Liz Earle ‘Nectar’ Blusher & ‘Natural Glow’ Bronzer

Following on from my post introducing Liz Earle’s ‘Colour’ make up range last week, I now bring you some of their face / cheek products which I have fallen in love with. One of their powder blushers, ‘Nectar’ (06) and the Natural Glow Bronzer.

As with the rest of the make up range, the packaging has been kept minimal and fuss free, with the Liz Earle logo stamped into their powder products, each housed in a mirrored compact. I think it looks rather chic.
There are only seven shades in the blusher collection – and each shade has both a powder and cream variation which I think is a great idea. Some people are cream blusher people, some are powder. Some may like to increase staying power by layering powder over cream blush – whatever the preference, this covers all bases without there being too many products to choose from – kind of like in a posh restaurant that has a very small and select menu.
I’ve swatched the Nectar powder blusher below, alongside the bronzer, which is the only bronzer in the range.

Below, I’ve swatched the bronzer alongside some other popular bronzers that I had to hand. MAC Golden, and NARS Laguna contain a lot more shimmery glitter particles – the Liz Earle bronzer does have a slight sheen, but the particles are no where near as visible as those two. Benefit’s Hoola is much more matt, and more yellow based than the Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer.
The blusher looks quite pink in the pan, but is actually very soft and pretty on the skin. It can be built up to be much pinker for darker skin tones or for a pop of colour.

I’m wearing both the bronzer and blush in the photos above and I am really impressed with both products. They glide onto the skin perfectly and stay put all day. The bronzer is definitely going to be a new staple in my make up bag, it’s just the right tone and finish!

Have you tried any of the Liz Earle make up? I have my eye on the coral blush next!

The Colour range is available at Liz Earle counters and the Liz Earle website.

The powder blush costs £16.50 for 6g and bronzer is £19.50 for 10g.

MAC Surf, Baby! Haul

As soon as I saw the product pictures for MAC’s Surf, Baby! collection, I fell in love with the Cheek Blush, ‘My Paradise’. Strangely, the collection was available to buy in the UK before the USA, so I didn’t have many swatch pics or YouTube videos to go by, and I didn’t want to make the mistake of ordering without swatching again (yes Viva Glam Gaga 2,  I’m talking about you!) I waited until Thursday, the day it was launched in stores in the UK, and was literally the first person in store – it had sold out online and I wanted to make sure if I liked it, I got it! I am particularly fond of coral colours at the moment, and I love the gold overspray on the pan.

With My Paradise, you get 12g of product, compared with the usual 6g you get in a standard MAC blush. Even the Mineralize Skinfinish’s are only 10g, so for £19 you really are getting a lot of product for your money. The main blusher is a coral peach colour, which is buildable depending on how much impact you want to make. The gold hibiscus overspray is very gold and shimmery. If you are careful with your brush you can use them both separately, or the easiest way seems to me to swirl your brush over both. The gold doesn’t go all the way down to the bottom of the pan – I have photographed so you can see how thick the gold layer is (I’m thinking this might be where the additional 2g of weight comes from!)

Here it is swatched on my hand (both colours swirled together):

The only lipstick I bought from the collection was Hibiscus. I had been tempted by Naturally Eccentric online, it looked like a lovely nude – and I do love a lovely nude, but in real life it was rather white. I did um and ahh over it for a bit, but as soon as I put Hibiscus on my lips, all thoughts of Naturally Eccentric flew out the window!

I love this colour – the texture of it, as a Cremesheen, is really moisturising – it glides on the lips effortlessly (although this is such a bold colour, a lip brush is recommended!), and is such a beautiful colour. The website describes it as a “bright orange coral” which I would tend to disagree with. I would still call it coral, but not orange – essentially, it’s an orange toned red. When you look closely at the lipstick it has teeny tiny bits of shimmer in it, making it look really pretty on the lips. I also find it looks completely different inside and out – I had it on in the shop and thought it looked rather orangey, then once I was back in my car it looked rather red. Whatevs, love it. This one will definitely be coming to Ibiza with me, it looks great now, but it’s going to look even better with a tan.

Although one of my favourite bronzers is a cheapy Natural Collection one which is shimmery, I have been on the lookout for a matte bronzer as my Benefit Hoola is wearing very thin. I really liked the Give Me Sun bronzer which was used in my MAC make up lesson but when I saw that the two bronzers in the Surf, Baby! Collection were embossed with the MAC logo, I was swayed! I’m such a sucker for a gimmick like this, I think it’s totally cute!

