Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Shhhh… can you hear that? It’s the sound of the halo of light that the Naked 3 palette is emitting… for the launch of Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette is something that a lot of people (me included) are very excited about.

They kicked off the Naked range with the origal Naked palette (check out my review here) – a velvet cased twelvesome of gorgeous warm toned neutral bronzey shades. Soon followed Naked 2 – a metal cased palette along the same kind of lines, but cool toned neutrals. Since then there have been an array of others added into the Naked line… Naked Basics (check out my review here), Naked Flushed (review here) and a variety of Naked skin products such as foundations.

The latest addition to the family is Naked 3 – jam packed with warm toned pink to brown hues, with a rippled metallic rose gold case. One of the founders of Urban Decay saw a beautiful sunset one night, which led her onto the decision to create a palette of these colours (God bless that sunset).

Inside the mirrored case you will find 12 shadows ranging in finishes, and a double ended synthetic eyeshadow brush. One end is for packing on colour or using for liner, and the other is great for blending or for using on the lid for a soft wash of colour into the crease. When you purchase Naked3 you also get a Primer Potion sampler which has about a weeks worth of original, Sin, Eden and the new anti-ageing formulas.

This is the first time they have released 12 shades entirely for this palette – there are no repeats from other palettes – all fresh and new and gorgeous.

The story beings at Strange – a very pale pink in a satin-matte finish – this colour would be good for a delicate daytime look, to use as a base to creating others, or to add to the inner corners of your eyes. Dust is a pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter. Burnout is a beautiful pink with a hint of frost, and Limit is a stunning matte muted rose shade.

Buzz is a beautiful cranberry/rosey colour with iridescent microglitter, Trick another metallic pinky copper shade, with a hint of a sparkle. Nooner is a gorgeous purpley matte brown, and Liar a metallic milk chocolate brown shimmer.

Then we reach the darker shades. Great for adding in a bit of definition, or for a full on smokey-eye.  Factory is a pinky-brown satin shade, Mugshot a pinky-taupe shimmer, Darkside a deep purpley brown satin, and Blackheart a gorgeous matt black with pink micro-sparkle.

I quickly threw together four looks using the palette.

As the inspiration behind the palette was a sunset, that’s where I was trying to go with this. I used Burnout all over the lid, then added Liar in the crease, then blended it out with Trick. I then added some Buzz to the middle of my lid. I used Urban Decay’s Perversion liner on a smudger brush along the lashline.

For this look I added Blackheart all over my lid and underneath my lower lash line, then blended the edges using Nooner. I used MAC Prunella on my waterline.

I used Dust all over my eyelid then added Darkside into the crease of my eye and under my lower lash line. I added L’Oreal Superliner to my upper lid, and Urban Decay Perversion to my waterline.

I used Liar all over my lid, then Mugshot in the outer corner. I used Factory under my lower lash line, and added Urban Decay Perversion to my tightline and waterline.

The big question is…. when!? When does this go on sale? Well I’ve been told “mid December” and will retail for £37…. I’ve spotted them on lookfantastic.com for pre-order for delivery by 21st December.

*UPDATE!* The official launch date in the UK is 16th December, but if you go to House of Fraser on Oxford Street from 12th-19th December you can preview and purchase there, plus have a makeover by an Urban Decay makeup artist.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick & Liner

Last night I went to the launch of Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick at the W Hotel, where the brand were showcasing their new range of 22 lipsticks and matching liners.

I immediately went over to the display stand and swatched as many as I could fit on my hand, and wow oh wow, I loved them all. They have a perfect range of colours from soft nudes to bold reds, and all others in between. The formula of the lipsticks is amazingly creamy without being stodgy, and they are all really pigmented and, even on the hand, look moisturising. On the lips, they feels great – they apply smoothly and leave the lips feeling hydrated while giving an amazing colour payoff. They contain jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, so you can imagine how gorgeous they feel!

The 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencils come in colours to compliment the lipsticks, with matching names, and the colour of the liner covering the pencil to make things a bit easier! All of the shades in the collection are brand new, with Ozone and Naked being the only pre-existing liners, but Naked’s had a bit of a rework to make it even more fabulous. They can be worn as a liner, or all over the lip, alone, or under lipstick or gloss. The amazing thing is, these do.not.budge! It took a bit of elbow work to get the swatches of liner off my hand! Again, these are packed full of moisturising ingredients; they don’t drag your lips and are super creamy and easy to work with leaving a velvet finish.

I took home with me Streak lipstick, Bang liner, and Obsessed liner and lipstick.

