Topshop Velvet Lips – Plush

Topshop have gone luxuriously goth with their latest collection, The Damned, full of matt, velvet rich dark shades. As soon as I saw Plush I just had to try it out – I do love a plum lip, especially at this time of year – and the fact that it was a velvet finish intrigued me.

It looks fairly bright purple in the tube, with a tinge of blue, which is also evident as you apply it to your lips, but seems to fade away as it dries to a velvet finish, leaving your lips gorgeously matt and full of a berry colour that is a nice mixture between bright and dark.  
Because of the velvet finish, make sure you apply lip balm before you put the Velvet Lips on – the finish will show up any dry patches and feels slightly drying on the lips. On soft lips, it looks beautiful, and incredibly long lasting!
Topshop Velvet Lips is available at Topshop and for £10

Nails of the Day – Eek Nails

Before popping off on holiday I gave myself an ‘eek’ polish…

I’ve loved them ever since Sophy Robson did them all those months ago. I didn’t have a white polish which is why I hadn’t tried it sooner, but I picked up a cheapy Collection 2000 white for french manicures at the weekend, so there was no stopping me – this is my second set 🙂

They were very easy to do – just painted my nails as usual (this is Topshop AWOL), and added a layer of Seche Vite. Once that was dry I carefully dabbed on two dots of white near to my nail bed for the eyes, then using my black striper and dotter, dotted on a black pupil. I had to wait for a couple of minutes before adding another layer of Seche Vite – otherwise the black will run as I discovered with my Sunday ‘eek’s!

I think these are great fun, and my kids love them too! What do you think?

Please note – this is a scheduled post, I will reply to any comments when I’m back from holiday x

Nails of the Day – Topshop AWOL

I first saw this on Stina’s Chic Beauty Blog and loved it, it was like no other blue I had seen before. When I saw her in the flesh wearing it, I loved it even more – it was so bright, powerful and glossy! Every time I went into a Topshop I’d have a look, hoping… but alas never finding. They do do another blue (Pie In The Sky I believe), but that is not to be mistaken for AWOL.

I finally found it in the Enfield branch and am so very pleased with my purchase. I’m loving the neon nail trend at the moment, and this is as neon as a royal blue can get!

It has chipped a little after one day but I have been doing lots of lifting, washing and diying so it’s only to be expected. Highly recommend it!

Topshop Meteoric Eyeshadow Duo

Last week I purchased my very first pieces of Topshop make up. Well I might be lying… I think they used to have a cosmetics line back in the 90s which I owned some of, and loved. Anyway, I digress… one of the pieces I bought was the Meteoric eyeshadow duo. It looked to me very much like a special kind of MAC shadow, in it’s shiny packaging and colours swirled into each other. At £8 for 2.5g it seemed quite good value, for essentially 3 colours – the silvery shade, purpley shade, and mixed together.

I swatched them on my hand, silver, purple and then mixed together. Even the silver on its own has quite a few lilac tones in it, and together they made a gorgeous metallic purpley fawn colour. This photo was taken in the shade outside.

One thing I was disappointed with, is that the shadow is quite powdery. There was quite a lot of fall-out when I applied it to my eyes, and after using it, you can see just how much excess powder there was on the shadow itself.

I see it will be quite a messy product to use!

I applied it to my eyes using the silver all over, the two colours mixed together in the outer third of my lid, and the purple in the crease. I then used MAC Smoulder eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line and finished with Revlon CustomEyes mascara.

I took this photo indoors. I noticed that it looks slightly more brown in these photos, I think it depends on the kind of light you are in. There is definitely more of a cooler tone to them… I am used to wearing warm toned eyeshadow so think I will use it most often as the two colours mixed together…. very very carefully trying not to spill any of that excess powder!

What do you think? Do you own any pieces of Topshop make up, or Meteoric eyeshadow?

High Street Haul

I know I said I wasn’t going to be buying much and wouldn’t be doing these clothes hauls often… but I had one of those days where I went out and saw loads that I wanted, which is a very rare thing…. I’m glad I did it last week as since then I’ve had a car crash which I’m now £550 down for and really can’t afford to be shopping like this! I’ve used the site pics rather than my own because I’ve already worn a lot of these things and some are in the wash, creased etc.

Firstly was Topshop…

I got these pumps, they really look like ballet shoes but have a firmer soul – they are so so so comfortable I cannot begin to tell you!

I also picked up the Meteoric eyeshadow duo. I’m yet to use it but when I do I shall be sure to add swatch pics!

After seeing AWOL nail varnish on Stina of Chic Beauty Blog I just had to have it, swatch pics to come soon too.

Next was H&M….

This ring comes in a few colours but this turquoise one just jumped out at me. The golden colour of the ring compliments it nicely and although it was only £3.99 I personally think that when it’s worn it looks a lot more than that!

I got some bog standard leggings as mine have a little hole in them, currently in the sale for £3.49 – bargainous!

I was in desperate need of some new black skinnies. I really love their Super Squin jeans so had set out to get some of them in black, but seeing as it’s the ‘wrong’ season for black skinnies all I could get were high waisted black Squins, which are actually really nice, not too high in the waist, and it can’t be seen at all once you have a top over them. They are really flattering and really skinny but not available on the website – I think it’s just the luck of the draw of the store.

I got this swimsuit about a month ago but may as well include it. I have two children so not the flattest of stomachs. It is, I am not afraid to admit, my problem area. I’m going to Ibiza in the summer with some super-skinny friends and the thought of bearing all has been frightening me, but once I tried this on I felt lovely – it’s not designed as shapewear but I feel like it holds me in, the colour is flattering and the detail draws the attention away from the stomach area!

Another month-ago purchase was this dress, also bought with the holiday in mind – it’s easy to get on and off, loving the nautical theme. It also comes in a clashing pink and red colourway but it didn’t look so nice on.

In River Island….

I got this coral cardigan, a lovely chunky knit in a beautiful summery colour for covering up in the chilly English summer!

In Zara….
I got these peach jeans. I love peachy colours with white when the weather’s nice, and these are a lovely fit with gold hardware. All we need now is the nice weather!
I also got these skinny navy trousers (the model is wearing them rolled up but they are actually standard length). I love the whole chino look, but due to the aforementioned stomach area, can’t rock them. This is the closest I can get. They are super skinny, and have gold hardwear. They are in chino-type material and make a nice change from denim jeans.

I got two of the same vest because they are so flattering – one in black and one in cobalt blue (much brighter than in this pic). It’s loose over the stomach without looking like you’re pregnant. There is a gold zip at the back which makes it something a bit different from a standard jersey vest. I like it so much I’m tempted to go and get it in some of the other colours!

Lastly, I went to Oasis….

And I got this corsage detail top, (I got it in black but it’s not shown online) – I find it really hard to find going-out style tops and this was a definite winner for wearing with the black skinnies I got in H&M.

I’d happened to take a pic in the changing room to ask my friend her opinion, excuse the face!

I’m all shopped out now, I only went out to get some Spanx! Primark only for me until after my holiday!