Cover FX Foundation

If you find it hard to get a foundation to match your skin tone, you should check out Cover FX’s range. They recently changed their packaging and had an event to show us their range. When I say, the shade range was massive – it was massive! I’m not talking a white, a black, and a few to make up the shades in between – I’m talking, loads and loads and loads…of white, peachy, pinky, browny…. just so so many! 

The make up artist there colour-matched each of us to our perfect foundation. I was sent away with the Total Cover Cream Foundation (as I like coverage) in N35, the Matte Setting Powder (as I have oily skin) in Medium, to warm it up a little as I still have a slight tan on my body from the summer, and a cream foundation brush.
The brush is gorgeous – it reminded me straight away of the Shu Umera ’18’ brush – the hair is short, compact and densely packed – applying the foundation with it is gorgeous, I absolutely love it – it’s easy to build up from light to heavy coverage using it, and it’s really soft on the face, while being tough enough to make an impact.

The brush goes hand in hand with the Total Cover Cream Foundation. It does come with it’s own sponge in the compact, for on-the-go touch ups, but I have been using the brush when I apply it in the morning. 
Although it’s total coverage, it is so lightweight that I felt like I was wearing next to nothing on my face, and that my skin could breathe. 

The Matte Setting Powder doesn’t leave my face looking at all cakey as some powders can do – it just took the edge of the shine, while still leaving a natural finish to my skin. The area on the lid can swivel round so no powder can escape, which I think is a great design – powder can get really messy, but this minimises the chances!
All in all I have loved trying out this foundation. As a Double Wear convert, it was really nice to try something which gave me the coverage, but with much more of a natural finish, and has opened my eyes to the fact I could actually use products like that. However, my skin is so oily at the moment that unfortunately it only lasts until lunchtime before I have to reapply the whole lot again. It’s very easy to do that, as the compacts are very easy to carry round with me – but sometimes I just want the confidence that it’s going to stay put. That said, my skin is particularly bad at the moment, even Double Wear doesn’t stay long past early afternoon, so on a normal person, I am pretty sure this would look fabulous!
Cover FX is a Canadian company but you can find out more about them on their website or buy in store or online at House of Fraser

How To : Fix Broken Powders or Eyeshadows

In yesterdays post I mentioned that I had a Shiseido Compact Foundation, which had completely smashed up. Today, I rescued it with the help of a tutorial I found online.

I’m sure it’s happened to most of us – fact of the matter is, powder based products do smash – but that doesn’t have to mean the end for them – they can be saved very simply… save them!

So, first you take your broken up powder…

…and tip it into a small bowl. I used the pointy end of an orange stick to scrape out all the bits that were still stuck in the pan. Use the end of a brush to break it up into a fine powder.

Then tip in a small amount of Surgical Spirit and mix it up using an orange stick, or spoon to form a paste. It’s best to add a little bit of Surgical Spirit, seeing if more is needed, then adding more if necessary. It doesn’t matter too much if you go overboard with it – it will just take longer to set.

Use a spoon to put it back into the empty pan, then leave it for a couple of hours somewhere where it won’t be disturbed.

You can use a paper towel to press down and help shape it after a couple of hours – then leave overnight to set completely.

And there you have it – as good as new! This technique would also work to get your pigments into set powders. Happy setting!