Streak is a beautiful coral pink, which is going to be fabulous for the summer – I love it! It’s full of colour but is still fairly gentle and day-time friendly.

Bang lipliner is the perfect compliment to Bang lipstick – both, bright orangey-red colours – but I thought it would also be nice to use alongside Streak to pump up the intensity a little. Here I am wearing it alone, over the lip.

Obsessed is a bright, baby pink shade. It’s the kind of colour I am always drawn to, and this one was no exception. Here’s the lipstick…

And here’s the liner, worn alone…

I had Anarchy, a bright hot pink, applied while I was at the event, and I loved that too. If they’d have let me, I seriously would’ve taken the lot, and got good use out of each of them. They’re out on 5th August  from Debenhams (£14 for the lipsticks, £12 for the liners) – you must must must check them out and experience them for yourselves!

Urban Decay Ammo Palette

I am one of these girls that seems to stick to the more neutral shades of shadows – give me a 100-pan palette of nudes, taupes and golds and I’m set for life. The Ammo Palette from Urban Decay looked a little scary to me at first sight – my eyes instantly darting to the end, golden toned shades. The thing is, I have brown eyes and I know that greens and purples are good colours for me to wear – it’s just hard to step out of that zone I have got so comfortable in for every-day make up.
When I swatched the shades from the Ammo Palette I had a nice surprise – for these are such beautiful versions of green, pinks and turquoise that it made me want to give them a go. The ten shades are all best selling Urban Decay shadows, and it’s easy to see why.
The palette is a thin, compact (easy to transport and put in your make up bag) mirrored palette, which comes with a travel sized 11ml sized Primer Potion – which is a great, colourless eyeshadow primer which helps to show the intensity of the colours, and helps them to last longer without creasing. There is also a small synthetic Good Karma eyeshadow brush inside the palette, which is a nice tapered shape making it easy to use (although not that great for blending),

 I had to do two lot of swatch photos – my kids are off school and wanted to get involved, natch!

There are some truly amazing colours in this palette. My favourite has to be Maui Wowie – it looks so metallic, like no other powder shadow I’ve seen before. Mildew is an amazing mossy green colour with hints of gold – just beautiful, and Last Call is a gorgeous cranberry shade – those are the stand out shades for me, although I think I can get good wear from all of the colours.

I like that there are neutral shades thrown in there with the colours – it means you can shake up a neutral look, or go for full-on colour. The colours have been laid out in a way that the shade opposite it compliments it perfectly – all of these pairs could be used with the lighter colour on the inner part of the lid, the darker on the outer part, and a little Oil Slick in the crease or outer V for definition. You could add some Polyester Bride to the tear duct and under the brown bone too – there are so many options!

The palette has been around for a while, but it has recently been re-released with a new formula for the shadow – they feel really creamy and velvety and really do pack some punch colour-wise. You do have to be careful when you apply – there is micro glitter in a few of the shades, which can fall down when you apply, so apply in thin layers rather than loads of product in one go – they’re so pigmented anyway that you really don’t need much.

Here are a couple of looks I created using the colours from this palette

For this look I used Maui Wowie all over the lid, then added chopper to the middle of my eye close to my lash line and blended it out to the outer corner of my eye. I then did the same with Last Call a little further over, and added black eyeliner which I blended out with a brush. I added Last Call under my lower lash line too.

For this look I applied Sin to the inner third of my eye, then Smog in the crease of my eye and blended out. I then added Mildew all over the rest of my lid and blended the colours together, then a small amount of Oil Slick in the outer corner. I used Mildew under the eye and finished with liquid liner and mascara.

There are really so many combinations that could be created with this palette – for £23 I think it is amazing value for money!

Urban Decay is available at House of Fraser, Debenhams and online at lookfantastic.com and beautybay.com

Urban Decay Naked Flushed

Urban Decay really are taking their NAKED range to all areas – now they have released NAKED Flushed, a gorgeous, multipurpose face palette.

In the mirrored compact, which is about the size of an iPhone, there is a bronzer, highlighter and blush. 


The three products can be used separately – the bronzer is matt which can be used for bronzing or contouring, the highlight is perfect for the cheekbones, under the brows, inner eyes or along the nose, and the blush is a satin finish deep rose colour. I think it’s great that all the products are quite large, and spaced out from one another making it simple to use them alone.

I have been wearing the three mixed together to create a pretty cheek colour which leaves a very slight frosted finish which accentuates my cheekbones while giving my cheeks some colour. I’ve then used the bronzer with a different brush as a contour. I really love the colour of the bronze on me, but most of all, I love the three colours blended together.

