Primark, River Island & Zara Haul

I thought I’d pop into town as I needed a couple of last minute bits for my holiday… I was thrilled to find so much I liked – normally when I go shopping I struggle to find something, but yesterday I was very pleased with my purchases!

I  had some things to take back to Primark, so it felt like I was shopping for free which was even better! I got….

A black beach cover-up with gold beads £8

A halter neck feather print dress which I got for chucking on for lunch by the beach – this was marked up as £5 but rung through at £3 – bargain!

A blue pleated dress – they had it in a lovely burnt orange colour too, but not in my size. It’s 100% polyester and is rather shiny but it’s a really nice shape and looks better on. It was £13.

A pinky coraly, baggy top with two buttons on the front, £8

…which I plan on wearing with these patterned shorts which were £9.

I thought this was a boob tube, but it came up on the till as a textured skirt! I doubt I’ll ever wear it as a skirt, but thought it would look nice with white jeans or my black high waisted jeans. I adore this blue. It was £4.

Not for holiday, but I got a loose sheer cream top with mother of pearl buttons £10

 I’ve seen these on other blogs and loved them – you get a pack of 2 friendship bracelets for £1.50. I got 3 sets to stack on my wrist.

And lastly, I got this cream quilted heart shaped coin purse, marked down from £2 to £1. It’s really cute, perfect for fitting in my clutch and lined in leopard print – cute!

In River Island I got….

This vest, which I really don’t know how to put into words how to describe it! The lighter parts of the top you can see below are soft to the touch – really nice textures going on. The back is completely see through.

And these wet look leggings which were £20. I really liked them because they have a cracked, textured, mottled effect on them which is different to most leather look or wet look leggings. I wish I could take this outfit away with me as I love it, but think it’ll be too hot!

I saw a girl trying on these sandals – they are not the kind of thing I’d normally go for but they looked amazing on her – I tried them on but didn’t buy them but have been thinking about them all day! I have a sneaky feeling I might try to pop to River Island tomorrow to get them – shhh!

And last but not least, I got this white vest in Zara, which was £9.99. I already have it in black and bright blue and just love how it fits, it’s really flattering – and has a zip down the back which I like as it just makes it a bit different

And that’s it! Now to start the packing, meep!

Primark Haul – May 2011

I know I have kept it beauty-based here up until now, but I just love looking at other people’s hauls so I thought I would add one of mine! I asked on Twitter and the general consensus was to add it… so here it is… nothing overly exciting but maybe it’ll be useful to someone! I’m not about to change to a fashion blog by the way, I am rather rubbish at fashiony things, and while I’m losing weight I’m trying not to buy too much!

These white jeggings were a bargainous £8 – even if they last for a handful of wears I can’t really complain! Really comfortable, really skinny.

I love Primark’s underwear sets – £4 for this matching t-shirt bra and knickers!

Striped navy and white espadrilles £3 – I also bought the same in a thinner stripe for my son 🙂

I’d been looking for a skinny woven belt for a while – I’m going to wear it with a cream dress I have. It is a bit plasticy, but only £1!

This cuff is real leather and dotted with gold studs. They had it in a number of colours – wish they had it in brown, but I couldn’t see one. This was £2.

Both these rings were £2, neither are my usual style and I’m not sure I’ll wear them… if not they will go to my sister!

I really like long rings at the moment – although I’m not very keen on the diamantes (nail polish is Revlon Tropical Temptation by the way!)

The only reason I bought this was because it matched my rose gold watch!

Rose garland headband £2. I don’t intend to wear this, but thought I might use it in a photoshoot.

10 non-slip velvet hangers for £4! These come in other colourways too.

I thought this lantern was gorgeous – I’m going to put it in my garden with a tealight inside it. £3.

I didn’t get this in Primark but thought I’d add it in – I got it from one of those little boutiquey shops that sells lots of different brands I’ve never heard of! This floral playsuit was £20 and is by Version Feminin. I love that it’s baggy around the stomach area, which is forgiving on the mummy-tummy!

Well, that’s all folks!