Giveaway – Exclusive Veet & Felder Felder Goodie Bag!

I am finally recovering from this seasons London Fashion Week – it was a hell of a busy one this time round! 

I caught up with the Veet camp, to hear all about their collaboration with Felder Felder – Veet were the sponsor for Felder Felder SS14 collection at Somerset House…. 

Annnnnd, Veet have very kindly given me three exclusive goodie bags to give away to my readers containing a Felder Felder t-shirt, essential Veet goodies including the electrical EasyWax kit, and some nail art products too!

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning, please enter your details into the Rafflecopter widget below. I will pick the winners at random on Monday 7th October and will notify them by email. Good luck!

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They also hosted a giveaway with Annete and Danni Felder following their showcase, and here it is…

Q: What was the inspiration behind the collection?
A: The inspiration was about the feeling of being fearless and the underwater world. It’s about overcoming your fear and diving into the dark to discover the unknown. It’s a beautiful world but can be scary.
The textures and designs used had a light feeling and we included a scale print. When you dive deeper into the water, you find the crazy acid fishes that are almost trippy and so some designs are more bright and fun. The felder girl is always fearless, confident and fun.
Q: Describe the collection in just four words
A: Romantic, fearless, modern and confident.
Q: How do you feel this collection has progressed from previous ones?
A: This season we really locked ourselves up in our own little aquarium. We wanted to get back to how we felt in our small german village and venturing out to the big world, and the fearless feeling that comes with it.
This collection is smaller, but we decided to focus on a selection of really detailed looks rather than 60 looks. We played with textures more than the last collection and explored unusual materials like plastic.
It is a more grown up direction from last season, although we still have fun short dresses which is a signature Felder girl look. However it’s also really nice to open up to a sophisticated customer and be more elegant, but keep a cool element and make the collection look modern and almost futuristic.
Q: Being twins, were you always planning to work together or would you ever work separately?
A: We have different tasks in working together, so we can work separately but the collection really includes both personalities. Our contrasts work well together.
Q: How stressful is designing a collection?
A: Preparing for a show is more stressful than a wedding! There are so many things to think about, not just the collection itself. We focus on making our collections timeless, and don’t try to worry too much about what is the next trend – one of the pieces even could become the next trend!
Q: What is the usual process of getting the models ready for a Felder Felder show?
A: It is of course always important for a Felder girl to have amazing legs, and Veet smooth legs are vital. You also need girls who have personality and charisma which is why we did a stress casting, and it’s so much more exciting to be involved in the process.
We found a girl on the street who walked in the show and is amazing – she has already been snatched up by an agency! This represents the fearless Felder girl, and using new faces keeps its modern and fresh as well as mixing them with the more experienced girls.
Q: Both of you have long legs, does this affect your designs?
A: For a long time, it was a signature – even a critique- that we got that our designs were based on the way we look. It is true that you do end up designing for yourself. Over time, we learnt to do fittings to try our pieces on short girls, more voluptuous girls – all different body shapes. 
Q: Could you talk us through the amazing shoes we saw?
A: The shoes were a collaboration with Manolo Blahnik who used our own scale pattern with a silver tip, which gave it a modern futuristic touch. We love them.
Q: As you said the collection is fearless, and there is a lot of flesh on show – how would you work into an everyday wardrobe?
A: The short dresses can literally be dressed down with a biker jacket and sneakers or boots and then in the evening a party dress by throwing on some heels – smooth, hair-free skin is a must! 
Q: How much input do you both have into your show’s soundtrack?
A (from Annette): A lot – my husband (music producer and DJ Arthur Baker) produces the music! We say what songs we love, tell him to do something with them, show him the collection and then he edits the songs to fit in with the theme.
The soundtrack speeds up and gets more intense to represent the collection getting deeper and darker into the unknown.
Q: Who is your ultimate inspirational woman?
A: Our mother as she has always supported us even if we have the most insane ideas. When we grew up, she stood out fashion wise in our small village and was the first one when we said we love fashion to tell us we have to go to Central St Martin’s and set us on our path.

Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-on Kit

I have got to the grand old age of 28 having waxed my legs only twice. Once at a salon (fine), and another at home (not so fine). The wax wasn’t at the same standard as the salon stuff, and took far too long for not great results.

Veet have tried revolutionising the at-home wax by introducing the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-on Kit which claims to deliver professional results, even from the first use – it sounded promising, so when I was offered the chance to try it for myself, I said yes!

In the pack you get the heating device, 12 fabric strips, 4 ‘perfect finish’ wipes, instructions, electric cable, 50ml cartridge of wax, and stand. The wax that comes with the kit has a wide applicator head, suitable for waxing arms and legs, but you can also buy ones with narrower heads to use on under arms and bikini-lines.

It’s easy to get going with the kit – simply pop the wax cartridge into the heating device, and leave it to heat up for 20 minutes…

I have read some reviews saying that the 20 minutes wasn’t long enough for the wax to heat up, but for me, 20 minutes was fine.

Rolling the wax onto my legs was easy – it went on smoothly and was of a comfortable temperature. It’s bright salmon pink colour meant I could spot exactly where I had already applied the wax. It smelt like ‘salon wax’, which was another feature I liked.

The starter kit comes with 12 fabric strips to rip the wax off with – so I divvied out 6 to use on the first leg, but pretty soon it was evident that this wouldn’t be enough. I definitely could have used 10 per leg (and I was only doing the lower half of my leg). You can buy them separately at £3.49 for 24, but I think the kit would definitely improve by adding more strips as standard.

 I tried using the backs of some strips to try to get the odd patches
that had been left behind but it wasn’t the best idea – I just ended up
with waxy hands!  As I had no other strips I eneded up getting out the razor for those bits.

The thought of having to rip off, effectively, a giant plaster, from my leg was horrible. Much worse than the actual pain of ripping it off. It was surprisingly alright. I wouldn’t do it for fun, but it was definitely bearable!

To get off any remains of wax, I then rubbed my leg with one of the Perfect Finish wipes, which is basically, an oil-covered wipe – and despite the little red dots I had for about half an hour after waxing, left my leg gorgeously smooth looking and well-moisturised.

I was really pleased with the results – if I had had more wax strips, it would have been the perfect wax… I will definitely stock up on strips and do it myself again – it was very easy, surprisingly so for a relatively newbie-waxer, and didn’t take too long to do.

The only other thing I think would have been a welcome addition would be a little bag to keep all the bits together in, but luckily I had a Joliebox bag which was the perfect size for the job.

The starter kit retails at £29.99, but I have noticed that Boots have it on offer for £14.99 at the moment, just make sure you stock up on some extra strips too!

Do you wax at home? What do you think of Veet’s Easywax Kit?