Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick

I posted a couple of weeks ago saying how impressed I was with my first ever venture into the world of Sisley with their beautiful nude lipgloss. I now have in my possession two of the lipsticks I fawned over in that post – they certainly have not failed to impress and now I’m having an ‘OhMyGodIThinkINeedEverythingSisleyHasInItsMakeupRange’ moment!

The lipsticks in the Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick range are housed in a decadent golden case which feel very robust and high quality. They are protected by a suede cover, which adds to the whole luxury lipstick feel. 
The tip of the bullet is diamond shaped, which spirals round the whole of the lipstick – this is the first time I have used a product shaped like this and it really helped with application, particularly as they are such bold, bright colours.
The two shades I have are L25 (Geisha Red) and L30 (Mandarine). The moment I first touched them to my lips, I fell in love.
They glide onto the lips easily – there’s no dragging involved – and such a gorgeous pigmented punch of colour immediately. They leave a satin finish to the lip, and as they contain Calendula and Vitamins C & E, they actually hydrate your lips at the same time as prettifying them! They are also extremely long lasting which means that you don’t have to touch up constantly throughout the day (or night!) and when they do start to wear off, they fade down beautifully.
L25 has zoomed straight to the top of my Favourite Red Lipstick list – it’s the most divine rich, bright yet deep red. 
L30 is just so… orange! I love this as an alternative to the red lip for a bold lipped look, and will look stunning with a tan.
They are a little more pricey than I would normally spend, at £32 per lipstick – but they are such great lipsticks, of such high quality that they are definitely worth it. 
Seriously, if you haven’t tried Sisley yet, you need to! I’m just gutted I left it this long….

Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss – 1 Nude

From the perfect mascara yesterday, to the perfect nude lip gloss today. The Phyto Lip Gloss in 1 Nude is simply stunning.

I had heard lots of great things about Sisley skin care, however I had not heard much about the make up range. Last month I visited the Sisley offices to explore the make up range, and there were so many lovely things – the lipsticks shout pure sassiness with their diamond shaped bullet – I hope to add some of them to my make up collection, and rest assured I shall blog about them when I do – they look gorgeous.

The Phyto Lip Gloss is the first product of Sisley’s make up range that I have tried. It feels luxurious with its heavy metallic style lid and design of the tube which is very classy in itself. The wand applicator is a brush which makes the gloss really easy to apply precisely. 

It comes in 7 different shades, I have number 1 – Nude, which is such a gorgeous colour; the true definition of nude. It is shiny and glossy but seems to have the perfect texture – not too slippy, and not too sticky. Quite often when I wear gloss, I feel like I’m wearing gloss, but with this, once I put it on I forget about it and get on with my day.

In terms of flavour, it’s fragranced with mint and tea leaves – which to me sounds rather strange, but it’s not very strong, and is pleasant. The taste is gentle – I have to really try to manage to get a flavour from it, but it’s a delicate, natural kind of flavour.

All the Phyto Lip Glosses are natural and contain ingredients such as Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil to moisturise the lips, and extrait de Padina pavonica which gives a plumping effect to the lips
I think this lip gloss has been a great introduction to Sisley’s make up range for me. I love it! 
Sisley Phyto Lip Gloss costs £27 and is available at Sisley Counters.
Have you tried any of the Sisley make up? What do you recommend?