There are two bronzers in the collection – the other, Gold-go Lightly, is suited to more olivey skin tones, which I definitely am not, and not wanting to look like an Oompa Loompa I went with Lushlight Bronze. It is a Stufio Careblend/Pressed powder, which apparently means that it’s “Creamy, blend-able, no-streak bronzing powder that provides a naturally matte, lightly luminous finish. Antioxidant formula ups the care factor.” It tends to live up to that claim!

Strange Potion lipglass is a repromotion, I bought it last year when it was released with the Disney Venomous Villains collection, hence it saying Disney on the packaging of the one I have photographed. At the time I wasn’t too keen on it, but now I’m in coral-mode I really love it and wear it quite a lot during the day. Perhaps I just see it as more of a summer colour, rather than Autum/Winter when it originally came out.

It is a soft, coral-peach colour, with a slightly frosty finish to it. The colour lasts quite some time on the lips and is really opaque compared to some other of the lipglasses I have tried. It works well on top of lipstick – ontop of Hue is pretty, as it would be over any other nude lipstick I imagine. If you wanted to be really bold, you could wear it over Hibiscus for a double-coral punch of POW!

This is the swatch pic I took of it last time round:

I had also hoped to try out the Summer Stash Crushed Metallic Pigments, but there was a delay in them coming in and were unable to tell me when they would get them. I love the purpley shades and have seen gorgeous swatches on Temptalia’s site. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that my purse will thank me for.

Overall I am really happy with the products I got. Although the off-white casing is meant to give that summer surf-dude feel,  I do think it cheapens the look and they are bound to get grubby – even in my swatch pics of the casing I can see marks, and I hadn’t even owned them for a day at that point!

Here is a photo I took which included My Paradise, Lushlight Bronze and Hibiscus. Think I went a bit OTT with the bronzer on my forehead, a light hand is definitley required with this one!

What do you think? Have you bought anything from the collection? Have I missed out on anything?!

MUA Eyeshadows Haul

I say “haul” because I bought 5 of the things, but you can’t really call it a haul when the grand total rung up at the till was £5, can you?!

I had always passed the MUA (Makeup Academy) stand by in Superdrug – in my local store it’s tucked away at the end of an aisle, like it’s not worthy of standing side by side with the rest of the make up brands. The way it’s displayed makes it feel cheap and unimportant. I hadn’t realised that the shadows were only £1 each, but I would have guessed at that kind of price from the ramshackle display.

A good blogging friend of mine, Zoe, said on her blog Diamond Solitaire that she really rates them, so I thought I would try them out too, what with them being £1, it’s not the end of the world if they aren’t great.

I haven’t tested them on my eyes yet, but from swatching they seem like great quality shadows. They are highly pigmented, not chalky, glide on well and are really interesting colours. The silver (shade 3) in particular is extremely metallic and glossy and not like anything else I have.

As I was choosing which to buy I did wonder if I had something similar in my 88 palettes, but these are a totally different consistency and seem to pack more punch.

At a first glance, I am very impressed and will be returning to see what else they have in their collection. I will try the shadows over the coming week and post some photos for you to see. In the mean time, here are my swatches:

Do you own any MUA products? What do you think?

Nails of the Day – China Glaze Pelican Gray

This polish is one of the China Glaze Anchor’s Away colours, released for Spring 2011. It’s the first proper grey shade I own and I really like it, as, for a grey, it’s really pretty. If you look really really really really closely you can see tiny little flecks of shimmeryness without it being a shimmery polish, do you know what I mean!?

MAC Viva Glam Gaga II Lipstick

I purchased this online, without having seen it in real life. I’d decided I am a nudey and pinky kinda girl, and I loved the original Viva Glam Gaga so much that I would have faith in the new nude shade that had been brought out.

MAC give all proceeds of the Viva Glam sales to the AIDS foundation, which I love – there aren’t many companies that give the whole amount to charity. I love the packaging, I love that it’s a nude, but my loves don’t really continue much further. It’s described as a warm beige, but I found it a little too cool for my skintone – and although it didn’t blend in with my skin completely it made me feel a little ‘dead’ looking! I think it would be fine mixed with a little pink, but where’s the fun in that?! It’s Amplified in finish, it does feel nice on the lips, not at all drying, but I found it a bit too creamy for my liking. I think this might end up in a blogsale unfortunately.

 Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

It’s taught me a valuable lesson not to buy unless I’ve tried!

Nails of the Day – Butter London Jaffa

Jaffa by Butter London is exactly as you would expect it to be from the name. Proper orangey-orange. It has a completely different feel to it wearing it in the sunshine to the cold weather. Right now the sun is shining and it looks a gorgeous neon (neon, not luminous) orange, a creamy jelly like texture to it, perfect for summer days.

This polish was sent to me by where you can pick up all your Butter London polishes as well as loads of other cool stuff

MAC Enchantée Kissable Lip Colour

I do love a pink or a nude lip… and when I saw Enchantée in my local MAC my eyes were immediately drawn to it like a magpie to diamonds. The casing of the ‘Kissable Lip Colour’s is like that of a Lipglass, but stretched out – longer and thinner. Colour-wise,  I thought that it looked rather similar to the Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass, but when I put them side by side the Enchantée looks a little warmer.

When swatched, the Enchantée looks quite melon-y, but I think that once it’s on the lips it looks more of a bubblegum pink colour.

I’m not too sure what MAC are trying to imply by calling it ‘Kissable’. If they mean kissable – so good it makes you want to give it a quick snog, fair enough. If they mean kissable – you can have a quick snog and it will still look in tact, they are wrong wrong wrong! It’s really highly pigmented and you get a great wash of colour, but it’s certainly not long lasting. Within an hour of me working at my computer, sipping a drink every so often, it had more or less vanished.

The texture of it is strange, kind of waxy. It’s midway between a lipgloss and a lipstick… in fact, the thing I could liken it most to is MACs Tinted Lip Conditioners, but a thicker, more pigmented version. The colour is very like a Hello Kitty one I have, which typically, I can’t find right now to compare! When you put it on, you feel it’s going to be glossy – it comes with a doe-foot applicator and to me that signals GLOSS to my brain! Once it’s on the lips it’s just not…. it’s dull, but wet looking. Like a slippery lipstick!

Because of my net problems, I fear I am rather late with this – the Kissable Lip Colours were part of the Peacocky Collection, and are now all sold out online… but if you want it bad enough there are always ways and means, eBay being a good starting point!

Other make up I have worn in the pics above

Estee Lauder Doublewear concealer (on blemishes)
Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation
Guerlain Precious Light concealer (under eyes)
Natural Collection Sun Tint bronzer
MAC Well Dressed blusher
2 eyeshadows from the 88 Shimmer Palette (peachy gold and dark muddy brown)
MAC Smoulder eyeliner
No17 Exquisite Curl mascara

Do you own a Kissable Lip Colour? Does it make you want to snog yourself?! I’m not convinced.

Nails of the Day – Sephora by OPI Casting Call

A friend of mine picked this up for me on a trip to the States. I haven’t worn it for ages but fancied it… I have had it on for 4 days and still no signs of chipping (2 coats with Seche Vite). While we’re on the topic of Seche Vite… there’s nothing like the feeling of a brand new bottle of topcoat is there!? Posche and Seche Vite both tend to go thick half way through, but I love love love them before they get to that point!

Casting Call is a heathery-pinky-purple colour, a dusty-rose quite similar to Eyeko’s Tea Rose. I think it would look fabulous with a tan.

Nails of the Day – OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

This was my staple Autumn/Winter 2009 nail polish – just goes so nicely with everything, lasts well, and with a topcoat is super shiny! As the warmer weather teases us I thought I’d better get in a few wears of this before it’s all about brights and pastels that you just can’t pull of in the same manner in the cold weather. Lincoln Park After Dark is a dark dark shade with hints of plum. William Tell Me About OPI which was released last year is very similar to this – but this wins hands down. I’d go as far as saying this is one of my favourite shades EVER!

Nails of the Day – OPI Ogre The Top Blue

This polish is from the Shrek Collection which OPI launched last year. It is a deep turquoise shade which never fails to get a mention. I’ve had it on for a few days now (fab staying power) and seriously so many people have commented on it saying how much they like it…. well apart from my Nan who asked if I’d got my fingers stuck in the door!