The powder is super soft and velvety and goes onto the skin easily. It doesn’t require any hard work to get a good finish on the skin – I just sweep my brush from one side to the other and hey presto! 
Urban Decay NAKED Flushed is available from HQ Hair for £20 – another great value piece, hurrah for NAKED! 

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Everyone (myself included) went crazy when Urban Decay released their first two Naked Palettes – a range of 12 shadows on the neutral scale which are perfect for creating brown toned looks and smokey eyes. The only issue some people had, was that most of the shades were shimmery – some people preferred matt finishes, and they would like to see a more matt version along the same line. So that’s what Urban Decay did! They created the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette – a palette containing 5 matt and 1 satin colour.

The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is a lot smaller than the original Naked & Naked 2 palettes – there are half the amount of shadows, but there is no brush or eyeliner included with this one as there was with the first two. It makes it a really good size to be able to put in a standard sized make up bag without being too bulky, and contains a nice range of colours.

Venus is the only satin colour in the palette – it is a white frosty shade which is perfect for highlighting under the brows, inner corners of the eye, or to add over another of the shadows to give less of a matt finish.

Foxy (which also exists in the Urban Decay permanent line) and Walk of Shame (W.O.S) are both pale fleshy toned shadows, Foxy being more peach, Walk of Shame being more pink. They can be used as a base to any of the shadow looks, or used on their own with a darker colour for contour for a softer looking result. They are also good for neutralising any discolouration your eyelids may have – Foxy knocking out any blue tones, W.O.S taking away redness.

Naked 2 is latte coloured, creamy brown also found in the Naked 2 palette, with Faint being the darker big sister. These two would work well together to create a smokey brown eye look.

Then there’s Crave – the blackest black eyeshadow which is very highly pigmented. This can be used to add definition to the more neutral shadows, or for a full-on black smokey eye.

The colours feel creamy and glide onto the eye easily and last all day – they contain the Urban Decay Pigment Infusion System to ensure you get a great colour pay off from each shadow. Despite there being only 6 colours, it’s a really versatile palette which you can use for both day and night looks.

Here I have created a neutral, daytime look.

For this look I used W.O.S all over the lid with a little Venus over the top, Naked 2 in the socket and blended out, Faint in the crease, blended out and a little crave on the outer V, taking it into the lash line, and blended. I also used a little Naked 2 under the lower lash line and finished with liquid liner and mascara.

And here a more full-on, night time look.

To create this look I used W.O.S to give a nice neutral base, then Faint into and above the crease then blended out. I then patted Crave on all over the lid and into the socket, then blended it into the Faint. I used a small amount of Venus under the brow bone as a highlight, and in the inner corners of my eyes, then with a small brush, applied Crave under the lower lash line. I finished it with black eyeliner in the waterline, and mascara.

I really love it – the range of colours is perfect for me, and a touch of black can vamp up any look! The fact the colours are so highly pigmented and long lasting means this is a perfect little palette for me!

The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette costs £20 (fab value too) from Look Fantastic

Party-Perfect Tips

Every girl loves an excuse to get done up but if your Christmas schedule is anything like mine then it means you need to do your nails at your desk and your make-up in the back of a cab. So for real glamour on the go, I’ve got some beauty solutions I plan on using that I thought I’d share which will have you looking party-fabulous in no time at all.

The Look-At-Me Lips

I am a massive fan of red lips – they will never go out of fashion, but more and more people seem to be wearing red lipstick these days. To be a little different and for a modern twist, opt for orange. Not only is it fun, it’s clever too as the eye-catching colour ensures people will look at your lips and not notice tired eyes. Two tangerine hues I have my eyes on are Tom Ford Lip Color in Wild Ginger and Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Matt version in Valencia Orange. One of my faves is Hibiscus by MAC, gutted it was limited edition. Here I am wearing Morange by MAC. 

The Sequin Manicure

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some sparkle. If you are yet to try glittery talons, now’s the time to give it a go. Get into the festive spirit with Ciaté’s show-stopping new Manicure kit in Sequin. It’s a quick fix from plain to sparkalicious – simply paint your nails with the Glitter Grip, roll them in the sequin pot and seal for a glitter-tastic manicure that will glamorise any outfit. I cannot wait to try this!

