TCP – A Word of Warning

It’s probably a known fact to my readers that I have bad skin. I suffer from spots and am always on the look-out for products that will help me, either to stop me getting them in the first place (miracle product I am still yet to find), or something that will help them to go away faster, once they appear.

My best friend swears by TCP for her spots. A dab onto her spot and bedtime and she thinks it reduces healing time. I followed her lead, after all, its £1 something from Boots, was worth a try – and I have to say I think it did help.

For those that don’t know what TCP is, it’s a Liquid Antiseptic Original which may be used to treat sore throats, mouth ulcers, cuts, grazes, bites, stings, boils, spots and pimples and it looks like this

I usually dab some on to a cotton wool pad, then on to the spot, and it helps to dry it out and stop it from reforming.

On this occasion I had a particularly bad spot, and a particularly busy week, so it was vital that the spot went as soon as possible. Thinking that it would help to get the product into my skin, I held the cotton wool pad onto my chin for about 10 minutes. I could feel it tingling and was thinking “yay, it’s working!”.  As I was laying in bed I could feel my chin kind of pulsing and again thought this was a good sign. It wasn’t until morning when I looked in the mirror that I realised I had burnt off half of my chin!

It has been so painfully sore, weepy and disgusting, I want to make sure no one else ever makes the same mistake as me. Please, if you’re going to use TCP for spots (which I still will as I think it works so well, but very lightly!) don’t ever ever ever hold it on there for longer than a couple of seconds.

I have been popping Arnica like it’s going out of fashion in the hopes it heals quickly, and just praying it doesn’t scar!