reminds me a bit of the hard to find AWOL by Topshop but this is richer and deeper and somehow a bit yummier!

What do you think of blue nails? Do you like Baker Street!?

John Lewis Bloggers Nail Art Challenge

I was contacted by someone from the John Lewis makeup team to ask if I’d like to take part in a nail art competition alongside some other bloggers. I am no nail artiste – and am in total awe of those that can do things like paint the whole cast of Sesame Street on their talons… I seem to be a bit shakey when it comes to the finer details on nails, and can just about manage a messy reverse manicure, as you may see later. I’m more a fan of ‘random’ nail art, as you may also see later!

All of the bloggers looks would be judged by someone from John Lewis, and the winner would win £150 John Lewis voucher – so of course, I said yes!

The polishes I was sent were Nails Inc – Trafalgar Square, a magnetic polish

YSL La Laque Polishes in 12 (Pure Pearl) and 19 (Fuchsia Pink)

and NARS Space Odyssey

We were told “Which polishes you use, how you use them and the number of looks you create is entirely up to you – you could even mix and match these with shades from your existing collection.” So I decided to run with that, and try every kind of nail arty kind of thing I knew. I can tell you now, I have never painted my own nails so often in one day – but it was so much fun!

Excuse the iPhone pics coming up – but these are the different looks I did using these polishes.

I used the YSL No12 with microbeads to create this look:

I used YSL No19 with NARS Space Odyssey layered over the top and pulled off with lace for this look:

I used both the YSL polishes with my black striper and dotter to make leopard print nails for this look:

And again I used both the YSL polishes to make marbled nails for this look:

I used the Nails Inc Trafalgar Square for this, then used Nails Inc Whitehall for the ring finger accent for this look:

I used NARS Space Odyssey with the black striper and dotter and black diamantes to create this look:

And lastly, I used YSL No12 and newspaper to create these newpaper print nails:

And there you have it – that was pretty much my day in photos! I hope you like them… I think all the looks are pretty self explanitary, but if anyone would like a tutorial for any of them then just shout!

Let me know what you think of the looks I have done – and check out the other entries too – Lipglossiping has done a gorgeous valentines nail look, and I’m looking forward to seeing what The London Beauty Review and A Beauty Junkie in London do with their polishes. The deadline is today so their looks should be up by tonight at some point.

Thank you John Lewis, for this fab opportunity!

01/02/12 – edited to add – the deadline is now mid February due to the original deadline being unrealistic for some of the participants. I think I will leave my entries as is, but if anyone has any wonderful ideas for me to add to it please let me know 🙂