Fuss Free Hair

You want your hair to look ‘done’, yet don’t have the time or funds to keep getting a blow dry – Sleep-in Rollers are your friend! Pop them into dry, moussed hair at  night – the rollers have sponge in them so they squish right down when you lie on them. While they’re working their magic you can get your beauty sleep. When you wake (or leave them in for as long as you want) take them out, and voila – big, bouncy hair.

If you prefer wearing your hair up but a simple pony tail won’t do, cheat with a luxury hair-piece. There are loads of great styles to choose from – I particularly like the look of Hersheson’s hair bow as it seems quick and easy to put in and will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Party-Proof Make Up

If you want your make up to last all night (who doesn’t!?) a setting spray will help ensure that your make up will last longer – I have put various sprays to the test, and always come back to my old faithful, Urban Decay -All Nighter. For extra staying power, spray it on between layers – after your moisturiser, after foundation then after powder.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil – Perversion

I was first introduced to the 24/7 liners by Urban Decay in the original NAKED palette. In with it came a double ended pencil – ‘Zero’ on one end, which was black, and ‘Whiskey’ on the other, which was brown.

I’d never really felt an eye pencil like it before. They had a slightly oily texture to them, which meant that they really did glide on, and were really easy to work with. I had found my Holy Grail eyeliner!

Unfortunately, as it was double ended, in theory, I only had half a pencil worth of Zero, which has now run out… however Urban Decay recently released some new shades to the 24/7 liner range, one of them being Perversion, which is apparently blacker than Zero, which is, well, black! It sounded good – I purchased, it didn’t take much persuasion (does it ever?!).

I no longer have my little stub of double ended Zero to compare Perversion with – but if you imagine Zero to be black, Perversion is the blackest blackness in blacksville. It’s BLACK. I’d go as far as to say it’s pretty comparable in finish to that of a gel liner, and quite unlike any other pencil.

I have swatched it on my hand along with some other black liners I own. From left to right (or from top to bottom, rather) we have:
The Body Shop 01 Eye Definer: Black, GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner: Black Ink, Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil: Perversion, MAC: Smoulder.

As you can see, Perversion is definitely one of the blackest liners there – very similar in colour to Smoulder by MAC, but completely different to apply, and in finish. I absolutely love Smoulder, but it is very (for want of a better word) dry, compared to Perversion. With Smoulder you have to press down to get any colour, whereas Perversion needs the lightest of touches for the bold blackness to appear.

It claims to be waterproof – so I ran my hand under water, and all swatches remained.

Out came the soap for a proper hand wash. These were the results….

Evidently not as wash-proof as MAC Smoulder! It does, however, last all day, and the water running over it didn’t seem to phase it.

Because it is soooo black, soooo sensitive, and soooo ‘glidey’ I think it’s harder to work with than Zero. There’s little room for error with this badboy. You have to be careful with lining the inner corner of your eye too – it will definitely transfer down to the lower inner corner, as I found out, and because of the ultra black blackness, it won’t look great. With a little practise, we will soon be working in harmony (I hope).

I really love it, but don’t think it can replace Zero. Although I thought I wanted a blackest-fantasticest liner, in reality it’s a bit WOAH for neutral daytime looks, so I think I’ll have to repurchase Zero too.

What do you think of Perversion? Have you tried it? Do you like it?!

Urban Decay ‘Naked’ Palette

My Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette arrived today – there is currently 10% off and free delivery at Debenhams.com so I took advantage. It was worth the wait – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

It comes in plastic packaging with a purple velvet style tray for the palette to sit in, and a 3.75ml bottle of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion – which you use on your eyelids to help your eyeshadow stay pigmented, stop it from creasing, and make it last longer.

The palette itself is dark chocolate brown with a velvet feel to it, and the logos splashed across it in metallic gold.

The palette contains 12 eyeshadows which are in the brown family. Some of them are existing shadows, some of them are new to the line, and have been introduced via this palette.

There is also a double-ended 24/7 glide on liner inside, one end brown the other is black. I have never ever felt a liner that goes on so smoothly, almost like it is really oily but without looking really shiny. ‘Glide on’ does exactly what it says on the tin!

I have swatched the colours on the back of my hand.

This morning I used Virgin all over my lid and crease, then Sin over my lid. I used Naked in the middle third of my eye, and Half Baked on the outer third and crease. I then lined my eyes using Zero, and finished off with Black Hypnose Mascara over Diorshow Maximize.

The colours are all really highly pigmented, smooth and good quality. My faves at the moment look like Virgin and Half Baked or Sidecar – I just love how they are SO golden, almost like gold leaf! This will be a really handy addition to the make up collection to take away, and all of the colours are really wearable for both day and night time looks.